Hamilton Meets High School, Ch1


“What do you think John, should I wear my hair up or down? Laff says up, Herc says down, so what do you think?” Alexander Hamilton is currently in his friend Lafayette’s room, and they are getting ready for their first day of high school. His friends John Laurens and Hercules Mulligan are on Facetime.
“Well, Alex, it depends on what kind of look you want to give off,” John said currently, “I think hair down would show sophistication, and hair up would show innocence. And if you wore your hair up, if would match Laff and I. Of course, Herc would be wearing his beanie… I vote hair up.”

“It’s settled then.” Alex ties up his hair and looks at his reflection. He’s wearing a dark green t-shirt and dark jeans. He still has his light up Sketchers from 7th grade, and if anyone says anything against them, he will make them pay. Behind him, Laff has his afro pulled up in a ponytail, making a little poof at the top of his head. He’s wearing a navy blue hoodie and slightly faded jeans. Hid dark skin shines from the overhead light as he swings his American flag backpack onto his shoulder and grabs his hoverboard.

“Are you ready mon amie?” His French accent is still as thick as it was when Alex met him in junior high.

“Ready as I’ll ever be,” Alexander replies before grabbing his black backpack and following Lafayette down the stairs.

“Au revoir, maman!” he calls to his mom before heading out the door.

“Au revoir mon fils!” she calls back.

John and Hercules are waiting outside. John’s mom was nice enough to drive them all to school today. He is wearing Khakis, one of his turtle shirts, and his favorite white Converse (that he somehow manages to keep clean). His curly brown hair is pulled into a ponytail, and the little freckles across his face stand out like stars in the night sky. Herc is wearing a purple shirt and pants, plus his gray beanie. He also has dark skin, but it is a darker shade than Lafayette’s.

They all pile into the car. Alex is stuck with the middle seat, while John gets the luxury of sitting shotgun. As they drive to Edgewood High, Hamilton begins to think of his mother, and how he wished she could see this. She died when he was only twelve, and his father left him at age ten. After that, he moved to America from Nevis, and his friends have been taking turns letting him stay at their houses.

He wills himself not to cry and instead focuses on the classes ahead of him. He’s got Algebra 1, honors reading and writing, social studies, physics (not his favorite), PE (ugh) and then French (it’s stupid; his mom already taught him it, but he has get credit for it by taking it at school. Even Lafayette has to do it, when he should be doing English!). Plus, he might join the Argument Club. That would be fun.

Meanwhile, Laff is thinking similar thoughts. It’s so STUPID that I have to take French classes! Watch, by the third day, I’ll be teaching it, he thought with anger. He could be taking Culinary instead, but noo. He has to take PE and FRENCH!

But other than that, he was excited for high school. Meeting new people, getting to learn new things, etc, etc; however, he was worried he would make a lot of enemies there. He was especially worried about the seniors. But he tried to stay confident. He was sure he would be fine, as long as his friends were by his side.

Laurens was also worried, but for a different reason. One thought kept running through his head. Don’t let anyone find out don’t let anyone find out DON’T LET ANYONE FIND OUT! He glanced at Alex in the rearview mirror, who was lost in his thoughts. John looked at himself and wondered if people would laugh at his obsession with turtles. Even his phone case had a turtle on it. But it was one of those cool see through cases with the blue glitter in it, making it look like the turtles were swimming in the ocean.

Hercules was totally at ease. He was positive that he would be fine. Sure, he may get made fun of people who are racist, but who cares. Unless someone messes with his friends, then all heck breaks loose. One of the things he was really looking forward to was being able to spy on the other students, and maybe even the teachers. That would be fun.

They finally arrive at Edgewood High. “Bye mom, see you later!” John says.

“Bye Mrs. Laurens!” the rest of them say.

“Have a wonderful first day! I’ll see you all after school!” She drives off, and the Hamilsquad is left alone to the horrors and miracles of high school. Everyone is either outside bustling about, or inside trying to find their lockers. They walk up (Laff rides his hoverboard) to the school and step inside.

Row upon row of lockers, all painted white. Some of them have already been decorated by their owners, while others are being decorated.

“It looks like John and I are over there,” Alex says, pointing to his left, “And you two are over there.” He points to the right.

“We’ll meet right here when we’re done,” Hercules says before heading off with Lafayette to find their lockers.

Standing in front of their lockers is a dark kid with huge afro. He is wearing a red jacket, jeans, and black heelys. He towers above Alex at 6’ 2”, whereas Hamilton is only 5’ 7” (“But still growing!” he would say with defiance). The boy is currently turned away from them, talking to another kid. Alexander approaches them and says, “Excuse us, we need to get to our lockers.” The kid turns around. His resemblance to Lafayette is freakish. So much so that they could almost be brothers.

“My apologies little guy,” he says in a thick Southern accent.

This statement hits a nerve. “Did you just call me little?” Alexander challenges, his hands clenched into fists.

John senses the danger and tells his friend, “Alex, I’m sure he meant no harm when he said it.”

The boy grins, hold out his hand, and says, “The names Thomas. Thomas Jefferson. And this is my friend James Madison.” They hear a sneeze behind Thomas, and look to see another kid who look strikingly similar to Hercules. He holds his hand in a half wave before sneezing into a tissue.

Alexander unwillingly takes Jefferson’s hand and replies, “Alexander Hamilton, and this is one of my friends, John Laurens.”

“Pleasure,” Jefferson states, all formalities. He releases Alex’s hand and looks down at his feet. “Are those light up Sketchers?” he asks, eyeing them with interest.

“Yeah. You got a problem with that?” In fact, Thomas did have a problem with that. He thought it was quite childish. But he didn’t say so, because he could tell that this kid could go off light a bomb at any second.

“No, no, I was just wondering,” he lied.

John and Alex open up their lockers just as Laff and Herc appear. “Oh my, mes amies! You’re just now opening your lockets?”

“Lockers,” Herc murmurs.

“Oh, sorry, lockers.” That’s when Laff catches sight of Jefferson. “Who are you?” he asks, eyeing him with suspicion. He didn’t like the look of this guy. I mean, he’s handsome, of course, just like me, but our resemblance is freaky he thought.

“Who are you?” Jefferson asks. He was thinking the same thing as Lafayette.

“I asked you first, so you have to answer first.”

“The names Thomas Jefferson. And you are…?”


“Laugh ah yet?” Jefferson repeats, having trouble pronouncing his name.

“Non non, it’s pronounced laugh-I-et. Get it right.”

Hercules and James eye each other for a little bit before Herc says, “I’m Hercules Mulligan.”

James stifles a cough and replies, “James Madison.” While all this was happening, John and Alexander where putting away their stuff.

They only have a few minutes before the bell rings when out of the blue comes another figure. Hamilton is the first to notice him and says, “Aaron Burr!”

“Sir!” Aaron replies. He has a red covered book hugged to his chest. He’s wearing a maroon t-shirt, black shorts, and matching black tennis shoes. His black hair has finally started to grow back after the buzz cut he got a month ago.

“I didn’t think you would make it,” Alex replies.

“Come on, you know I wouldn’t miss my first day of high school.” Just then, the bell rings.

“We better get to social studies,” Hercules says, and they dash down the hall so they can get seats together. Lafayette clears a path for them (no one wants to get ran over by a hoverboard). Behind them, the sound of another pair of wheels can be heard.

Jefferson passes Hamilton with his heelys and says, “Why so slow, shorty?” He cackles as he surpasses him. This gives Alexander newfound energy, and he tries to speed off toward Thomas, his shoes going redwhiteblue redwhiteblue redwhiteblue. The only problem is he can’t because too many people are in the way.

They make it to history with a minute to spare. Jefferson and Madison are already sitting up front, James having a coughing fit. Hamilton’s temper flares, but is calmed when John places a hand on his shoulder and says, “He’s not worth it.”

In order from left to right, Lafayette, Hercules, John, and Hamilton take their seats. Aaron sits in front of John and behind Jefferson. When the warning bell rings, a girl sits next to Hamilton, along with her friends. Her brown hair is pulled into a loose ponytail. She’s wearing a light blue blouse and a knee length white shirt. Alex faintly recognizes her from his last school, but back then he didn’t really pay much attention to girls. Now, however…

She notices him looking and gives him a little smile. He returns it just as he remembers her name. Eliza.

The bell rings, and their teacher walks in. He’s a dark, bald man in his early forties. He faces the classroom and says, “Welcome to high school. I’m Mr. Washington, and I will be your history teacher.”

A voice from the back of the class murmurs, “Yeah, we know.” This creates  a murmur of giggles to go through the room, but the Hamilsquad doesn’t laugh. They all have profound respect for teachers. Alex looks behind him and spots the boy.

He has black hair and pale white skin that makes it seem like he’s never seem sun. He’s wearing a black leather jacket and jeans. Alexander wonders what his name is.

“That’s enough,” Mr. Washington says calmly. The giggles stop abruptly. His voice is stern, even though his tone is calm. John wonders what would happen if this man lost his temper.

“Thank you. Now, before we start learning you need to know my rules. First there will be no interrupting me while I’m speaking, especially for rude remarks.” He sends a pointed glare at the boy in the back and adds, “That includes you, Charles Lee.” Okay, so now I know his name, Alex thinks. “You are expected to turn in your homework on time. It you fail to do so three times, then you will be serving lunch detention. The same applies to being late to class.”

As if on cue, a girl stumbles into the classroom. Her curly brown hair is pulled to one side. She’s wearing a lot of makeup, including red lipstick. She’s wearing the green and white cheerleader uniform. “Sorry Mr. Washington, I went to the wrong history classroom.”

“That’s alright Maria. It’s the first day of school, and anyone can get lost. I will excuse your absence for today, but from now on, if you are late three times in a row, you will be serving lunch detention. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mr. Washington.” She takes a seat right behind Alexander, who’s face turn slightly pink. She’s hot. He glances over at Eliza and thinks, But I have set my sights on someone else.

This whole times, butterflies have been fluttering in Eliza’s chest. She has suddenly realised that she has a crush on Hamilton. I’m helpless, she can’t help but think.

After Mr. Washington goes through the rest of his rules, he says, “Okay, now I’m going to make a seating chart. Even though I know most of your names, I want you all to say your name when I get to your seat. These will be your seats until I decide to change them, which could be tomorrow or in May.”

Well that’s reassuring, Jefferson thinks sarcastically.

Everyone calls out their names when they are called on. Alexander feels like Mr. Washington’s eyes linger on him for a second longer than everyone else, but that might just be nerves.

A few minutes before the bell rings, Mr. Washington says, “Tomorrow, we will start learning about the American Revolution, and you will be put into groups of five. So start thinking about who you want to be in your group.”

The bell rings, and everyone gets out of their seats. Alex says goodbye to his friends as he heads off to honors writing. He takes his time because the classroom is right next door. He takes a seat toward the front of the classroom. He’s beginning to think he won’t know anyone in here when Jefferson walks into the classroom and sits directly behind Alexander.

“Fancy seeing you here. I would expect you to be too stupid to get into an honors class,” Thomas jeers.

“I’m not stupid,” Hamilton says through clenched teeth.

“Of course not,” he replies, tapping his pencil against his desk.

“Could you stop doing that? It’s aggravating.” Alex clenches and unclenches his fists, trying to control his temper.

“What, this?” He taps the pencil louder.


“Okay, I won’t hit it against the desk…” Instead, he swishes Alexander ponytail. Right as he’s about to lose his temper, the final bell rings and the teacher turns around. She’s in her mid twenties, with silky blonde hair and bright blue eyes. The board behind her says Ms. Fiona.

“Welcome to honors writing. I’m Ms. Fiona, and I look forward to a wonderful year with you.” She tells us her rules and creates a seating chart. Alex inwardly groans. Thomas is going to be sitting behind him for the rest of the year.

“Now, I know it’s the first day of school, but I’m giving you an assignment.” Everyone groans. “Since you are in honors, instead of five, you will each write me a ten paragraph argumentative essay debating the topic of your choice. It will be due by the end of the week. I want to see how much you know about writing a strong essay. Are there any questions?”

Alexander raises his hand. “Yes… Alexander?” She had to check her seating chart to make sure she got his name right.

He lowers his hand and asks, “Are we allowed to do more than ten paragraphs?” The question seems to have caught her off guard.

She recovers and answers, “Oh course you may. But I want no more than twenty paragraphs.” Hamilton nods, but he’s thinking, Twenty paragraphs? TWENTY PARAGRAPHS?! How can I write a good argument in twenty paragraphs? Well, I guess I have to make them really long. He begins to ponder what subject he wants to do for this assignment.

Behind him, Thomas is wondering the opposite. How can anyone possibly write an argument that long? It just can’t be done. I mean, twenty paragraphs. This kid must be insane.

Meanwhile, in Mrs. Church’s physics class, Hercules and Lafayette find out that James Madison isn’t all that bad. He’s a pretty decent person, when you get him alone.

Hercules and James keep glancing at each other while they go over laboratory safety. Neither of them can get over the fact that they look crazy familiar. Lafayette keeps picturing Thomas’s face, wondering if they are long lost twins. Or maybe distant cousins. He obviously grew up in the south (probably Virginia), whereas Laff was born and raised in France. Plus, all of his family lives there, so maybe Jefferson is not a distant cousin…

“Lafayette! Since you were so obviously paying attention to me, what was I just saying?” Mrs. Church gives him a sour look expecting him not to know the answer.

Without missing a beat, he replies, “You were telling us that if we get something in our eye, we should use the eye riser.”

“Rinser. But, you are correct.” A few of the boys quietly laugh at his accent, while the girls stare at him dreamily. He gets this a lot.

Over in Mrs. Lloyd’s reading class, John Laurens is sitting with Aaron Burr. John doesn’t really like him that much, but he’s the only familiar face here. Ms. Lloyd was impressed when she saw that Burr was reading The Catcher in the Rye.

Now, she was making everyone do the (Stupid, Laurens thought) Vocabulary Workshop. Each lesson is a group of vocabulary words with a set of activities to help one remember them. They activities were complete the sentence, synonyms and antonyms, choose the right word, and vocabulary in context.

And the whole lesson is due tomorrow. TOMORROW! John was seething with anger. At least she gives everyone their own copies to bring home. Aaron, however, thought it was rather educational. Maybe he’ll finally know a complicated word that Alexander doesn’t know!

In the back of the room, Eliza was working quietly, neither loving nor hating the assignment. In fact only half of her mind was paying attention to it (but she was still doing it correctly). The other half was thinking about Alexander. I wonder why I’ve never noticed him before. But it’s like, my heart just went BOOM! They I was trying to catch his eye, and I did once, and oh my I had so many butterflies so many butterflies. I can’t wait until I tell my sister Angelica about this. Peggy will probably spy on us and hear too… Eh, I’ll just tell her too. But I’m not going to tell Brooklynn or Aurora. Not yet, anyway.

Back in Ms. Fiona’s classroom, the bell rings, and everyone leaves the classroom. Alex is headed toward honors reading next, and he is dismayed to find that Thomas is there too. He sits as far away from him as possible.

An old man is waiting at the front of the classroom when the bell rings. “Hello everyone. My name is Mr. Sherman. Now, before we can begin, I have a seating chart I need everyone to follow.” He turns on the projector, and Alexander immediately sees that it’s alphabetical. And he has to sit right next to Thomas.

Seriously? he thinks. There couldn’t have been a Holland, or a Jackson? Alexander moves into his new seat, angry. Thomas, however, was feeling quite smug. I wonder how long it will take for him to crack he thought.

“Now that that is taken care of, everyone take out their reading book.” Hamilton takes his out, looks around, and realises not many other people brought books with them today.

Mr. Sherman comes around the classroom with a clipboard, checking off people who have a book. Much to Alexander’s delight, Thomas doesn’t have one. When he gets to Alex, he stares at the book in amazement. “The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy! Are you sure you can handle such a big book, young man?”

Hamilton shrugs. “Just a little bit of light reading.”

LIGHT!” Thomas shrieks in amazement.

“Hey, at least I have a book with me,” Alex sneers.

“Alright boys, that’s enough. I’m going to give you full create. And what is your name, man?”

“Alexander Hamilton. My name is Alexander Hamilton.” He nods and moves on to the next student.

When he’s finished with everyone, he says, “Seeing as most of you didn’t bring a book today, I will make this assignment five points extra credit instead of being a grade.”

Murmurs begin to spread around the classroom like a wildfire.

“Well, no extra credit is better than an F.”

“I was going to bring a book today, but I forgot to put it in my backpack.”

“I’m so glad I brought my book today.”

It takes Mr. Sherman three tries before everyone quiets down. “Now then. I expect all of you to have a book tomorrow for a grade. For the remainder of class, work on these Vocabulary Workshop booklets. You each get your own personal copy, so if any damage is done to it, you will be paying a heavy fine. I want lesson one completed by tomorrow.” Lots of people groan before grabbing a book and getting to work.

Meanwhile, in Mr. Castillo’s writing class, Lafayette, John, Hercules, and James are scattered throughout the classroom. They have just been assigned a five paragraph essay, and are currently researching their topics.

John is currently getting info on “Why Slavery Should Be Banned Worldwide”. This is something that he feels really strongly about, so he’s going to use that energy to write a great essay. He’s also hoping that Alexander might give him a few tips here and there.

Lafayette is arguing that “All Schools Should Allow Hoverboards”. He’s thankful that this school allows them, but he thinks everywhere should allow them. Hercules is going out on a whim and writing his essay about how “Boys Can Be Flower Girls Too!” Even he doesn’t know why he chose that topic. James is doing the classic “Global Warming Exists!”

In the middle of reading an article, John notices a folded sticky note on his desk. He picks it up, making sure Mr. Castillo isn’t looking. Inside, it reads in curly script, I like turtles too.→ He looks to his right and sees a girl with braided red hair, freckles, and eyes the color of the sea. She’s wearing turtle earrings, a black skirt, and a light blue girl with an intricate turtle design on the front.

She catches his eye and smiles. He smiles back. She pulls out another sticky note and writes something on it. She then hands it to him underneath the table, pretending to be reading something on her computer. John takes it and unfolds it in his lap. My name is Cora Bullock. Who are you?

John hastily writes, John Laurens. He has to wait a moment to pass it, because Mr. Castillo walks by, and he scrolls down the computer page, pretending to read. When he has passed, Laurens pases her the note. She quickly reads it, scrawls something, and then hands it to him. Before he can read it, however, the bell rings, and he has to go to French class.

Rewind ten minutes, and Eliza is in Mrs Butler’s PE class, running laps in the Gym with all the other girls. Physical Education was never her strong subject, but she pushes through, trying to make it through the last lap without stopping. When she finally does, she nearly collapses from exhaustion. Luckily, she makes it to the bench before she does.

She takes a huge gulp of cold water, feeling it running down her throat. It used to be ice water, but the ice melted. So, she’s stuck with cold water. Once the last girl has made it to the end, Mrs. butler says, “Alright girls, go freshen up before you head to your next class.”

Eliza trudges off to the locker room along with the other girls. When she gets inside, she gets her clothes back on before resting. This is your chance, she thinks. Go talk to the other girls and make some new friends. But she doesn’t move from where she’s sitting. That is, until she overhears a conversation.

“Well, if it isn’t Maria Reynolds.” She turns to the source of the voice, and sees three nerdy-looking girls picking on a cheerleader. The girl in the middle has frizzy brown hair and wire rimmed glasses. The one of the left has dirty blonde hair pull back in a braid and thick black glasses. The one on the right has wavy brown hair and no glasses. She looks like she doesn’t want to be there.

That’s one way to kill the cliche, Eliza thinks.

“Leave me alone Ada,” The cheerleader, Maria, says halfheartedly.

Ada, the one in the middle, jeers, “Why? Because you’re a cheerleader now?”

Maria hopelessly turn to the girl on the right and says, “Julissa, could you please talk some sense into her?” Julissa just looks down sheepishly.

“Julissa is on our side, if you haven’t noticed. Oh, right, you’re too dumb to see what is right in front of you!” The girl on the left snickers.

“I wasn’t talking to you Veronica,” Maria snaps.

This is when Eliza gets up and walks over to them. “Leave Maria alone,” she says to Ada.

“And who might you be?” she asks.


“Well, Eliza, what has Maria ever done for you?”

Eliza looks over at Maria, who looks back with a mixture of gratefulness and fear.  She must be worried I’ll abandon her, Eliza thinks.

“Nothing. But only someone like you wouldn’t help someone in need.”

Ada is about to say something when the bell rings. On their way out the door, Maria says, “Thanks Eliza.”

“You’re welcome,” she replies humbly.

Eliza, Alex, Lafayette, John, Hercules, Thomas, James, and Aaron all enter French at different times. The Hamilsquad sits in the very front in the same order as history. Eliza sits next to Hamilton. Thomas sits directly behind Alex (again) and James sits next to Jefferson and behind John. Burr sits behind Lafayette.

When the bell rings, Mr. Lacroix says, “Bonjour students, and welcome to French class!”

Lafayette immediately replies, “Bonjour monsieur! Un beau jour nous avons.” Mr. Lacroix smiles a toothy grin.

“Well, it looks like someone studied a little bit of french over summer. Or did you use Google translate?”

“Non non, monsieur. Je suis né et j’ai grandi en France. Je ne comprends pas pourquoi je dois même suivre ce cours. Si vous voulez que je le prouve, donnez-moi le quiz le plus dur possible, et je l’aurai.”

“I see. By any chance are you Lafayette?”

“Oui oui.”

“Well, that explains it. I was told you would be in my class. You see, Lafayette, this class isn’t to help your French; it’s to help your English.”

“Ohhhhh, je vois, je vois.” Lafayette looks more at ease.

While this was happening, not only was John listening, but he was also reading the note Cora gave him. My locker is 394. Meet me there after fourth period. John wonders what she wants to talk about, but then he is given the day’s assignment (a test to see how much french people know, for Laff how much English), and he focuses on that.

Thomas taps Alexander on the shoulder.

“What?” Alex hisses.

“Can I borrow a pencil?” he whispers.

“Where is the one you were poking me with earlier?”

“I lost it,” Thomas lies, and Alex can tell he’s lying. So instead of giving him a pencil, he gives him the cold shoulder. Or, the cold back, in this case, since Jefferson sits behind him. Alex starts to fill in answers on the pre-test. He knows most of the stuff already because of what his mother taught him and what he’s heard from Lafayette.

Thomas pokes him again. And again. And again and again and again and again. “You’re real immature, you know that?” he says over his shoulder.

“Boys, no talking,” Mr Lacroix says.

They fall silent, and Thomas takes out his pencil. Knew he had one, Alex thinks.

Lafayette is on the last question on the last page of the test, and he has been for five minutes. The French word he needs to translate into English is cimetière, and he just can’t remember what the English word for it is. Maybe… maybe I do need this class, he thought.

When everyone had turned in their test, Mr. Lacroix reported, “Most of you know hardly any French, which is perfectly fine. That’s why we’re here, right?” The bell rings, cutting him off. “That time already?” he murmurs as everyone leaves the classroom.

It’s finally lunch time after four periods of class. They all head to their lockers to grab their lunch bags before heading out to find a table. “I’ll find you guys in a minute, I need to do something,” John says, slipping away from the group to find locker number 394. Alex watches him go, wondering what he’s up to.

John walks quickly down the hall, looking for the right locker. He spots Cora before he spots the locker. She sees him and waves. The halls have mostly cleared, so they’re alone.

“Hi,” she says. Her voice is soft and fluttery, just as he imagined it would be.

“Hey.” He leans against a locker and asks, “So, what do you want to talk about?”

“Well, I wanted to ask in person. Can I have your phone number?” She bites the corner of her lip in a cute way. She looks shy and innocent.

“Of course you can! Here, give me your phone.” She unlocks it before giving it to her. He creates a new contact with his name and number. He then creates a text message to himself saying Hi. He holds up both phones and says, “There you go. And now you know it’s me.” He then notices her phone case. “Hey, we have the same phone cases!”

“We do?” She takes her phone from him and turns it over. “Hey we do!”
A voice calls, “Cora, are you coming?”

“Oh, I gotta go. Wait a few seconds before you go to your friends.” She rushes off. Thirty seconds later, Laurens goes to find his friends.

“And where were you, mon amie?” Lafayette asks.

John shrugs and says, “No where.”

“Oh come on, we know you too well,” Alex says.

“Where were you? Or should I say, who were you with?” Hercules asks.

John’s face begins to turn pink. To avoid saying anything, he takes a bite out of his sandwich and points to his mouth to indicate that he’s chewing. And he is saved an explanation for a little while longer when someone arrives.

“Hear ye, hear ye! Make way for His Majesty, King George!” He short boy around Alexander’s height walks toward them. Behind him is a boy with light brown hair and a plastic crown on top of his head. He is obviously a senior, but none of the Hamilsquad knows who he calls himself “King”. Besides the crown, he’s wearing a red cape, like the ones real kings wear, and all white clothes.

“Thank you Samuel.” George says, flourishing his cape. He looks down at Alex and says, “You four are in my seat.”

“Well, we got here first. And who gives you the authority to boss us around?” Alexander challenges, standing up. George is still taller than him, but at least he’s not sitting down.

“My father, Principle Frederick, gives me the authority. Now scat, you peasants.” This makes everyone at the table stand up.

“We’re not going anywhere,” Hercules firmly states.

“Uh, yes, you are.” Samuel says. “The Kings says move, so MOVE!”

Lafayette says a very nasty word in French, but George doesn’t know what it means. And that makes him angry.

“What did you say? Tell me what you said!” Lafayette just smirks in response. ‘King’ George stomps his foot and shouts, “You will move NOW!” No one budges. “Wait until my father hears about this! He’ll have you ALL in detention! Come on Samuel.” He stomps off, his trusty junior following him.

They all sit down. As if nothing happened, Alex inquires, “So, John, you were going to tell us what you were doing?” He doesn’t answer.

“Come on mon amie, we’re your friends. You know you can tell us anything.” John looks up at Laff, then looks back down.

“Okay then, we’ll do Q&A,” Hercules offers.

“Were you with someone?” Alex asks. A nod.

“Is it someone we know?” Laff asks. A brief hesitation before a shake of the head.

“Okay… was it a boy?” Hercules aks. John shakes his head.

They all gasp. “It was a girl?” Alexander asks in disbelief.

“No, it was a poodle,” Laurens says sarcastically. “Yes, it was a girl.”

“Tell us. Tell us everything!” Lafayette leans closer.

John takes a long, deep breathe before saying, “See that girl over there? The only with the braided red hair? That’s her. Her name is Cora Bullock.”

“She’s cute,” Hercules says. “Did you find her or did she find you?”

“She found me. In third period, Mr. Castillo’s writing class, she handed me a note that said, I like turtles too. And then we told each other our names, and then the bell rang. She gave me a note that said to meet her at her locker, 394, after fourth period. So I did, and she asked me for my phone number.” Alex, Herc, and Laff are all hanging by a thread to find out more.

“So I gave it to her, and then I realised we had the same phone case. Then one of her friends called her, and she had to leave.” They all stare at him in amazement. Hamilton thinks of telling them about Eliza, but then decides to wait. His information isn’t this exciting.

“Well good for you Laurens!” Alex says with a grin.

Even though Hamilton decided not to talk about Eliza, the same did not apply to her. She tells her sister Angelica, who is a sophomore, “See that boy over there? The one in the green shirt and the pony tail? That’s him. That’s the boy. And he’s mine. But I wonder if he likes me…”

“Well, why don’t you go talk to him?”

“Are you insane!? What if he doesn’t like me back? It’s only the first day of school!”

“Fine then, I’ll go tell him.”

“You wouldn’t dare!”

“I would, and I will!” She gets up and heads over there.

“Angelica, wait!” She keeps walking. What’s she gonna do? She grabs him by the arm, and Eliza thinks, I’m through. Then he looks over at her and the butterflies come back.

Angelica lifts Hamilton up by the arm. “Where are you taking me?” he demands.

“I’m about to change your life,” she replies. Well that’s a dramatic statement. He looks over at his friends. Laurens gives him a thumbs up.

He turns to her and says, “Then by all means, lead the way.” She practically drags him over to a table. And of course, Eliza is there.

“Hi, I’m Elizabeth Schuyler, but everyone calls me Eliza. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Schuyler? As in Senate Seat holder Philip Schuyler?”

“Yep. She’s my sister,” Angelica says. “I’ll leave you two here.” She walks off.

“So… why exactly did your sister bring me over here? She must have had a motive.” He eyes her, wondering if she likes him.

She blushes and looks down. “I don’t know…” she lies. “Wait, are those light up Sketchers?”
“Yeah. Why, do you not like them?” Instead of saying it as a challenge, he says it as if he would throw them in the trash if she didn’t like them.

“No no, I think they’re cool. And it’s brave of you to wear them. You must gets lots of ridicule.”

“Yeah, but I can handle it.”

“Do you want to sit down?” They sit down at the table, and Alex catches a glimpse of his friends. They’re in deep conversation, and there is a pile of candy in the center of the table. And that means they’re making a bet. And he’s 99% sure what it’s about.

They’re quiet for a moment before Alex asks, “Can I have your phone number so we can talk after school?”

Her face glows with happiness when she enters her phone number. She does a tester text before saying, “I better go, I have to finish my lunch.” She walks off. When she does, he immediately changes her contact to “Cutie”. He then goes to his friends.

“So, what happened?” Hercules asks.

“I asked her for her phone number and she gave it to me. And she likes my shoes.”

“AH YEAH!” John whoops, pulling all of the candy toward him.

“I said you’d ask her out,” Laff says.

“I said she wouldn’t like you and she’d stomp off. But didn’t actually believe that.” Hercules states truthfully.

“Hey, could have some of that John?” Alex asks. “I mean, I was the one that made it come true.”

Laurens holds the pile to himself protectively and whispers, “My precious.” They finish the rest of their lunch just as the bell rings.

Alex and John head off to physics, hoping that Jefferson and Madison aren’t there. Thankfully, they’re not. They take seats next to each other. The teacher is a woman with frizzy, graying hair and black glasses.

When the bell rings, she says, “Welcome to physics. I’m Mrs. Frazzle. Today we will quickly we going over safety procedures, and you will have a quiz on it tomorrow.” A collective groan goes about the classroom. “Now now, don’t have that attitude about it. Besides, I made it multiple choice. But be warned that most of my tests are not.”

She drones on about safety procedures for most of the class. She finishes ten minutes before the bell rings. “Huh, that’s odd. Most of my other classes interrupted me a lot. You folks must be a good bunch. Well, you can chat quietly amongst yourselves until the bell rings.”

Immediately, everyone starts talking. Laurens takes a deep breathe before saying, “Alex, can I ask you something? But, please don’t tell Laff and Herc.”

Hamilton is intrigued, so he says, “Of course. Ask away.”

“Well, I have a feeling that Cora either likes me or will come to like me. So, my question is… what do I do if I don’t like her back?”

“Well, you just met her, so you probably wouldn’t have feelings for her-”

“Yeah, but, what if… what if she’s just not my type? Or… I like someone else?”

“Oh. Well, in that case, just make it obvious that you two are friends. But don’t bring up a relationship unless she does. If she doesn’t see anything from you, she won’t want to tell you how she feels. If she does feel anything.”

John smiles and says, “Thanks man. I needed that.”

Alex claps him on the back and says, “Hey, what are friends for?”

In Mrs. Church’s science class, Eliza is stuck sitting with Jefferson. She doesn’t know him that much, but he keeps asking her the same question whenever he gets the chance.

“What were you and Alexander talking about during lunch? Are you two dating?” She ignores the questions, but it’s starting to get annoying.

Toward the end of class, when he has asks her again, she hisses, “Why do you want to know, huh? Besides, if Alex wanted you to know, he would have told you himself.” That shut him up.

Eliza then realises that Maria is in the classroom, sitting alone. Which is odd, because there are other cheerleaders in this class.

Over and over again, Maria is telling herself, You will not become them. You will not become them. You will not become them. Don’t listen to your brother. You don’t have to become them. She is so stressed, she hasn’t been paying attention to her surroundings.

Mrs. Church is looming over her when she finally snaps out of it. “Maria! Seeing as you don’t care about safety, why don’t you write me a five paragraph essay on why students should pay attention in class, due tomorrow.”

Maria immediately objects, “No, Mrs. Church, I do care about safety-”

“Save your excuses. Unless you want to be sent to the principal’s office.”

“I’m sorry Mrs. Church. I’ll have the essay done by tomorrow.”

Eliza can’t help but feel bad for Maria. She was obviously deep in thought. But about what?

Lafayette and Hercules also hate the Vocabulary Workshop that Mr. Sherman has assigned. Earlier, during the book check, they both got extra credit because they headed Alexander’s advice and brought a book to school. Too bad the prize couldn’t have been ‘get out of today’s assignment’.

In Mr. Castillo’s writing class, Burr is perfectly content with writing a five paragraph essay. The topic he chose was “Homework Is Good!” Yeah, he won’t make a lot of friends with that one.

The girl sitting next to him, however, thinks otherwise.

“I think it’s a wonderful topic!” she says, looking at his computer screen. She has flowing brown hair and dark olive skin. She is wearing a yellow blouse and skinny jeans.

“Thanks Theodosia.” Aaron sorta has a crush on her, but he knows she has a boyfriend. He goes to a different high school, but she’s talked about him a lot. She is quite the chatterbox. So he’ll just have to wait for it. And he’s willing to wait for it.

He is suddenly struck with mourning. Both his parents died when he was young. He knows few things about them, other than his mother was a genius, and his father commanded respect. He now lives at the orphanage, a truly gloomy place. It’s no fair that Hamilton’s friends take care of him! But then again, he has friends.

He pushes the thought away and tries to focus on his essay. He wonders if he will ever have friends like Alexander’s.

Poor James is all alone in Mrs. Lloyd’s reading class. He is truly struggling with the Vocabulary Workshop, and he hopes that Jefferson can help him. I mean, he is in Honors Reading, so he must be able to understand it. If his teacher assigned the same thing.

The bell rings, and the Hamilsquad is headed for PE. Alex is the first to see Jefferson, Madison, and Burr all talking in the locker room. He points them out to the others, and they all stare at one another in disbelief. They quickly get ready before confronting Burr.

John is the first to find his voice. “Hey, Aaron, why were you talking to Thomas and James?”

“Oh, they just wanted a friendly conversation. They asked me a few questions about you, Alex.”

“And did you give them answers?” Hamilton asks.

“Of course.”

“You are the worst, Burr,” Lafayette tells him.

When they get into the gym, Coach Butler yells, “Alright boys! Give me fifty laps. Go!” Everyone starts running around the gym. The Hamilsquad tries to stay together, but they all run at different speeds, so they are soon lost among all the other people. At some point, Alex finds himself running alongside Charles Lee.

Charles says, “Hey shorty. Nice shoes you got there!”

Out of breathe, Hamilton replies, “Oh, you like them?”

“No, of course not.” He then speeds ahead so that Alexander can’t say anything else.

“Don’t listen to him mon amie. He’s just jealous that you can pull it off.”

“Thanks Laff.” They exchange a smile before Laff pulls ahead.

Finally, after a long time, they all cross the finish line.

“To the locker room everyone!” Mrs. Butler shouts. Everyone trudges toward their lockers. Alexander and Thomas are too exhausted to argue about anything.

In Ms. Fiona’s writing class, Eliza’s argument is “Physical Education Should Be Mandatory”. Even though she doesn’t like PE, exercise is good for you. But she’s having trouble gathering information because the group of girls surrounding her won’t leave her alone.

From behind, Ava whispers in her ear, “You seriously defended a cheerleader? I mean, come on. She probably hates your guts.”

Veronica, on Eliza’s right, murmurs, “Are you a cheerleader too? I mean, we saw you flirting with that guy, whatever his name was.”

“I wasn’t flirting,” Eliza says through clenched teeth.

“Ah huh. Just keep telling yourself that,” Ava snickers, they falls silent when Mr. Castillo walks by.

“Focus on your work, ladies,” he says before moving on.

The bell rings, and everyone gets out of their seats. Eliza takes her time, and notices that Julissa does the same. When her friends are out of earshot, she says, “I’m sorry about them.” She then hurries off, leaving Eliza to wonder why she hangs out with such a mean group of girls.

In Algebra with Mr. Ford, the seating is the same as history, except for the fact that Lee isn’t there. When Maria sits down behind Alexander, Eliza gives her a small smile. She smiles back. Cora comes in and takes the seat behind John.

It’s kind of ironic that everyone just happens to be in the same period two times a day, Alex thinks. It’s like we’re in a book or something. Or maybe the gods want as all to be here for some dramatic battle in the future. Or something.

Mr. Ford starts by handing out the math books. It’s around 300 pages, and that’s just Part one. Part two is about the same, maybe a little less. Once everyone has their books, they start the first lesson. Of the four of them, Lafayette was always the best at math. He wasn’t good enough to get into honors, but at least he understands the material. Eliza and Jefferson are the same way.

Even if Alexander knew it at the time, he would never admit that Thomas is better than him at math. Or anything, for that matter; he’s too full of pride.

Finally, the bell rings, indicating the end of school. Everyone jumps out of their seats and heads outside. John’s mom is picking them up today; however, tomorrow, they will all be taking the bus to and from their homes. But the day’s not over yet.

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