The $5 Island

This is a short story that we did for school in groups that The-Fangirl and I took a bit farther. We both wrote one and then combined the best parts of both to create this! Also, thanks to the other people in our group. You played a crucial part too!

The $5 Island

“Here we are, out five dollar island!” Arianna exclaimed, excitement bubbling in her voice. Her red hair shines in the afternoon light as they dock the boat.

“But why was it only five dollars?” Toby asked apprehensively, salt water dripping from his brown hair.

“Who knows, and who cares? Come on, let’s go explore!” Ariana shouted, grabbing his hand and dragging him into the banana forest that lay on the edge of the beach.

As they walked along, Toby looked up and saw something in the tree. “Why is there a broken china doll up there?”

Arianna looks up. “I don’t know. Here, give me a boost.” He lifts her up and she grabs the doll. Examining it, she notices that the cracks spell Anne. Her brown hair is torn to shreds, and one of her legs is nearly shattered.

A note is attached to her hand. ‘Welcome to the island. I have a little game for you. Find all the dolls before time runs out.’

Toby looks at it nervously. “I have a bad feeling about this place.”

“Stop being such a scaredy cat,” Arianna replies. She chucks the doll behind her. “Come on, let’s set up camp. It’s getting dark.”

They find a clearing and set up their tents. As Arianna gets a fire set up, Toby looks toward the sun setting on the ocean. Then he sees that the doll is not where they left it.

“Uh, Arianna? Wasn’t that doll farther away?” he asks, his voice shaking with fear.

“It’s fine,” she says as she roasts her marshmallow over a pleasantly crackling fire that gives off the false illusion of safety.

That’s when the doll stands up.

Toby’s eyes widen and his mouth falls open in horror. “What is it?” Arianna asks curiously. He a points a shaky finger behind her. She turns around just as thousands of china begin to clank together.

She lets out a soul shaking, blood curling, horror filled scream as thousands of broken dolls swarm them.

They go after Arianna first. They crawl over her like hundreds of ants, except these ‘ants’ are flesh eating cannibals. She manages to croak out one word in between her screams. “Run.” Toby is frozen to the spot as the dolls swarm towards him, and the only thing he can see is the torn remains of Arianna’s clothing. The uneven thudding of the first doll limping, one leg barely attached, is just one noise in a cacophony of clinking china. Arianna’s screams are suddenly cut off, as if someone pulled a plug.

In a strange moment of observation, Toby notices that almost all of the dolls have cracks in their faces that spell out names. Sam, Jessie, Kathy, the list goes on and on. Toby suddenly realizes that those were the names of the people who sold him the island. He never got to meet them… he only saw their names in that strange ad in the newspaper. Still in a trance, he wonders why some of the dolls aren’t cracked.

A sharp pain in his foot jerks Toby into consciousness. He looks down to see a doll with matted yellow hair and the name “Christine” jaggedly spelled across it’s face jerkily crawling up his leg, biting him at the knee.

He starts to run, but sadly, he was never a fast runner. More dolls climb onto him, eating his flesh. He lets out a guttural scream as he begins to slow down.

“Stay… a… while…” a doll with tangled black hair, chopped to uneven lengths, hissed, it’s head facing backwards. He expected a growl, but it sounds like a little girl’s voice, almost innocent if not for that menacing something that stuck out like a thorn in a bed of roses. Toby falls backwards, suddenly feeling weak.

“We… love… new… friendsssssss. The game’sssss not overrrrr yet…”

The doll’s head slowly turns around, revealing a dirty face unblemished except for one missing eye. Toby can see the back of it’s head through the hole, and is almost hypnotized.

“No. Not me too…” said Toby, his voice slightly weak. He then rams his fist into the doll that is clinging to him. It is now broken into a million pieces, and is slowly turning into dust and floating away in the wind. He realizes their weakness and starts kicking and throwing them down as hard as he can, breaking dozens of dolls.

Then the unthinkable happens. A doll rises out from the sand in front of him. The china is smooth as silk, not a single crack on it. Red hair cascades down its back. It is looking away from him as he desperately dashes for the boat. Its head turns, and he can see that its eyes, her eyes, are not glassy like the others. They are full of life that no longer is there.

Arianna is all he can think before it attacks. She lunges for his chest, and her first bite is from his stomach. A crack forms on her face, creating an A.

Filled with a newfound rage, he smashes more dolls. He then throws himself into the water and starts swimming as fast as he can toward the boat, despite the bite marks on his arms, legs, and face burning with pain.

He clambers into the boat. His arms and legs are now just ripped bits of flesh. He turns on the motor and the boat zooms away. He takes one last look behind him. The dolls are giving the new one bits of his own flesh, and he can see her name etched across her face. Arianna.

His vision is blurred from the saltwater and tears, and when he blinks, he is too far away to see the dolls; they just look like a shiny blob on the island. Just your imagination. That wasn’t Arianna, he thinks. He takes a shaky breath. More tears begin to fall as he makes his way towards home, the moon his only guidance.

About the author: KatherineElizaEponineHamilton
I absolutely love to read, and I pretty am pretty much obsessed with every broadway musical I've ever listened to, including but not limited to: Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, Newsies, Bring It On, 21 Chump Street, and Waitress. And The Greatest Showman. Other fandoms: Harry Potter, Divergent, Maze Runner, and probably some other ones that I can't remember. Oh, and I love horses. A lot. And nobody can tell me that Sharpay isn't the best character in High School Musical.

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