For Better Or Worse – Chapter 4

I ended up getting writer’s block for this a couple chapters down the road, but I will try to pick it back up. I hope you like this chapter!


Sofie’s POV

“You know, I can’t believe I never thought of this before! I know how I can get to New York!” I exclaim while we walk down the street in the early morning.

“Wait, New York? Why do you want to go there?” Simon asks, confused.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell him about that. Oops. “Look, Simon, I gotta go now. I hope that you can make it on your own. You probably will, since you know so much about zombies, but, ah, I gotta go now. Bye!” I’m glad to get rid of him.

I don’t even give him a chance to protest before I begin to run. I turn a corner and stop. Then, using my Air, I fly straight up into the air. It’s been a while since I’ve done this, but I’ve never gone so high! I then begin to fly in the direction of New York City.


Royel’s POV

Someone’s here. Someone else has made it. But who? A girl walks in, her key hanging around her neck. She has flowing red hair, brown eyes, and her long sleeve white crop top is stained with blood.

“Oh, it looks like I’m not alone,” she says in a Brazilian accent. She walks up to me and says, “Hi, I’m Sofie Rogers. I’m from Brazil, and I have the Key of Air. That’s how I got here; I flew.”

Air. Huh, that’s cool. I wonder what all the other keys are. I reply, “Royel Jackson. I’m from California, and I have the Key of Death.”

Her eyes widen. “Death!? I mean, it totally fits your look, but death!?”

I nod just as Rosetta makes her way over. “Rosetta Keyes,” she introduces. “I’m from here, New York City, and I have, well, had, the Key of Life. I already put the key into the lock, though.”

“Cool,” Sofie replies. “This is a pretty cool place. Wait, is that pizza?” She runs over to a food table and grabs a slice.

“She seems like a nice girl,” Rosetta says quietly to me.

I nod. “But I have a feeling that she’ll be hot headed,” I reply. “So you better watch out.”


John’s POV

We’ve made it to the English Channel. We’re currently standing at a dock, and there are a few boats lining the dock. “Now what?” Alex asks.

I contemplate for a moment. “Well, there’s plenty of boats here. The real question is if there is anyone that can drive one?” I walk down to the dock and shout, “Hello?”

“What are you doing?” Alex hisses. “You’re going to attract zombies!”

“Or someone that can help!” I whisper. “Hello?!”

A voice calls out, “Keep it down out there!”

Both of our heads snap toward a nearby boat. I can tell someone is inside, but I can’t tell who. “Who’s there?” Alex calls.

A man around forty years old emerges. He has dark skin and he is already beginning to bald. He has a rifle, and his eyes widen when he sees that he’s face two teenagers.

“What are you doing here?” he asks, concerned. “And how did you survive?”

I show my guns and bat, and Alex gives his chainsaw a rev. “The name’s John,” I say. “And this is Alex. You are?”

“George. What do you want?” he asks, narrowing his eyes.

“We need to get to New York City, and for that we need a boat. And a captain.”

He laughs. “You sound so dramatic. And why do you want to go to New York?” he asks.

“Our… parents are there,” Alex lies quickly. “We were on a field trip here, and we need to get back home. I just hope our family is alright and not trying to come after us.”

He sighs. “You come just in time, because I was actually about to leave. I happen to be heading to New York, too.”

“Cool!” I exclaim, not even questioning it. “So, can we join you?”

“Yeah, I guess. On one condition: you have to help me get more supplies. And by that I mean you get the supplies while I guard the boat,” he negotiates.

“How do we know you won’t drive off?” I ask.

“You don’t. But I promise I won’t.”

Alex turns to me. “Worth a shot.” We head into nearby houses and raid them for all the food we can find. We then bring it all back to the boat and head off. At least we won’t have to deal with zombies anymore.


Nichole’s POV

“Moooooom I’m bored,” I whine, looking up at the clear blue sky.

“Read one of the books we brought,” she offers.

“I tried, but it’s not interesting. Ugh, I just want to get to New York so I can restore humanity!”

“Well, why don’t you experiment with your Key?” she suggests.

I’m silent for a moment before I say, “Huh. I never thought of that. Okay!” I look into my Key and explore.

I decide to try and grow a plant. I try, but… nothing happens. I try again.

A mountain of seaweed shoots up next to the boat. I scream as it falls down into the water. “Oops!” I exclaim.

Okay, so that didn’t work. Maybe because I’m in the middle of the ocean?

I decide to head to the front of the boat, and I just stare out at the sea. “How long until we get there?” I ask.

“It depends on whether we’re going to go to Florida and walk to New York, or go up the coast to New York,” my father answers.

“Which is faster?” my mom asks.

“Taking the boat up to New York, I think. It will take at least a few more days,” he replies.

I groan. “This is going to take forever!”


Sebastian’s POV

“Wait a minute wait a minute. So you’re basically telling me, that you have superpowers and you have to save the world?” Audrina asks, obviously skeptical. I nod, and she begins to laugh. “Yeah, and I’m Taylor Swift!”

I sigh and make a ball of water appear out of nowhere. She stops laughing, and Cora exclaims, “Bubble!”

Audrina cocks her head slightly and murmurs, “Um… how are you doing that?”

“With the power of my Key, like I told you,” I respond.

She sits in dumbfounded silence for a moment. Then she murmurs, “It’s gotta be some sort of slide of hand trick.”

I chuckle slightly. I make a bubble of water high in the air, and then I plop it down on her head. “Ah!” she exclaims before shaking the water off of her hat. “Okay, so you can control water. But… how are we supposed to get to New York? We’ll not only have to go through snow and wild animals, but also who knows how many zombies!”

I sigh. “Yeah, it’ll be hard. But we have to do it. I already got everything packed. We can raid houses along the way if need be.”

She takes a deep breath. “Well, I might as well go with you. What do I have to lose?”

So we grab everything we need and head out. Cora manages to walk alongside us, and I can only pray that I’ll be able to protect her from zombies if they attack. No, when they attack.


Hugo’s POV

“Is that what I think it is?” I ask, squinting towards the horizon.

“Yep, it’s storm clouds,” Myles replies. “We can try to go around it, but I don’t know how well that’s gonna work.”

“Do you think our boat can handle such a storm?” I wonder aloud, beginning to get worried.

“Let’s hope so. Could you go make sure the supplies are secure?”

I nod and head down into the hull, where we keep everything. I make sure all of it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon before heading back up. Distant thunder rumbles, and I hope we can get through it alive.


Peggy’s POV

We walk along in silence. Elizabeth is doing a better job at pulling her weight, and Angie is helping her along. Gilbert stays alert, looking left and right, his gun never leaving his hands. I can’t help but admire the agility with which he moves, and the concentration on his face.

I’m in the front while he’s in the back, Elizabeth and Angie in between the two of us. Angie comes up to me and murmurs quietly, “So, Gilbert.”

I manage to keep a straight face and reply, “What about him?”

Elizabeth comes up on the other side of me so that I’m trapped. “You loooove him,” she teases. I shove her away gently.

“Shut up, no I don’t,” I reply, my voice giving me away slightly.

“Gilbert and Peggy sitting in a tree,” Angie begins. Elizabeth joins in and they sing, “K-I-S-S-I-N-G!”

I shove both of them and say, “Knock it off!” I was a bit too loud, and I catch the attention of Gilbert.

“Is everything okay?” he asks, concerned.

Angie and Elizabeth give me a look before the latter says, “Why don’t you tell him, Peggy?”

“Yeah Peggy, tell him!” Angie chimes in.

I roll my eyes. “What is there to say?”

Poor Gilbert looks really confused. And it looks cute on him. I MEAN-

“Oh, allow me to help. Peggy-” Elizabeth begins. I slap my hand over her mouth to keep her from saying anything.

“Could one of you please explain what’s going on?” Gilbert asks.

I quickly think of a lie. “Oh, I’m feeling a bit under the weather, but I’ll be fine.”

His look of confusion turns to concern. “Oh. Is there anything I can do you help?”

Angie raise her eyebrows at me. “No no, I’ll be fine,” I tell him hurriedly. He doesn’t seem convinced, but I let it slide.

“Yeah, you are sick,” Angie murmurs. “Love sick.”

I jab her in the side with my elbow. “Shut. Up,” I growl.

She chuckles before beginning to whisper to Eliza. I roll my eyes and continue walking, scanning the area for zombies.


Rosetta’s POV

Royel was right. Sofie is REALLY hot tempered. And she’s directing her anger at me. Me, of all people. I’m FLAWLESS, so why would she be mad at me?

“Rosetta I just don’t understand how you don’t care about the people out there! You can take your key out of the lock and help save hundreds of lives, but instead you’re sitting there eating donut holes!” she exclaims.

I take another bit of a doughnut hole before replying, “I tried to take the key out, but it won’t budge.”

“Well you could at least do something!” she exclaims.

I sigh and turn on one of the many televisions. “I’m just going to watch some TV. Why don’t you rant to Royel?”

Sofie growls angrily before storming off into one of the bedroom chambers. I see Royel eye her Key, and I wonder if she’s killing off zombies again.

Eh, who cares.

I turn my attention back to the screen as Stranger Things comes on.

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