Controlled By US -Prologue

I’m posting it on here, which means I’m (hopefully) going to end up finishing this story. I love the idea of it so much, and I love all my characters, so hopefully I’ll be able to go one with this story!


The smoke hung low over the lake. The moon was covered by clouds, plunging the night into a deeper darkness. A dark figure sat hunched in a nearby tree, watching. Waiting. Smoke curled into the air, rising slowly like a spirit from a distant world.

Boots crunched against leaves and burnt wood. A boy emerged, no older than nineteen. He had a hood pulled tightly over his head, and his blue eyes shone in the night. “Bria,” he hissed, his breath clouding in front of him. It mixed with the smoke and dispersed into thin air.

The figure jumped out of the tree. Her long brown hair fell in waves, and despite the darkness, the red streak in her hair was unmistakable. She pulled her brown jacket closer to her body as she approached the boy.


The silence hung between them, as palpable as the smoke. Finally, Lukas spoke. “Have you been able to locate the girl?”

Bria shook her head. “I wish. But she seems to have disappeared. I searched these woods for hours, with no luck.”

“And the parents?”

“Dead. Burned alive in the fire.”

He nodded. The silence fell between them again. “Look, Bria-”

“Let’s not talk about it, okay?” She said it quietly, as if the words were glass that could break any moment. Maybe it would have been better if she yelled. If she had screamed and kicked and let out all the anger that had bottled up inside of her ever since that October month long ago.

“Okay,” he replied. His business done, he walked back into the night.

Bria stood there for a while, her breath fogging in front of her and distorting her vision. Not too long ago, this area was an inferno. The heat soared into the air like a bird freed from its cage.

The moon emerged from behind the clouds. Its light reflected off of the lake, bouncing back into the sky and disappearing in the infinite black sea above.

“Where are you Nora?”

About the author: THE-Fangirl

I am part of the following fandoms:
Harry Potter, Hamilton (An American Musical), Dear Evan Hansen, Be More Chill, Newsies, In The Heights, Lorien Legacies, The Gone Novels, Maze Runner, Hunger Games, Delerium, Uglies, and more.
I love to write on my spare time, and I'd like to give a shout out to KatherineElizaEponineHamilton for being the first person to read my work. Thank you!

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