For Better Or Worse – Chapter 2

Don’t forget about  Prologue 1 !


John’s POV

I head out at dawn. The zombies have just finished their night purge, and corpses line the street. Not another soul is in sight. Except for Alex.

“I’m glad you were able to make it to my place after I called. Those streets were pretty pack,” I remark.

“It wasn’t easy, but I managed,” he replies. “And I still can’t believe you’re destined to save the world! Plus, you have the power of color. What can do you with that, anyway?”

I smile. “Watch.” I start by making a rainbow. I shoot it out toward a tree, which turns blue. “I can change colors, mostly. Oh, and watch this!” I suddenly turn invisible. Well, not actually invisible; I just use camouflage so that no one can see me.

“Woah, that’s so cool! Can you do it to other people?” he asks. I nod and turn him invisible. “That’s so cool,” he murmurs.

I remove it and take a look at my boyfriend. He has black hair that reaches just past his ears that he has pulled into a tiny ponytail. His chocolate brown eyes shine as he glances over at me. “Why are you staring?” he asks, shining that smile that made me first fall in love with him.

I shrug and reply, “Just admiring you.” I take his hand as we continue to walk. After a few moment of silence, I ask, “Any ideas on how we can get to New York?”

He shakes his head. “Only things I can think of are to steal either a boat or helicopter, but we don’t know how to control either. So, I guess we just have to find someone that can?”

I nod. “Sounds good.” I suddenly extend my arm and stop Alex. I put my finger to my lips and motion to some nearby trash cans. I raise my rifle, and Alex lifts his chainsaw.

Yes, he has a chainsaw.

They rattle some more before a zombie emerges. I shoot it right in the head, and the gunshot ricochets off the walls. I look down at the rifle and murmur, “I never shot that good during practise.”

Alex sheezes my hand and whispers, “We better get going, more will probably come because they heard the shot.”

We swiftly make our way down the road, taking random turns.


Sebastian’s POV

I get Cora some food and assess our supplies. We’re pretty stocked, since we have to be ready in case a blizzard hits and we’re stuck for days on end.

Now the question is whether I can defend my territory.

There will definitely be people that will try to raid my house, especially once food starts to run lower. But I plan on staying here as long as possible, and then I’ll make my way through Canada and toward New York.

I head back into the dining room where my sister is constantly eating broccoli. She loves the stuff, and I used to always give her my broccoli during dinner-

I’m suddenly reminded of my father. I try hard not to cry, but a tear slides down my face. “Why you sad?” Cora asks in her cute little two year old voice.

I wipe the tear away and reply, “I’m okay, Cora.”

I hear a thump outside. I grab my rifle and sneak into the front room. The thump comes again, from the porch. I slowly make my way toward the door. I count to three in my head before swinging the door open and aiming my rifle outside.

The person covers their head and exclaims, “Please don’t shoot me!” I lower my rifle slightly, and they peek their eyes out between their arms. They slowly lower their arms, and I realize it’s a girl. She has few layers of clothes, the top being an army jacket. She has military style boots and she’s wearing army pants. She has a backpack with her, and it looks stuffed with supplies. A cap is pulled over her head, hiding her dirty blonde hair. Her bright green eyes shine, and freckles dot her cheeks. She looks no older than fourteen.

“Um, hi. I’m Audrina. I heard a baby crying here, and I, uh, thought she was abandoned…” she trails off, looking down at the ground.

I put the rifle next to the door and hold out my hand. “The name’s Sebastian. That was my little sister you heard. Do you want to come in?”

She takes my hand, shakes it, then replies, “That’d be nice, thanks.” She walks in, and he locks the door behind her. She makes her way into the dining room, looking around. She spot Cora, and walks up to her, saying, “Aww, aren’t you a cutie-pie?”

“Pie! Pie!” she replies, clapping her hands.

“You’re so cute!” She turns to me and asks, “What’s her name?”

“Cora,” I reply.

Audrina turns back to her and says, “Hi Cora. I’m Audrina. Can you say that?”

“Rina!” she says.

She shrugs and remarks, “It works.” She then turns back to me. “Thanks again for letting me stay here.”

“No problem. But, don’t you have a family?” I ask. I immediately regret it afterwards.

She lowers her head. “I lived with my mother. But… they got to her.” Tears begin to well in her eyes.

I go over to her and give her a hug. She’s about two inches shorter than me. “Hey, hey, it’s okay. It’s alright! I lost my father to zombies, too.” She sniffs and pulls away. “Now why don’t I show you to your room?”


Hugo’s POV

“…countries across the globe are shutting down their ports and all flights to try and contain the zombies, and keep the disease from spreading. There have been millions of car crashes, and most people have stopped going to their jobs. It truly is the end of the world. But don’t fear; scientists are working hard to find a cure, and police are figuring out how this all started. This is Amare Eisner, and I will hopefully speak to you again.”

Myles turns the radio off. “How are we supposed to enter New York now?”

I shrug. “It’s an island. I’m sure that we can find a beach to dock the boat, so at least anchor it and swim.”

He just shakes his head. “This whole thing, it’s just crazy! Zombies? Seriously? It could have at least been aliens!”

I shrug again. “Or it could have been nothing at all. But, we don’t get everything we want. But don’t worry, we’ll find a way. Now help me make sure we stay on course.”


Royel’s POV

Rosetta is just sitting there, acting like a goddess, when people are dying just outside. How can she be relaxed at a time like this?

“Rosetta, you do realize there is a zombie apocalypse going on right now, right?” I ask, beginning to get annoyed with her. Originally, we got along well. Now… I see how simple minded she is.

She glances up from the grapes she’s eating. “Okay. So?”

So, as the saviors of the world, we should be helping people! Using our keys!” I pull my key out from under my shirt. It’s a pretty silver with the word death etched on the side.

“Royel, I told you to put that in the lock. I put mine in, and now my burden is lifted,” she replies with not a care in the world.

“People are dying, and all you’re doing is sitting there! Out of the 7.5 billion people on earth, one billion are already dead, and another billion are the Undead! Do you realize what big numbers those are?”

She shrugs. “Nothing I can do about it. I’m only human.”

“And yet you act like a freaking goddess!” I spit.

She ignores me and goes back to eating her grapes. I groan and decide to do something. I survey the people that have been infected. With the power of my Key of Death, I pick one million random zombies, and I kill them all instantly.


Nichole’s POV

Somehow, a zombie got into our house. My mom has created a circle that we’re standing in that’s supposed to keep it away. It steps right over it. I scream, and just as it’s about to infect me, it drops to the floor, dead. No gunshot, no wound, it just suddenly died.

I get down on my knees and begins to pray, “Oh Lord, thank thee for sparing my mom and I…” I go on and on, and my mother joins in.

But what are we going to do when the next one comes?


Margarita’s Peggy’s POV

I’m looking out a crack in the window when suddenly a third of the zombies in the street suddenly drop dead. That’s odd…

After the last night’s purge, the streets are clear. Only a few zombies roam around, and now there’s even less. But what made them suddenly drop dead? It’s rather odd.

“Elizabeth, Angie, you girls ready yet?” I call. Sometimes, I wonder about those two. They’re two of the most popular girls in school, but they don’t hang out with the “popular” people. Elizabeth is an innocent angel, and Angie is a genius. But now that the zombies have arrived, they seem useless.

People used to always ask me, “You’re Angie and Elizabeth’s sister, right?” I was never known for being me. But now, now they will see. People will go up to Angie and Elizabeth and say, “You’re Peggy’s sister? She saved the world! What’s it like to live with her?”

That is, if there’s anyone left by the time we get to New York. And how are we going to get there, anyway? Airports are closed. Boats are closed. So we need to steal one or the other. And we only know one person who can do that.

He lives in Germany, which is a long walk from here. We would take a car, but most of the roads are blocked by car crashes. So maybe we can find some bicycles? Anyway, his name is Klemens Strobel. I gave him a call earlier, and he said he’d be happy to help. His place is well fortified, so he should be safe until we get there.

“Yeah, I’m ready!” Elizabeth calls, coming out wearing… goodness gracious. She’s wearing a flower skirt with a matching crop top and… heals. HEALS!!

“Elizabeth, what the heck are you wearing? You do realize we are in the middle of the zombie apocalypse?!?!?” I scream.

She looks down at her outfit thoughtfully. “But it looks cute.”

I facepalm myself. “Angie, please tell me you are better than her!”

Angie comes out of her room. She’s wearing a black tank top with a leather jacket over it. Her curly dark brown hair is pulled up into a ponytail, and she’s wearing black jeans with Dr Martens that she probably took from dad’s closet. She blows a pink bubble with her gum, nods her head, and says, “Sup!”

I clap and exclaim, “Bravo! Now that’s what I’m talking about! Angie, maybe you should help Elizabeth?” She nods and leads her into the bedroom.

You normally would think we’re sisters. Angie has dark skin and curly dark brown hair. Elizabeth is pale skinned with long, straight, beautiful black hair. I am somewhere in between, with olive skin and wavy brown hair.

From what I understand, we all have different mothers, but share a father, which is who we live with. Or, did live with. Angie’s eighteen and Elizabeth is seventeen, and dad was out at work when the zombies hit. He hasn’t come home yet, and we just assume that something happened to him. But, since he works for the government, maybe he’s in a safe place. We’ve tried to call him, but he didn’t reply.

Angie comes out and says, “Introducing the new and improved Elizabeth!”

She comes out in an outfit that works much better. She’s wearing a white shirt with an army jacket over it, black leggings, and running shoes. “Okay, that’s better. You might want to put your hair up, though.” She quickly ties her hair into a loose ponytail that hangs down her back. “Alright, everyone grab your things, and let’s head out.”


Sofie’s POV

“Maybe a lab experiment went wrong? In most movies, that’s what happens, so it could be the case here…” Simon is going on and on about how the zombies might have come to be, and it’s beginning to get on my nerves. I was able to go home, and now I’m dressed in a long sleeve white crop top, skinny jeans, and some old hiking boots that my dad owned. Simon told me not to wear white, but I pointed out that if other people saw the blood stain on my shirt, they’d know not to mess with me.

He’s wearing a blue turtleneck and army pants, plus a gray beanie. “Leave no skin bare,” he told me. And wanna know what else he did? He put duct tape around his wrist and ankles to keep the clothing in place.

He is such a big nerd. Like, a really big nerd. He’s obsessed with this whole zombie thing, and he knows lots of survival tips. Some of them are useful, others are plain annoying or weird. Like for example, he told me to bring extra tampons. Not just because of my period, but because they can placed into a bullet hole to soak up blood. Now that’s just weird.

“I really hope they can find a cure, because otherwise-”

“Okay, could you just shut up Simon? Can’t I just have some peace and quiet?” I snap, beginning to regret bringing him along.

“You’re right, it might be easier for them to find us if I talk.” I roll my eyes, but at least he’s silent. We walk for a while, and I begin to wonder if we’re going to try and fly there somehow, or if we’re going to trek all across South and North America to get to New York.

I really hope we can find some wings.

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