Hamilton Meets High School, Ch13

Alright, here are chapters 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 ! I apologize in advance for this chapter, but it’s part of the plot. At least there is happy stuff at the beginning! Oh, and Happy Halloween! (Even though it’s September right now). Now, on with the story!


He was going to do it. He had been texting her for the past few days, and he finally was going to do it. Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier de La Fayette Marquis de Lafayette was going to ask Holly Jackson out on a date.

He approached her during lunch, his friends watching with smiles on their faces. He motioned for her friends to be quiet. He rested his arm on her head and said, “Hey Holly.”

She stomped on his foot with her heeled boots.

“Ow! Ça fait mal!” He jumps backward, hopping on one foot.

She turned around, startled. “Oh my gosh Laff, I’m so sorry! I thought you were Jefferson!”

“Jefferson?” Lafayette asks, confused.

“Yeah. He did that to me once, that little jerk. But I did the same thing to him that I did to you, except I got him in the leg.”

“Awesome!” he responds with aw.

“Anyways, were you going to saw something?”

“Um…” He looked back to his friends, turning slightly pink. They gave him a thumbs up. “Well, I was wondering if you wanted to go on a date with me tomorrow, to go see that new movie, The House With a Clock in Its Walls. I mean, I understand if you don’t want to-”

“Laff, I’d love to go with you!” she replies, beaming.


“Of course! I’ve had a crush on you since, like, a month ago!”

“That’s amazing! Pick you up at 6 pm?”

“Yeah! I’ll text you my address later.”

He smiles, and looks back over at his friends. He can hear Herc yelling, “MY SHIP HAS SAILED!!!”

He chuckles quietly and turns back to Holly. “I better go calm them down.”


He doesn’t walk ten feet before he hears her and her friends squealing. He smiles, blushes, and sits down with his friends.

“SHE SAID YES!!” he exclaims, immediately standing up.

“When is the date?” Alex asks.

“Why did she kick you?” John asks.


Lafayette explains what happened. They all start laughing and talking, filled with excitement and happiness for their French friend.

Seems happy right now, right? Just you wait, just you wait…


The next day, everyone is in Lafayette’s room helping him get ready. John fixes his hair, Herc helps picking out his clothes, and Alex gives him dating advice.

“Okay, okay Alex, I get it. Now I gotta go.” He pauses for a moment, thinking. “And do NOT come to my date,” Laff adds pointedly.

“Fine, fine,” Hercules lies. Lafayette nods and goes outside. Once he’s gone, he turns to John and Alex. “You know that was a lie, right?”

They both grin and call an Uber to take them to the movie theater.

Holly literally lives right next to Ocean Cove, so he just has the driver drop him off at her house. It’s a beautiful single story, painted all white. He takes a deep breathe and knocks on the door.

The door is answered by a woman in her mid thirties. She has flowing blonde hair and sparking green eyes, just like her daughter’s. She’s about five inches shorter than Lafayette, which is a little awkward.

“You must be Lafayette! I’ve heard so much about you.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Mrs. Jackson,” he replies. He is suddenly very aware of his French accent.

She holds open the door wider. “Please, just call me Amy. Come in, come in. Holly is just finishing up getting ready.” Laff walks in, and suddenly a tiny little girl runs up to him. She has short blonde hair and blue eyes. She’s probably only six years old.

“Woah, you’re so tall!” she exclaims, looking up at him.

“Quinn, be polite,” a boy says, walking into the room. He has curly brown hair and blue eyes, and is about 5’ 8”, the same height as his mother. He’s probably seventeen years old.

“Dang, you are tall,” he says, catching sight of Lafayette. He then shakes his head and holds out his hand. “Hi, I’m Adrien, Holly’s older brother.”

Laff shakes his hand and replies, “I’m Lafayette. Pleasure to meet you.”

The little girl, Quinn, grabs onto his leg. “I love your voice Lafayette!” It’s surprising she said his name correctly. “Where are you from?”

“France,” he replies, smiling. He never had any siblings, but he would want her to be his little sister if he could.

Her eyes light up. “Have you seen the Eiffel Tower?”

“I used to live by the Eiffel Tower,” he replies.

She gasps and looks to her mother. “I have to go tell daddy!” She rushes out of the room.

Just then, Holly appears. She’s wearing a casual purple dress that is short in the front and longer in the back. Unlike usual, her auburn brown hair is cascading down her back in waves, instead of being held in a french braid. She has a silver heart locket around her neck and she’s wearing her black boots. Surprisingly, they actually look good with the dress.

“Wow, tu as l’air magnifique,” he murmurs. She understands what he said and blushes.

“You look handsome,” she replies.

At that same monet, her dad walks in. He has curly brown hair just like his son’s, except it has a few grey hairs in it. He also has blue eyes. He stands at 6’ even, which is still shorter than Lafayette.

He walks up to him and says, “You must be Lafayette!” he says, holding out his hand.

Laff shakes his hand and replies, “That’s me, Mr. Johnson.”

“Call me Klay.”

“Are you ready to go?” Holly asks him.

Laff walks over to her. “I sure am.” They walk outside together and head to the movie theater.

Herc, John, and Alex are inside the theater already, getting their food. Thankfully, only one theater is showing the movie at this time, so they don’t have to worry about being in the wrong area.

Lafayette pays for the tickets and food, and they find their seats near the middle. His friends are at the very top of the theater, watching and planning.

Halfway through the movie, Holly glances behind her for the fifth time and asks, “Why are your friends here?”

“What?” he whisper shouts, turning around. He spots his friends, and they spot him looking. They wave at him, grins plastered on their faces. He groans and turns back to Holly. “This is what I get for crashing Alex’s first date.”

She leans her head on her shoulder. “Let them see; let the world see. As long as you’re with me.”

He looks at her, a small smile on his lips. “You do realize that was really cheesy, right?”

“Yep,” she replies, laughing quietly.

He puts his arm around her and leans his head on hers, and they watch the rest of the movie that way.

When it’s over, they leave, hand in hand. Lafayette’s friends trail behind, upset that they were spotted before they could do anything fun. But the movie was good, at least.

Laff walks Holly back to her house. “I had a wonderful time Laff,” she says, standing in front of her door.

“I did too,” he replies, grinning.

“See you at school,” she says, giving him a small smile. She then goes inside her house.

Lafayette’s friends walk up to him. “Did you have a good time?” John asks.

He smiles. “The best.”

“Come on,” Her says, “Let’s go home.”

They call an Uber and all go to their separate houses.


The next couple of weeks go by smoothly. Alex and Eliza are doing good, and so are Laff and Holly. Herc and John are both still single, but Kassie is beginning to crush on John, and things might change.

It’s a few days before John’s birthday, and he is bubbling with excitement. He is like a little five year old on Christmas times five. Yeah, he’s REALLY excited, but it’s absolutely adorable.

Alex, Herc, and Laff already got him his presents, and they’re being hidden at Lafayette and Hercules’s house. But that doesn’t stop John from searching high and low in his room for gifts.

This brings him to find Alexander’s box. He finds it next to his own, and thinks it might have a gift in it. But when he opens it, he finds not a gift, but pages upon pages of writing. He’s about to investigate when he hears Alex coming up the stairs. He shoves it back in the closet, vowing to look at it some other time.


It’s his birthday, and he totally forgot to set a timer to wake him up at midnight. But instead of screaming to wake him up, Laff and Herc suppress laughter as Alex goes over to John and whispers in his ear, “Turtles.”

He sits bolt upright, looking around wildly. “I heard someone say turtles!” he shouts, fully awake.

His friends burst into laughter, and he smiles. “At least you didn’t yell in my ear.”

Lafayette flips on the lights and motions toward the presents on the floor. John’s eyes light up, and he clambers onto the floor. His friends sit in a circle around him as he examines his presents, trying to decide which one to open first. He picks the green box with holes poked into the top.

He opens it and finds a baby turtle inside.

He lets out the cutest, most high pitched, most excited squeal in the history of the world. Fangirls can’t even match that squeal. He picks him up and says, “You guys didn’t!”

“We did,” Alex replies. “What are you gonna name him?”

“I’ll name him… Squirt! After the turtle in Finding Nemo!” He gets up and carefully places him in the tank. “Shelby, meet Squirt, your new brother!” He smiles and sits back down. “You guys are the bestest friends in the whole wide world!”

“But wait, there’s more!” Herc says.

The next thing he opens contains a lanyard with turtles on it. He also gets a turtle plushie, white bluetooth headphones, and a turtle picture frame. There is one last gift left, and it’s specifically from Alex.

He opens it and finds the story called ‘Turtle Boy’ that Alexander had written him in seventh grade. It’s three pages long, but John reads all of it, right then and there. And he would read it hundreds more times after that.

“Oh, Alex, thank you so much! You actually wrote this?” Hamilton nods. “It’s wonderful…”

They soon head back to bed. The rest of John’s birthday is wonderful. His cake was shaped like a turtle! Overall, it was a wonderful day.


It’s two days away from Halloween, and everyone is getting their costumes.

Alexander is going to be congressman from the seventeen hundreds.

Lafayette is going to be a pirate, except a French one, of course.

Hercules is going to be a spy.

John, somehow, found a carry me costume, but the bottom is a turtle.

Aaron Burr, sir, is going to be Harry Potter, of course. It’s one of his favorite books. And who doesn’t like Harry Potter, am I right?

Eliza is going as a stereotypical nerd.

Angelica will be a lawyer.

Peggy, bless her sweet soul, will be a teenage fairy.

Maria is going as a Zombie Cheerleader.

James is just going to be a ghost.

Holly is going to be a princess with a beautiful green dress.

Cora and Kassie conspired with Holly, and they’re also going to be princesses. Cora will wear a deep blue dress, and Kassie will wear one that is deep purple.

Charles found a carry me costume that is a bunny. It’s funny, because John and Charles are enemies, and they are basically the tortoise and the hare.

Thomas, well, this should be fun. Yeah, he’s also going as a pirate, and he happens to have the EXACT same costume as Lafayette. Let’s just say this may or may not cause problems…


On Halloween, everyone gets into their costume. As Alex is making his coffee, his phone dings, and so does John’s. They both look at their phone and see a notification. It’s from Magenta Man on Angelica’s app, and he’s having a Halloween party at his house for freshman only.

“We’re not going to Jefferson’s party, right?” John asks.

“Of course not!”

“Okay good.”

They adjust their costumes and head outside. The school is letting people wear their costumes to school, as long as they pay a dollar. They get to the bus stop and climb aboard.

Laff doesn’t notice Jefferson’s costume until they get to school. Both of them have their hair in an afro, a pirate hat on their head. They eye each other. Their resemblance is striking.

“You look like me,” Laff says.

“No, you look like me,” Thomas retorts.

“You both look alike. Now Laff, come here, we need to talk.” Herc drags Lafayette over to them.

“What is it mon ami?”

“We need a code, so that we know it’s you.” He continues.

Alex interrupts and whispers, “The code word is Rochambeau, dig me?”

“Rochambeau,” they all reply.

Then they head off to history. Mr. Washington is not there yet, but they all get into their seats. When the bell rings, Mr. Washington walks in, wearing a historical general costume.

“Here comes the general!” the Hamilsquad shouts.

“Ladies and gentleman!” Aaron Burr announces.

“Here comes the general!”

“The moment you’ve been waiting for!”

“Here comes the general!”

“The pride of Mount Vernon!”

“Here comes the general!”

“George Washington!”

Mr. Washington smiles. “Thank you for the introduction boys. Did you plan that?”

They look at one another. “No,” Alex says.

“Huh. Seems like you did. Anyway, I know it’s Halloween, but that shouldn’t distract us from our duties. Now…” He goes on and on and on about history.

At the end of class, John happens to be standing next to Charles on their way out of class. Some kid named John Jay remarks, “That’s cool! You’re dressed as the tortoise and the hare!”

They both look down at their costumes. “What? No! We didn’t plan this!” Charles exclaims.

John Jay says, “Looks like you did,” before leaving class. John Laurens glares at Charles before going to second period.

On his way to third period, Lafayette sees Holly in the hallway. She’s wearing a beautiful green dress, and she has a tiara on her head. She must be a princess.

He grabs her shoulders playfully and says in his French pirate voice, “Arg! The pirate has finally captured the princess!”

She turns around, a smile on her face. She fakes fear and swoons, “Oh no! The horrible pirate has captured me!” They both start to laugh.

Kassie and Cora walk up to them and the latter remarks, “They look so cute together, don’t they?”

Kassie, who hardly looks like her twin sister, replies, “Yeah, they do.”

Laff smiles, makes sure his friends aren’t around, and then asks, “Any progress?”

Kassie blushes. “No, not yet.”

“What are you talking about?” Cora asks.

“Nothing!” they both reply.

“Mmhmm,” she answers. “Come on Kassie, we better get to class.”

They walk away. Holly looks up at Laff and says, “You know, I think you’re one of very few boys that can actually pull off that eyeliner.” Then she walks away before he can say anything. Lafayette then rushes to his next class.

On their way out to lunch, Eliza stops Alex. “Oh, hey Eliza! I like your costume” he says, smiling at her.

“Hey Alex. I like yours, too. Listen, I want to talk to you about something.”

“Ask away.”

“Well, you see, now don’t interrupt me, but I know you don’t like Jefferson, but I wanted to go to his party tonight. But I’d be alone, since Angelica won’t be going, and my friends are going trick or treating with their younger siblings. So I was wondering if maybe, just this once, you could tolerate Thomas and go. And besides, there will be lots of people there; you probably won’t even see him.”

Alex takes a deep breathe. “Um, Eliza…”

“Oh come on! It’ll be fun! Besides, there will be more candy there than you could get trick or treating.”

John pipes up and says, “Wait, there’s candy?” He looks at Alexander, his eyes wide. “Can we go to the party?”

Alex looks at Laff and Herc, who both shrug. He sighs. “Alright, fine.”

“Yes! Thank you, Alex!” She hugs him before running off to sit with her friends.

“Well, looks like we’re going,” Alex murmurs.

“Brb,” Laff says, and leaves to find Holly. He finds her sitting with her friends, which includes Kassie and Cora. “Hey Holly. Just out of curiosity, are you going to Jefferson’s party tonight?”

She smiles. “Of course I am! Are you?”

“Yeah Okay, just wanted to know that. See you later beautiful.” He then walks back to sit with his friends.

“Code word,” Hercules demands.

“Herc, you just watched me-”

“I said code word.”


“Okay, you may sit.”

That night, they’re all getting ready for the party at John’s house. His parents already left with his siblings to go trick or treating, so it’s just the four of them. As he’s looking in the mirror, he notices that his eyeliner got messed up sometime today. And John’s mom isn’t here to fix it.

“Does anyone know someone that can get here in like ten minutes and fix my eyeliner?” They all think for a moment.

“Oh, I know!” Alex exclaims. “Eliza’s little sister, Peggy! I’ve seen her wear makeup, and she does a really good job with it, too. I’ll call Eliza.”

He picks up his phone and dials her number. It rings twice before she answers. “Hello?”

“Hey Eliza! I was wondering if we could borrow your sister, Peggy. Laff’s eyeliner is messed up, and our parents aren’t here to fix it.”

“Hang on, let me put her on the phone.” There’s a sound of her running down the stairs and calling Peggy’s name. “Okay here she is.”

She hands Peggy the phone. “Yes Alex?”

“Hey Peggy. My friend Lafayette is dressed as a pirate, and his eyeliner is messed up. Could you maybe come over and fix it?”

“The magical teenage fairy has been summoned! I’ll be there in five. I’ll text you my phone number, and then you can send me the address.”

“Okay, thanks Peggy! Bye!” She texts him the number, and then he sends her the address. “She’s on her way,” Alex tells Laff.

Five minutes later, there is a knock on the door. Lafayette goes to answer it, and finds Peggy, all dressed up as a fairy. She’s holding a makeup bag in her hand. “Oh my that eyeliner is messed up,” she says, walking inside. She looks around and remarks, “Nice house. It is yours?”

“Nah, it’s John’s.”

She nods. Laff leads her upstairs and into John’s room, where everyone else is waiting. She makes him sit down on a chair. That’s when she notices John’s turtles.

“Oh my gosh, you have turtles!” she shrieks, rushing over to them.

“I sure do!” John replies. “You can’t love turtles and not have at least one as a pet. That one is SHelby,and the little one is Squirt.”

“Awww!” She then gets back to business. “Now, you can’t move at all, or this will get messed up.”

He nods. “I said no moving!” She then gets to work cleaning off the eyeliner before applying more. “Alright, so that’s done. Now, do you want me to make it look like you have facial hair?”

Lafayette shrugs. “Sure. At least that will differ me from Jefferson.” She nods and gets to work. The rest of the Hamilsquad watch in awe as Laff is turned from a teenager to a grown man in the span of eight minutes.

“Alright, go take a look.” He gets up and goes to look in the bathroom mirror.

“WOAH!!!” he shouts, running back into the room. “I look like an adult!” he shouts.

Peggy smiles. “You sure do!” He runs up to her and gives her a brotherly embrace.

“Thanks Pegs! We should have you over more!”

She laughs. “Well, you might be seeing me a lot more pretty soon.”

“And why would that be?” John asks.

“Oh, let’s just say that for the past three years or so, my teachers have been looking at my record and progress in class. They say I seem to be ahead of my years, and… THEY MIGHT MOVE ME UP TWO GRADES!!! Which means I’ll be a freshman, just like you guys!”

“WHAT!?” Hercules shouts, standing bolt upright.

“Yeah! My family has been talking to my school, and they say I might be able to start after Thanksgiving break!”

“That’s amazing Peggy!” Alex shouts.

Laff then says, “When I finally get facial hair, I’m going to grow it out just like this!”

Peggy blushes. “Oh stop, I’m not that good,” she replies humbly.

“Oh stop it. Of course you are!” Alex exclaims. He then looks at the time. “We better get going to the party. Thanks again Peggy!” She smiles and leaves at the same time they do.

They get an Uber to Jefferson’s giant house, and when they arrive, lots of people are already there. Good thing it’s almost as big as a mansion. They get out of the car and walk in. Alex finds Eliza, and goes with her. Laff leaves to look for Holly, which only leaves Herc and John.

“Hey, you want to get revenge on Thomas?” Herc asks.

“Yeah! What’s your plan?” Hercules whispers it in his ear. He smiles, and they both go upstairs.

Much to their dismay, the second floor doesn’t have his bedroom, and the third floor is blocked off. They go back downstairs, defeated.

Eliza is talking to Alex, saying, “See, it’s not that bad, right?”

Lots of people crowded together, dancing, most of them holding drinks. He’s had a few himself, and that is part of why he does what he’s about to do. He goes over to the kitchen table and stands on it.

“Thomas Jefferson is a jerk!” he yells before jumping down Lafayette style.

Alex blinks, pushing away the memory. “Yeah, it’s not that bad. Now come on, let’s go take some candy!” They head into the kitchen and find all sorts of candy. Each in their own bowl, there are Kit Kats, Hershey’s kisses, Skittles, M&Ms, lollipops, candy corn (and LOTS of it), AirHeads, Nerds, Bubblegum, Butterfingers, Almond Joys, Snickers, marshmallows, Twix, Reese’s, Tootsie rolls, Smarties, and much, much more.

They smile at one another and grab one of the halloween candy bags that are next to a sign that says Take what you can fit in ONE bag. They start stuffing their bag with candy. John ends up finding them, and he does the same. Then they grab a second bag each, despite the rule.

Lafayette is searching the crowd for Holly. He’s at an advantage since he’s tall, but she’s short and can get lost in the crowd easily. He spots Jefferson and sends a glare his way. He glares right back, a little jealous that Laff looks like an adult.

He finally finds her eating candy corn in a corner, watching everyone else. He makes his way toward her. “Hey Holly.”

Her eyes narrow. “What do you want Jefferson?”

Lafayette is shocked. “Jefferson? I’m not Jefferson, I’m Lafayette!”

“No, Laff didn’t have that makeup.”

“I changed it!”

“Mmhmm. I’m going to go find Lafayette.”

“Wait, Holly, I can prove it!”

She turns around, her arms crossed. “I’m listening.” He pulls out his phone and texts her. She laughs. “I let my phone at home! Nice try, Thomas.” She then leaves.

Lafayette is stunned. He then decides to just go find his friends. He finds them with the candy.

“Holly thought I was Jefferson!” he shouts, exasperated. He then sees the candy. “I’ll just eat candy in my sorrow.”

“You mean she didn’t believe you?” Herc asks. He shakes his head, upset.

John pats him on the back. “Come on. If she sees us together, she’ll know it’s you.” He nods, tying off his candy bag. They then go in search of Holly.

They find her on the second floor. They’re about to approach her when they see that she’s with Jefferson, both of them sitting on the couch. She looks happy, a dreamy look in her eye. Thomas, on the other hand, has an evil glint in his eye. They don’t know this, but he’s thinking This is one way to get back at Lafayette and the others.

And to Laff’s horror, she leans in, and so does Thomas. Their lips connect.

Holly Jackson just kissed Thomas Jefferson.

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