Hamilton Meets High School, Ch12

Here are chapters 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 in case you missed them. I have been writing NON-STOP (see what I did there) lately, so I will be able to publish another one very soon. Here, we meet some new characters! 😀  Oh, and enjoy the happiness while it lasts. The end of chapter 13 and beginning of chapter 14 are… well, let’s just start with this chapter!

PS- The fourth wall gets broken.


As they’re walking in the hallway, the person next to John trips. In a moment of instinct, he grabs her to stop her fall, and the way he catches her turns into a sort of swoon.

Some random person in the hallway, which turns out to be Jefferson, shouts, “When’s the wedding?”

Feeling awkward, he helps her stand up properly, and he notices she’s about two inches shorter than him. He then gets a good look at her. She has dirty blonde hair that goes about an inch or two past her shoulders. She has faded freckles lining her cheeks and nose, right under her cobalt blue eyes that shine with intelligence. These eyes are framed by light pink glasses that have faded blue on the top. She’s wearing a Harry Potter shirt and dark skinny jeans. Her ID says she’s a freshman, just like him.

“Oh, I’m so sorry!” she exclaims. “I sort of tripped over my own feet. It’s these new shoes, they’re throwing me off balance.” John looks down at her shoes to see brand new looking, navy blue Converse-looking shoes.

“It’s alright!” he replies. He then adds, “I’m John, John Laurens.”

Instead of getting criticism like he expected, she replies, “Oh, I thought I recognized you from somewhere! Don’t worry, I don’t believe a thing that article said.”

“You don’t?” John asks.

“I don’t.” She smiles and adds, “I’m Kassandra Bullock, but everyone calls me Kassie.”

“Nice to meet you Kassie! Wait a second, by any chance are you related to Cora Bullock?”

“I am. She’s my twin sister. So you’re the John that she keeps talking about! She’s really happy to know someone that likes turtles as much as she does.”

From behind them, Lafayette says, “Mon ami, come on, we’re going to be late!” As if on cue, the warning bell rings.

“I better get to Geometry 1-2. See you around John!” She then rushes off to class.

As they’re sitting in Algebra, working on homework and talking quietly among themselves, Alex leans over and whispers, “Did she say Geometry? Is she a sophomore?”

“No, she’s a freshman,” he whispers back.

“Ooh, she’s a smart girl!” Alexander replies.

Hearing their conversation, despite their whispers, Thomas turns around and asks, “Like I said earlier, when’s the wedding?”

“Thomas, I just met her!” John retorts.

“Okay, so a few years, I’ll wait.” He smirks and goes back to doing his work. John is flaming red.

For the first time in, well, a couple weeks, Alex has to calm down John. “He’s just trying to push your buttons. Ignore him.”

John takes a deep breath and continues working.


The next day, John tries to see if Kassie is in any of his classes, but after his first three periods, he has no luck; however, Alex did see her in his honors writing class, sitting near the front of the room.

After third period, on their way to French, Alexander tells John this. “Do you think she’s in all honors classes?” he asks.

“Probably,” Alex replies.

When they walk into French, John sees that Kassie sits right behind Eliza, which means she’s also right next to Jefferson. He feels so bad for her.

While they’re taking notes, Jefferson leans over to Kassie and whispers something. John couldn’t hear what he said, but when he glanced back at her, she looked a little bit mad. He goes back to writing notes, wondering what Thomas had said.

During lunch, John spots Kassie. She’s one of the people at the ‘Weird Table’, although he never called it that. The people there are two boys named Simon and Zach, and the three other girls are Jordan, Lilly and Cora. The kid named Simon says something, and Kassie playfully hits him on the arm, mock anger on her face.

He sits down with his friends. As soon as he pulls out his lunch, Hercules demands, “Spill.”

He looks at him weirdly. “What do you mean?”

“Tell us about her!” Lafayette insists.


“Kassie!” they say together.

He glances over at Alex, hoping he will talk some sense into them. He justs shrugs. “What is there to talk about?” John asks.

“Well, tell us about her!” Herc exclaims.

“Um, I don’t know why you want to know this, but she’s in Geometry 1-2, and she’s in Alexander’s honors writing class. I think she’s in all honors.” He begins to sound more excited as he goes on. “Oh, and I think she likes Harry Potter, since she was wearing a Harry Potter shirt yesterday. And… that’s all I know. But why do you want to know so bad?”

Lafayette and Hercules exchange a look. “What?” John asks. He looks to Alex, who shrugs again.

“Oh, nothing,” Laff says, taking a sip of his apple juice. Yes, apple juice. Don’t judge him.

John just shakes his head and goes back to eating. His friends can be a little weird sometimes.


The next day, during French, Kassie leans over Jefferson’s desk and reaches a hand out to tap John on the shoulder. He turns around and she asks, “Can I have a pencil? Mine just broke.” He nods and reaches into his backpack to grab one of his spare pencils.

Jefferson looks at Kassie and remarks, “You could have just asked me, you know.”

“Yeah, but you’re rude. You probably would have said no.”

“I would not have!”

She gives him a Yeah right look just as John gives her a pencil. She thanks him and sits back in her seat. Thomas just glares at her as she writes something down. He takes out his own pencil and scribbles something on a sticky note before handing it to her with a smile.

She takes it skeptically and looks at it. John watches, trying not to be too obvious, wondering what he wrote down. She smiles mischievously, but Thomas mistakens the smile for something else. He winks at her, and she just rolls her eyes.

On their way to lunch, he catches up to her and asks, “What was that mischievous smile about?”

She looks at him and then looks at the ground, a little bit of pink on her face. “Oh, you saw that…”

“So, what was it about?”

She just waves it off. “It was nothing. You’ll probably hear him yelling about it tomorrow.”

“Yelling?” he asks, confused.

She looks up at him, a mysterious smile on her face. She sings, “Just you wait, just you wait.”

Wondering why she sang the words, he looks at her oddly. She then sees one of her friends, and runs over to them.

Alex catches up to him and asks, “What was all that?”

“Oh, I was asking her about something I overheard during French.”

“And what was that?”

John was about to answer when he heard Kassie yell, “No, I don’t!” He looked over at her and saw she was with that kid named Simon. It might just be his imagination, but the part of her face that he can see looked pink.

“Yes you do!” he replied. “You’re pink!”

She looks behind her and sees John looking over at them, curiosity on his face. His suspicions were correct; her face is bright pink. She begins to turn red as she turns around.

“And what was that about?” Herc asks.

John explains his conversation with Kassie, and also what he overheard. By then, they’re sitting at their table.

“Oh, I think I know what they were talking about,” Laff says, glancing over at Kassie and her friends.

“What were they talking about?” John asks innocently. Ha, and he calls Lexi oblivious. Well, I guess they both are, which is why they are perfect for one another.

Herc looks over at John and says, “John, can’t you see? Based on what they said and the way they were acting, Simon was saying-”

Herc is interrupted by Laff, “John, she likes you.”

He looks at them, bewildered. “Wha… what?”

John looks at Alexander, who says, “That’s not a bad theory.”

Hercules reassures John by remarking, “Well, you just met, so it’s probably just a small crush.”

“Herc, Cora told me she had a crush on me the first week of school,” John points out.

Laff smiles and says, “Well, looks like you and I have the same problem. Girls just… fall for us at first sight.”

“Oh, I see what you did there!” John accuses.

“Wait, someone likes you?” Alex inquires, leaning in toward his friend.

Lafayette turns scarlett. “Oups, j’ai trop dit!”

John and Herc look at Alex, expecting a translation. “He said, ‘Oops, I said too much!’” He then turns to Laff. “Who is it? What is her name? What classes do you have with her?”

“Um…” he looks away. “Well… her name is Holly Jackson…”

“Tell us about her!” Hercules demands.

“Well, I’m not sure if she likes me, but I have a suspicion.” You can hear the smile in his voice as he continues, “She has auburn brown hair that she always keeps in a french braid- yes, a french braid- and she has jade green eyes that sparkle when she talks about something she loves… She wears flannels, usually one with red somewhere in it, skinny jeans, and black boots. She’s about 5’ 6”, and to mess around with her I’ll sometimes rest my arm on her head.

“She has the prettiest smile. It just lights up her face, and she seems to smile a lot around me. She’ll sometimes make the best jokes, and when she does, it’s while the teacher is speaking, and it takes all of my strength not to laugh really loud during class. Yeah, I’ve failed a few times, let’s just say that. And just…” He finally seems to realize that he’s talking to his friends. He turns a deep red.

Sarcastically, Hercules says, “Well, this might just be a hunch, but I think Lafayette has a crush!” If this is even possible, he turns a deeper red.

“Do you know if she likes you back?” John asks.

“Well, you see, that’s where I’m stumped. It’s really, really hard to tell. It’s a little ironic that I come from France, the place of love, and I have no clue how to tell if a girl likes me.” He turns to Alex, who seems to have the most experience with that kind of stuff. “Any ideas?”

Alex thinks for a moment before asking him a series of questions.

“Does she seem to smile a lot around you?”

“Yeah, but she’s an all round happy person.”

“Does she avert your gaze when you catch her looking at you?”

“Oui oui.”

“Does she lick her lips a lot?”

“Yeah, actually, she does. I’ve even seen her put on chapstick, but she still does it around me…”

“In any way, shape, or form, has she hinted that she’s single?”

“Um, a little bit, now that I think about it…”

“Alright, last question: does she seem to confide in you?”

He thinks for a moment. “Huh, yeah, she kinda does.”

Alexander grins from ear to ear. “Yeah, she likes you. But I’ll need to see her in action to be sure. What classes do you have together?”

“Only Mr. Sherman’s reading, sixth period, which is right after lunch. Only Herc is in that class with me.”

“Oh, so that’s the girl you always talk to! We have assigned seating, so we don’t sit together,” Herc explains.

“Yeah. I’ll point her out to you guys later.”

Just then, the bell rings, and they all head inside for their sixth period. As they’re walking down the hall, Lafayette nudges his friends and nods toward a girl by her locker, talking to her friends.

“Hey Holly!” Laff says, waving at her. She turns around and smiles when she sees him.

“Hey Laff!” she replies. Then she looks at the rest of them. “Oh, I haven’t met your friends yet!”

Lafayette walks over to her. Alex, John, and Herc are able to get a good look at her now, and they can see why their friend would like her. “This is Alexander Hamilton, John Laurens, and-”

He’s cut off by Herc yelling (quieter than usual), “Hercules Mulligan!”

She smiles. “It’s nice to meet all of you. See you soon french fry!”

“Shorty!” he calls to her. He then turns to his friends. “So what do you think?”

Alex raises his eyebrows. “She calls you Laff, and she has a nickname for you. I’m pretty sure she likes you.”

Lafayette’s smile could be seen for miles. He lets out a whoop before practically skipping to his next class with her. John cuckles and heads to science with Alex. “He really likes her, doesn’t he?” he asks.

“He sure does. And when he asks her out, I’m going to make sure we use rose petals, just like you guys did for me.”

“Sounds like a plan!”

During Lafayette and Hercules’s reading class, Herc is eavesdropping on their conversation. He is a master spy, after all.

“Your friends seem really nice,” Holly remarks, working on her classwork. “How did you guys meet?”

“Seventh grade, John, Herc and I had been friends since sixth grade, when I first moved to America, John moved here from South Carolina, and Herc came from Ireland. Alex was a new kid, having just moved here from an island in the Caribbean. Everyone wanted to be his friend, because they thought he was cool.

“But he didn’t want to be friends with just anybody. He could have taken all of the attention, but he chose to be friends with us. I still don’t know what exactly drew him to us, but I’m grateful for that. Maybe it was the fact the Herc and I were also immigrants? Who knows. We’ve been best friends ever since.”

She thinks for a moment. “Huh. Your friendship story is definitely more interesting than mine. My friend Annika complimented my hair, and I just kind of joined her friend group. Nothing special.”

Laff smiles, something coming to his mind. He was always a flirtatious kind. He murmurs, “Unlike you.”

She looks up at him. “Did you say something?”

After a moment hesitation, he replies, “Yes.”

“So what’d you say?”

“I said, ‘contrairement à vous’, implying that tu es spécial.’” He thought she wouldn’t know French, but she is blushing a little bit. “Vous comprenez le français?”

“Un petit peu,” she answers.

It’s Lafayette’s turn to turn a little pink. The bell rings, signaling the end of class. He grabs his stuff and heads out the door.

“Oh, Laff, wait!” He turns around, and Holly hands him a folded piece of paper. “Okay bye!” she says, rushing off to her next class.

As he heads to PE, he looks at the note. It has her name and a phone number on it. With an extra spring in his step, he heads off to PE. He decides to wait until later today to tell them about the note.

The PE coach shouts, “Alright, today we will be doing dodgeball! I already have the team captains picked. Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton, step forward and pick your teams.”

Thomas smirks as he walks up to the coach, a plan forming in his head. What if he makes Alexander’s friends on his team? But then he realises that they would just sabotage him. They are told to shake hands, and Alex says, “I’ll make you a deal. If I win, you give me my clothes back.”

Thomas replies, “And if I win, you have to wear one of the pink dresses to school tomorrow.”

“Deal,” Alexander replies. He gets first pick for teammates, she he says, “John!”

Jefferson shouts, “James!”




“Aaron!” Alex glares at Thomas as Burr walks over to him.

Hamilton goes on, “Philip!”

They keep going back and forth until everyone is chosen. Then they huddle together for a group meeting.

“Alright everyone, settle down, settle down.” They turn quiet.

“The plan is simple. Avoid getting hit, and throw dodgeballs as hard as you can. I know that Thomas will have people aiming for me, Hercules, Lafayette, and John, so hit them when they least expect it. The weakness is when they have just thrown a ball. Hit them then. Are you ready?” They all nod.

Meanwhile, Thomas is lecturing his group. “Alright everyone, here is what I want you to do. Aim for Alexander, Hercules, John, and Lafayette. They are the heads of the group. Also, don’t get hit by dodgeballs. A lot is riding on this. Are you ready?” They all nod.

Everyone grabs a ball, and the coach blows a whistle. Balls are thrown like crazy. A few of the weaker links on each side go down, and have to sit on the bench. While he’s picking up a ball, Aaron gets hit in the back. That’s one down. James goes into a coughing fit, and five balls hit him at once.

Hercules and Lafayette are working together. One throws a ball while the other grabs another one from behind. It’s a pretty good system, but it’s not enough. Hercules gets hit first, then Lafayette. They both go sit on the benches.

Only two people remain on each team remain. Charles and Thomas, and Alexander and Philip. In a moment of chaos, Philip and Charles both get hit. Now it’s just down to the leaders.

“Those small arms of yours won’t get you anywhere!” Thomas taunts.

“But your hair keeps getting in your face! At least I was smart enough to put my hair up!” Alex throws a ball at his opponent, who dodges it.

“Is that the best you got? Ha! You’re so pathetic!” He throws a ball, and Alex tries to dodge it, but he’s too slow. It hits him square in the chest.

“I WON!” Thomas yells triumphantly.

“You think?” John yells, emerging from his hiding spot, a ball in his hand. Jefferson’s eyes widen as the ball is thrown at him. It hits him right in the sensitive spot. He doubles over in pain.

“We won!” John shouts to his fellow teammates.

“We won!” Lafayette and Hercules reply.

“We won!” Alex exclaims.

“WE WON!” everyone yells at once.

“The world turned upside down,” John murmurs, walking over to his friends.

“I thought you got hit!” Alex exclaims, rushing over to him.

“Nope! I decided to hide just in case this type of situation happened. And look at us!”

Alexander smiles and then says, “Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go talk to Jefferson. He owes me the clothes he stole.” He walks away, leaving behind all three of his confused friends. He marches over and demands, “Give me back my clothes.”

Thomas looks at him with an odd expression on his face. “You do realise that I don’t have them with me at the moment, right?”

“Alright then. John’s house, four o’clock, ALL of my clothes. And I’ll give back the pink stuff you left me.”

He rolls his eyes. “Fine.” He then walks over to James, probably to rant about what just happened. Alex hears him murmur, “I really wanted to see him wear a pink dress to school.”

At the end of the day, Alexander waits (somewhat) patiently for Thomas to arrive. Probably just to annoy him, he rings the doorbell at 4:01, having waited in his car for a whole minute. They trade clothes, and his only introduction is saying, “Hamilton.”

“Jefferson,” Alex replies before slamming the door on his face. He locks it for good measure, and watches as Thomas storms off to the car that he is too young to drive.

The next day, just as promised, John can hear Thomas yelling in the hallway. “FOR THE LAST TIME, THAT PRANK WAS NOT FUNNY!!” he yells at Kassie. She flinches, but keeps laughing. He stomps off, flaming with anger.

Hercules’s birthday is coming up, so over the weekend, Lafayette, John, and Alexander go to the store to get him gifts. They start off by getting various threads and fabrics that he’s been saying he wants. Then they get chocolate coins, a plastic black pot, and fake four leaf clovers. He’s from Ireland; of course they’re going to do a pot of gold for him, just like they did French stuff for Lafayette.

“Seriously, how have we never thought of this before?” Alex asks.

“The author needed something fun for us to do,” John says.

“What author?” Laff asks.

“I’m being sarcastic. There is no author to our story. Just us living life, making our own decisions.”

“Dang that’s deep!” Alex exclaims.

John shrugs. “I try.”


On September 25th, Herc’s birthday, at midnight, his friends sneak over to his house to scare him. But when they crept into his room, he wasn’t there. They looked at one another, confused.

From behind, someone yells, “HERCULES MULLIGAN!!!”

Laff jumps back and trips over something on the ground, making him fall down hard. Alex jumps up and back, which happens to be toward John. He catches him momentarily before they both fall into a heap on the ground.

Herc is on his knees, laughing his head off. It seems like he can hardly breathe. “Your faces!” he wheezes, looking at his friends.

Laff is the first to get up. “That hurt,” he murmurs.

Alex scrambles to his feet, apologizing, “Sorry about that John!”

He stands up, wincing slightly. “It’s alright. You can’t help it that somebody decided to scare us!” He glares at Herc.

Hercules is finally able to stop laughing, and he stands up. “Well, I knew you guys would be scaring me at midnight, so I decided to scare you guys instead!”

Alexander rolls his eyes, but he is smiling all the same. “Oh whatever. Come on, let’s do presents!”

They give him their gifts, saving the pot of gold for last. He loves everything, and he literally hugs the fabrics to his chest when he gets them. It would be hard to count the number of times he said, “Thank you!”

They finally give him the pot of gold. “Oh my gosh!” he yells, looking at all of the coins. He picks up a handful and drops them on himself. “I’m rich!” he jokes, throwing more coins in the air.

“If you keep doing that you’ll begin to sound like King George,” Alex remarks, making all of them burst into fits of laughter.

“Well, would King George do this?” Herc retorts, handing out a few coins to his friends.

“He would if he was going to tax them with that money later on,” Laff says. They all start laughing again. To say the least, it was a good day. Well, night, actually, seeing as it’s 12:20 am. But everyone has their good days and their bad. The rest of Hercules’s birthday went quite well, and so did the following month. And we’ll get to John’s birthday. But Halloween… oh my gosh, Halloween…

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