Th Secret Door Under My Bed Post #1

The Secret Door Under My Bed



My name is Amanda, and this is my journal. Soon we are going to a camp for school! I am so excited. Anyway, this is my story. Today I was at school, and there is a new kid in my classroom-switching group. Her name is Tilly. I was so popular until she came. She is so sassy. I don’t know why I did this but I tried to make friends with her, but she just said “what are you wearing?” I live on a farm and have six dogs that are in shedding season. So, as you would expect, I was wearing black overalls with white dog hair all over my clothes. I had a hot pink shirt under that, (I don’t know why she didn’t like black with hot pink.) But, anyway, you get my point about her. Also, you won’t believe this, but I was running for 5th grade secretary and I won! So right now you are reading a journal written by a 5th grade secretary. I know sometimes I will have student council meetings that are before school even starts, which means I have to wake up very early for those meetings, but I get to work out fundraisers for the grade.



You know that new girl named Tilly? Yeah, today she was sassier than anybody I know. It seems to only be me that she purposely bothers. It’s like I do not even know my friends anymore because of her. I am just trying to not think of all that drama, and trying to think of my stay away camp for school. It is 5 days long and 6 nights. And you know what?! This made me SO MAD when I found out about this, but anyway I got my groups that I will be hanging with and sharing a cabin room with at the camp, and out of all girls in the grade, I got grouped with Tilly!



Today is camp day! I am kind of excited, about everything but the Tilly-in- my-group-part. Luckily, I am with 3 other girls that hate Tilly, just like

  1. Once we get to camp, which is called “Nature World” we get assigned our cabins. My older sister, who is in 8th grade, went to “Nature World” when she was in fifth grade, and said it was amazing. She also said that she hopes I get in the Squirrel cabin, just like she did. Everyone is at school with their suitcases and duffle bags. I brought a small suitcase and a duffle bag. The teachers said that we do not need to bring sheets, or a sleeping bag because the camp provides mattresses with blankets and sheets. At about 10 am, we got on a bus, and drove for four hours! Once we got there, we found out which cabin we were in. Yes! I got squirrel cabin! Tilly, the 3 other girls, which were Hannah, Abby, and Sarah, and I were in room 9.


Today is the first day of camp. Here, there A TON of classes 3 of the groups in your cabin take of “survival skills.” I am SO EXCITED! WE got our schedule for today, and it looked like this-

Room 9 camp schedule

Day 1-

Breakfast- 8:00

Camp Welcome8:45-9:45

Engineering- beginners- 9:50- 10:50

Canoeing- 10:55-11:55

Lunch- 12:00-12:45

Break (rest/no class)- 12:50-1:50

First Aid- Beginners- 1:55-2:55

Orienteering- 3:00-4:00

Dinner- 4:05-4:50

Camp Meeting/Game night- 4:50-6:00

Night Hike- 6:00-7:00




That is a pretty sweet schedule!



I already wrote a diary entry today, but it is night time now, and I had so much fun in all of my classes! For breakfast, we had pancakes and eggs, and then we did competitions for each group in our cabin. The all-time winners for each class versed each other. Whoever won got to eat lunch and dinner first. We got 2nd place.

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There is a couple mistakes in it. Sorry!! 🙁
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I love this! I can't wait to read more!
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It's really good! 🙂
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