Hamilton Meets High School, Ch11

Alright, here are chapters 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ! I felt a little bit bad for the past two chapters, so here is a happy one. And in the next chapter, we’ll meet a new character! 😀


Alex is the first to wake up. The first thing he notices it that he’s wrapped in a blanket, and he can hardly move. Next, he sees that John is sleep, still holding him. It must be uncomfortable to sleep that way.

As Alex tries to untangle himself, he ends up waking up John. Well, he would have woken up eventually, seeing as it’s a school day.

John opens one eye and murmurs, “Morning Alex.” Then he realises that he’s still holding on to Alex. He lets go and clambers off his bed. That was odd… Alex thinks, finally getting the blanket off of himself.

He goes to the bathroom to get dressed before heading downstairs. He’s about to make himself a cup of coffee when he realises it’s no longer there. John is coming down the stairs, so Alex asks him, “Where is the coffee machine?”

“Oh, I hid it,” John says. “But I’ll get it out.” He pulls it off a high shelf (that Alex barely wouldn’t be able to reach) and sets it on the counter. “There you go.”

“Thanks,” Alex says, starting to make his coffee.

John takes out his phone and sees it has been bombarded with texts. How did that not wake him up? They’re all from Laff and Herc, and he smiles as he reads them.

“What are you smiling about?” Alex asks.

John turns a little red. “Oh, um, nothing.”

Alexander takes a sip of his coffee. “Mmhmm.”

John rolls his eyes and replies to his friends’ texts. He then makes himself some breakfast.

When John gets to his locker, more notes fall out. Alex sees them. “What are those?” he asks.

John quickly picks them up. “Nothing, they’re nothing.” As he goes to throw them away, Alex grabs one of them. He reads it.

He looks up at John, stunned. Oh no John thinks. Alexander’s face hardens. He looks back at the note and crumples it up. He growls, “If I see anyone else placing notes in your locker they will pay.”

During social studies, snickering can be heard behind them. Alex whips around, trying to find the culprit.

Charles Lee.

If looks could kill, Lee would be a bloody mess right now. But despite Alexander’s glare, he continues to whisper horrible things about John to his friends.

A voice was whispering to him. He was hanging out near a corner, trying to blend in with the crowd. He hadn’t yet had too many drinks. This particular corner was dark, so Alex couldn’t make out the voice. “I like you,” it whispered. Alex couldn’t tell if the voice was male or female, and it was too dark to make out who it was.

Alex blinks at the sudden memory. Who whispered that? Was it the girl from his other flashbacks?

But that’s not what he needs to focus on right now. He needs to focus on how to get back at Charles. He slowly turns back around in his seat, flaming with anger. Seriously, can someone get a fire extinguisher or something? Don’t touch him he’s too hot.

“Alex, chill. Don’t hurt him, I’ve already done that,” John murmurs.

Hamilton tries, he really, REALLY tries, but he just can’t.

During lunch, he sits with his friends. Thomas passes him and says, “I knew it wouldn’t last too long,” referring to him not liking his friends. This makes Alex angry. And it’s as if he doesn’t have enough to be mad about. Especially when Charles comes over to John’s house that night.

Alex is tense the whole time, and just can’t think straight. “Mon ami, are you okay?” Laff asks.

Alex just walks inside. His friends look at each other, confused. They hear a very loud shout, and a moment later he emerges, looking a little calmer.

“What was all that about?” Charles asks.

It takes all of Alexander’s willpower not to tackle him. “Let’s just get back to the script,” he says. It felt good to punch a pillow, but he wished it was Lee’s face instead.

Everything is going fine until Lee says something that is the last straw. “So John, kiss Maria lately?”

Alex lunges at Charles, making him fall to the ground. “AlexaNDER NO!!!” John shouts. When Alex pulls pack his fist to punch Lee, Lafayette grabs him from behind and lifts him off the ground. Like, picked him up like a rag doll king of thing.

Alex thrashed and tried to get at Charles, but it was no use; Laff was too strong. “Alexander, calme-toi! Il le mérite mais NON!” he shouts in French.

“Let me beat him up!” Alex screams.

Charles gets to his feet. “I’ll just go. I know we’ll do well on Wednesday!” he says before dashing out the door. Lafayette sets Alex down a few minutes later.

“Maintenant calme toi mon petit lion,” Laff soothes.

Alex huffs and crosses his arms. John walks over and places a hand on his shoulder. “He’s not worth the energy,” he says.

This makes Alex relax. Laff looks over at John and thinks he’s honestly the Alex-whisperer. No one else I know could do that.


On Wednesday, everyone is excited yet worried about their projects. Eliza is worried that her group will fail, since none of them wanted to do a lot of work. Alex is worried that Charles will screw everything up.

“All right everyone, settle down, settle down. Today, you will be presenting your projects. The first group up will be Alexander’s!” Everyone claps as they make their way up to the front.

When they’re done, everyone claps. They did a wonderful job. Next is Eliza’s group. It ends up going pretty good, but Maria has to look at her notes more often than not. Typical.

Everyone is relatively satisfied with how they did. Alex and his friends leave, feeling relieved. “Finally, Lee won’t have to come over to our houses anymore!” Hercules says excitedly.

During debate club, Alex gets partnered with Burr. They have a heated argument, and Alexander ends up winning. Will anyone ever be able to stop him?


Alexander’s alarm goes off at 11:50 in the middle of the night. He sits up, already dressed in dark clothes. He picks up the bag and swings it over his shoulder. John is awake too, and he puts a black cap over his head. Since they didn’t own any black clothes, they had to borrow some of John’s dad’s clothes, so they’re way too big on both of them.

They head out at 11:55, meeting up with Hercules at 11:57. He swing open the front door. They made sure Laff’s mom left it unlocked. They tiptoed up the stairs. At exactly 12:00, Alex and John pounced on Lafayette while Hercules flipped on the lights.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!” they all shout.

Laff sits bolt upright, his American flag eye mask still over his eyes.

“Qui est là?” he shouts in French.

“Happy birthday Laff!” Herc shouts, jumping on the bed.

Lafayette pulls the eyes mask off. “What the heck guys? It’s midnight!”

“We brought you your presents!” John says. This changes Laff’s opinion.

“Thanks guys!” he says as Alex pulls the presents out of the bag. He grabs the big one that says Open First. Inside he finds french vanilla ice cream, french fries, croissants, baguettes, and french toast. “Mes amies!” Laff cries.

His friends burst out laughing. “Don’t worry, we got you real presents too!” Alex gasps through laughter.

He pushes the rest of the gifts toward him.

When he’s done, and he says his thank yous, he asks, “Can I go back to sleep now?” They nod and leave him be.


Lafayette has a wonderful birthday. And it gets even better when they all go to his house to do some more celebrations.

Laff opens the door, all of them laughing at a joke he just made. Standing in the hallway is a man in an army suit, his back turned to them. His once puffy, afro hair is now a buzz cut hidden underneath an army cap. He has the air of a man in charge, but Laff knows better.

Lafayette stands there, stunned. His backpack drops from his shoulder. The man turns around, and for the first time in nearly a year, he sees his father again.

“Lafayette…” his father says, tears beginning to fill his eyes. Laff rushes over to his father, his own tears streaming down his face. He’s as tall as him now, where as a year ago he was three inches shorter.

“You’ve gotten so big,” his father murmurs.

“You learned English?” Laff asked his father.

He nods, still not letting go of his son. “A requirement.”

Lafayette hugs him tighter. “I missed you so much.”

“I missed you too. Happy birthday.”

Laff’s friends watch the scene unfold, all of them happy. This is probably the best gift he’s ever gotten.

His mom walks into the room and joins their hug. They holds each other for what seems like forever, saying various things to one another in French. Finally, Lafayette pulls away. “How were you able to leave?”

“It doesn’t matter. All that matters is that I’m here to see my son turn fifteen.”

Lafayette smiles. “How long are you allowed to stay?”

“I leave Sunday morning.” Lafayette pulls his father into another embrace.

Laff’s dad finally looks behind his son to see his friends. “I see you brought your friends,” he says.

“Oh, I forgot to introduce them. You might remember them, but if you didn’t, this is Alex, John, and Hercules.” They all wave as they are mentioned.

“Hello boys. I remember you all like it was yesterday. I see John is still in love with turtles. And Hercules, you still have your beanie. But Alex, you seem different, but I can’t quite put my finger on what…”

Alexander shrugs. “It’s probably the lack of sleep.”

Laff’s dad grins. Despite the army beating him down and building him back up to be as solid as stone, he still is the same father he always was. “No, that’s not it… I’ll have to sleep on it.”

Meanwhile, Jefferson is putting another one of his plans into action. He has his hair pulled up in a ponytail, and he’s wearing a navy hoodie with slightly faded jeans. Plus, he’s been practising his French accent.

He knocks on John’s door. It’s answered by a little five year old. “Hi Laff!” he says. “What are you doing here? Where is everyone else? Oh, and happy birthday!”

Thomas didn’t know it was Lafayette’s birthday. “Thanks. I’m just here to grab something for John.” The little kid lets him in.

He goes up the stairs and immediately finds John’s room. It’s the one with turtle posters on it. He checks the other rooms, but they look like they’re both for little kids. Maybe Alex is sleeping with John?

He looks in John’s room, and sure enough, Alexander’s stuff is there. He goes into the closet, and for who knows why, he takes all of Alex’s clothes and replaces them with pink, girly stuff. Now he’s be forced to where it to school!

Honestly, how stupid is Thomas? Alex can just wear some of John’s clothes.

Anyway, he shoves his clothes into the backpack and heads back outside. He walks a little ways down the road before getting into his Corvette and driving home. This should be fun.

John, Alex, and Herc stay for cake and presents before heading home. Lafayette will probably want to spend every waking moment with his father, so it might just be the three of them for a while.

When Alex walks into his room, at first he doesn’t notice anything is wrong; however, when he goes into the closet later that day to find his secret box, he notices the clothes.

“JOHN!” he shouts. John comes thundering up the stairs as if he’s being chased by a killer. He rushes into his room, disheveled.

“Alex! What’s wrong?” Alex points to the closet. “Oh, I thought you were hurt or something.” He then takes a closer look at the clothes. “What the heck? Who could have done this?”

“Jefferson,” Alex murmurs before going into the loft. John’s little brothers are playing there, and they look up when he comes in.

“Did either of you let someone inside earlier today?”

Henry says, “Laff came by and said he needed to pick something up for John. But other than that, no.”

Alexander facepalms himself. “That wasn’t Laff, it was Jefferson!” he murmurs before storming off to his room.

John finds him laying on the bed, arms crossed, staring at the ceiling. “Now what am I going to wear to school tomorrow?”

Looks like Jefferson and Hamilton think the same way.

“You know you can just borrow some of my clothes, right?” John remarks. Alex glances over at him. When he looks away, John starts to turn slightly pink.

“Huh. I didn’t think of that.”


The next day, Alex looks at John’s wardrobe, trying to decide what to wear. Most of John’s stuff have turtles on it, and Alex doesn’t wear turtle shirts. They’re just not his style. He finally finds a green hoodie (that is plain thank goodness) that is a little too big for him. Well, that means he can hit people with the sleeves.

He then looks to his pants. After some trial and error, he finally finds a pair of jeans that are only slightly too big. But he still has to wear a belt. He comes out and heads downstairs for breakfast.

John is making scrambled eggs, and he accidently drops the spatula into the eggs when Alex comes down the stairs. He picks it up and murmurs, “I’m such a klutz.”

Alex smiles and makes himself coffee. The hoodie starts to slip down his shoulder, and he adjusts it. Then the sleeves begin to creep past his wrists. He folds them and hopes that they stay still.

John lets out a quiet snort. “What are you laughing at?” Alex asks.

“Nothing…” he replies, guilt in his voice.

“Are you laughing my my hoodie struggles? It’s not my fault Jefferson took all my clothes.” John gives him a look. “Don’t respond to that,” he says, knowing that his friend is thinking that it is a little bit his fault.

John chuckles and plates his eggs. Alex grabs his coffee and sits down at the table. “Alex, you gotta eat something.”

“I’ll be fine.”

“No, you WON’T. Here, eat some eggs.” He pushes the plate toward Alex.

“I said I’ll be fine!”


“Okay, okay!” That tone always gets Alex to do things. He takes some of John’s eggs and begins to eat. When in doubt, John will help you. He is such a Hufflepuff. Yes, Alex has read Harry Potter, thank you very much. What doesn’t he read?

They go to the bus stop, and Alex explains the clothing situation to them. Lafayette and Hercules give John a look that Alexander can’t decipher, and John’s look says, ‘Yes of course, duh.’

What? Is all Alexander thinks before Jefferson’s voice rings out from inside the bus.

“OH COME ON!!” They climb aboard to see a flaming Thomas. James is trying to calm him down, but to no avail.

“You were supposed to wear the pink clothes,” he murmurs to Alex as they walk by. Hamilton just smiles, fixing his pants that are trying to slip down.

They all sit in their usual spots, and Jefferson stares daggers at his arch nemesis. He ignores him and instead looks out the window, thinking.

His thoughts wander, and he is suddenly feeling sonder. He looks around the bus, realizing that every single person has a life as intense and complex as his own, and that scares him a little. He shakes his head, clearing the thought, and goes back to looking out the window.

When they get to school, and John opens his locker, more notes fall out. Alex is pushed over the edge.

“Alright, THAT’S IT!!” He grabs all of the letters. “I going to figure out who’s handwriting this is, and they will PAY!”

“Alex, please don’t!”

“Why not? They’re making fun of you, so they deserve to get at LEAST a talking to!”

“Alex, you’re ‘talking to’ conversations last at least fifteen minutes, and that was when you were in a hurry!”

Alexander is silent for a moment. He opens his mouth to say something, but thinks better of it. “Okay. Now throw those letters away, Alexander.”

“I will if you don’t call me Alexander.”

“Okay Alexander.”

Alex glares at him, but throws them away all the same. John smiles, but not just because his friend listened to him.

As Hamilton stands up, he notices this. “What?” he asks, confused.

“Oh, nothing. Now come on, we’ll be late for class.”

After school that day, Lafayette hangs out with his dad, so it’s just Hercules, John, and Alexander.

And then there were two.

Hercules decided to go to fabric store to get some materials for a new project he is doing. So it’s just John and Alex, hanging out in their room. John is laying down and has his turtle, Shelby, on his stomach.

Out of the blue, he says, “You should try holding Shelby again.”

Alex looks up from his computer. “What, no! Last time I tried, she bit me!”

“She doesn’t do that to me!”

“Because you’re the one that feeds her.”

“Then you feed her, and then hold her.”

“John, I don’t think that’s a good idea-”

“Please?” John does his patented puppy dog eyes, and Alex has never been able to say no to that before. Besides, he’s feeling a bit more… generous than usual today, for some reason.

“Fine.” He grabs some lettice and feeds it to her.

“Okay, now carefully pick her up.” Alex obeys. “Hey, look, she’s not biting you!” Not two seconds later, she bites his pointer finger.

“AHH!!” he almost drops her, but John puts his hands under her and takes Shelby from him. “I told you!’ he shouts as he sucks on his thumb.

“It was worth a shot. Come on, let’s bandage that.” He places Shelby in her tank, and they go to the bathroom. Alexander’s finger is bleeding a little bit, and John takes out the bandages.

“I can do it,” Alex offers.

“No, no, I’ll do it.” John opens a bandage and places it on his finger. No matter how much he tries, John always insists on fixing up Alexander when he’s hurt. It doesn’t make sense. But it will make sense, in time.

“Thanks John.”

“No problem.” His phone buzzes, and he looks down. His face turns a little red.

“What?” Alex asks.

“Herc, saying he thinks I’d look good in pink.” He laughs, and Alex laughs with him. They go back to their room, and John takes Shelby back out of her tank.

About five minutes later, someone bursts through the door. “HERCULES MULLIGAN!”

Alexander nearly falls out of his chair, and John gives a start. “You gotta stop doing that Herc!” John scolds.

“Never!” he replies happily.

“You’re such a child,”Alex murmurs, going back to his book.

“I know,” Herc says, sitting down in John’s desk chair. “So, what have you two been doing while was gone?”

“Not much,” Hamilton replies shortly,trying to read his book,which is hard to do with all of these interruptions. “Did you find what you were looking for?”

“Sure did!” Hercules responds. “And since tomorrow is the weekend, I’ll have time to work on my project!”

“What is your project?” John asks.

From downstairs, John’s mom calls out, “Dinner!” They go downstairs, and Hercules goes back to his house, leaving the question unanswered.


Sunday morning comes all too soon for Lafayette. His friends are there with him for support when they drop off his dad at the airport. They wave goodbye, and as soon as he’s out of sight, Lafayette begins to tear up. His friends comfort him to the best of their ability, but only Alexander can really connect with him.

Seeing as Alex’s dad left him at age ten, he knows what it feels like to say goodbye, not knowing if you will ever see them again. They drive back to Laff’s house, and he comforts his French friend.


“You okay Eliza?”

Eliza is in her seventh period, Ms. Fiona’s class, and she was thinking about her date with Alex over the weekend, and she spaced out a little bit.

“Hm? Oh, yeah, just spaced out a little bit there. Nothing to worry about, Philip.”

Philip was a sweet kid, a little short for his age. He had curly brown hair that goes down to his shoulders, not unlike John’s. Now that she thinks about it, they both look kind of similar. Same hair, same freckles, but different personalities. And Philip is only 5’ 5”, whereas John is 5’ 8”.

“Are you sure?” he asks, concerned.

“Trust me, I’m fine.”

“Alright…” he replies, looking back to the teacher.

The Hamilsquad is on their way to Algebra when John gets thrown into a rather… awkward situation, so to say.

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