Hamilton Meets High School, Ch14

Chapters 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 ! Sorry about the long wait, vacation and school got in the way. But I’m currently writing chapter 18, so I’ll be able to update again this week for sure! Anyway, I’m not sorry about the last chapter (see what I did there?). It’s part of the plot and it makes room for what will happen in chapter 15. So, I hope you enjoy, and sorry if this chapter is sad (it kind of is).


Lafayette is so overcome with various emotions, that he is frozen to the spot. When they pull away, Holly notices Lafayette. She looks over at his friends, and her eyes widen. She then looks at Thomas, who has an evil grin on his face.

She slaps his across the face, hard. Plus, she’s wearing a metal ring, which must hurt. But Lafayette didn’t get to see it. He had run downstairs and out of the door. His friends follow, calling his name. But he just keeps running. He continued running until he reached his house, and by then tears were streaming down his face. He makes it no farther than the grassy lawn before he collapses in the cold late October air.

He shivers, and his tears beginning to freeze on his face as he sat there, his breath fogging. The grass was covered in frost, and soon, his legs were soaked. But he didn’t care. The cold helped the pain, like how you would put an ice pack on a bruise.

His friends arrived a few minutes later in a car. They ran out. “LAFF!” Hercules screams, rushing to his side. “Lafayette, what are you doing out here!? Come on, let’s get you inside, right now!”

He doesn’t move. He just sits there, shivering, tears rolling down his face. Hercules, being the dad of the group, tells Alex and John, “Help me with him.” Together, they pick up his freezing form and go inside.

John makes him a big cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles on top. Alex finds some warm clothes for him to put on. Hercules gets a warm washcloth and starts to wipe the crystallized tears off of his face, along with the makeup. He then throws multiple blankets on him. Laff is still shivering.

Hercules takes Lafayette’s hands in his and starts to warm them up with his own hands. “It’s okay Laff, you’re gonna be okay,” he murmurs. John comes upstairs with the hot cocoa and Alex finally finds clothes.

John hands Laff the hot cocoa and demands, “Drink it.” With shaky hands, Lafayette takes a sip. His eyes are slightly glazed over because he’s lost in his own sad thoughts.

Alex hands him the clothes and says, “Change into these.” Still lost in thought, Laff gets up from under the blankets. His friends leave and come back five minutes later to find him dressed and under the covers, staring at the wall.

Hesitantly, Herc asks, “Laff, do you want to talk about it?”

He takes a shaky breath, fresh tears rolling down his face. “Sh-she di-didn’t b-b-believe me. Sh-she k-kissed Jef-ferson.” He then begins to sob, pulling the blankets over his head.

Hercules sits on the edge of his bed and begins to stroke the little bit of his afro that his showing. “Hey, hey, deep breaths Laff. Deep breaths.”

His phone dings from his bedside. Alex picks it up and says, “It’s from Holly.” Lafayette peeks his head out from under the blankets as his phone continues to ding. He opens up the texts.



Answer me

I’m sorry about what happened

I thought you were Jefferson! I thought Thomas was you! I didn’t mean to do that! Can you forgive me?

Lafayette, are you listening to me?

French Fry?


You have been blocked by Lafayette.

Laff turns off his phone and puts it back on his nightstand. He then burrows deeper into the blankets. One of his fuzzy sock covered feet sticks out from the blankets. Hercules remembers making those for him, a long time ago.

Lafayette wipes his eyes as more tears come. He sits up, still covered in blankets, and drinks more hot cocoa, tears splashing into it. Hercules wraps his arms around his friend. John and Alex then join in.

They sit there, all trying to comfort Lafayette.

Back at the party, Holly is yelling a storm at Jefferson.

“YOU IDIOT!! LOOK YOU WHAT YOU’VE DONE!! YOU LITTLE JERK!! YOU RUINED MY RELATIONSHIP WITH LAFAYETTE!!” She slaps him across the face again. He’s just sitting there as she does this, a satisfied smile on his face.

“Hit me all you want. It was worth every second.” He stands up so that he towers over her, trying to be intimidating. This just earns him a kick to his sensitive spot. She then stomps downstairs and leaves.

At her house, she begins to cry. Not only did she lose her boyfriend, but that was also her very first kiss. And she had it with freaking Thomas Jefferson. The jerkiest jerk there ever was. Her brother comforts her, seeing as he’s the only one home. When she has the breath, she explains to him what happened.

“Hey, be glad he didn’t break your heart, or I’d beat the heck out of him.”

She sniffles and asks, “Can you beat up Jefferson instead?”

“Sure. What does he look like?”

“Exactly like Lafayette, except he keeps his hair in an afro. He also wears either magenta for velvet, so that’s a big difference.”

“I’ll find him, don’t you worry Holly. I’ll find him, and after school, I’ll beat him up, even if he’s taller than me.”

She smiles. “Thanks Adrien.”

“I’ll do anything for my little sister.”

Eliza found Angelica and Peggy trick or treating together and decided to join them. Alex kind of explained what happened, and then he rushed out to find Lafayette. She’s not mad at him or anything; he is helping his friend. No, she’s mad at herself for dragging them along to the party. She feels really guilty, and now Lafayette and Holly will probably never be the same.

Back at Laff’s house, he has finally calmed down. He’s still shivering a little bit, but he’s stopped crying.

“I just want to go to sleep now,” he murmurs. They all nod and get up to leave. “Thank you guys.”

“Anytime,” Alex says, leaving with John.

Herc hangs back a moment. “Do you need anything else?” he asks.

Laff looks down at the blankets that he’s wrapped up in. He then looks up and asks sheepishly, “Can you wait here until I fall asleep? Just in case I need anything?”

Hercules nods and sits down in his friend’s desk chair. Laff gives him a small smile and murmurs, “Thanks.”

He’s asleep within five minutes. Hercules looks at him for a moment before murmuring something that he thought Laff couldn’t hear. But little did he know, Lafayette was still awake, and heard every word he said. His breath hitches, but Herc doesn’t notice. He then falls asleep, those words running circles in his head.


The next day, Laff’s alarm wakes him up. He turns it off and crawls out from under the pile of blankets. His phone dings, and he looks to see a text from Herc.

Are you up?

He replies, Yep, before getting ready for school. He picks out a black long sleeve shirt and a black hoodie. He puts on one of the blue scarfs that Herc made him and some fuzzy socks. It’s going to be cold outside today.

Alex, John, and Herc also put on layers. Alex wears a dark green scarf, John has a yellow and black one, and Herc’s is purple and white. When they meet at the bus station, it doesn’t go unnoticed that Laff is wearing all black. Well, except for the scarf, of course.

“How are you doing Laff?” John asked, worried for his friend.

He shrugs. “Numb. That’s the only way I can put it. My feelings are just numb.”

Hercules rubs his back soothingly. “Hey, it’ll be alright,” he says.

Lafayette nods, and they climb aboard the bus. They pass Thomas, who has a puffy red mark on his face. It takes all of Laff’s willpower not to beat him up right here.

When they sit down in their seat, he asks his friends, “Do any of you happen to know why Jefferson’s face is puffy?”

“Oh, you must have missed it,” Alex explains. “Holly slapped him yesterday.”

“Oh. Cool,” Laff replies passively. He then looks out the window. His friends exchange worried glances.

Before first period starts, Lafayette goes into Mr. Sherman’s classroom. He’s at his desk, grading papers. When Laff comes in, he looks up and smiles. “Hello Lafayette. What can I do for you?”

Nervous, Laff replies, “Um, I was, um, wondering if I could have a… seat change?”

Mr. Sherman thinks for a moment before nodding. “Alright. What period are you in?”


“Alright, let me pull up the seating chart…” He goes into his computer and finds the seating chart. “Okay, here we are! And you sit… right here. Okay so we have open spots next to Jonathan Groff, Alandra Kertson, and Hercules Mulligan. Where would you like to sit?”

“Next to Hercules,” he replies immediately.

“Okay then. As long as you promise not to be too talkative.”

“I promise.”

“Now, Lafayette, why do you want to move?”

“Um…” He tries to think of a lie, but fails. “I currently sit next to my ex-girlfriend. She used to be my girlfriend but now I’m pretty sure we broke up, and it’s just awkward.”

He nods slowly. “Okay then. You are dismissed.”

Laff leaves and heads to history.

During lunch, Cora has finally musters up enough courage to talk to her sister, Kassie. When there’s a rift in the conversation, she asks, “Hey, Kassie, can I speak to you for a moment? Alone?”

Confused, she nods and follows her sister away from earshot from anyone. Cora looks around one last time before saying, “Okay. Kassie, there is something I need to tell you.”

“And what would that be?” she asks, pushing up her glasses that were beginning to fall down her face.

“Listen. Please don’t get mad at me, or take this the wrong way, but…” She takes a deep breath. “John Laurens likes someone else.”

She just stands there for a moment, at a loss for words. Cora goes on. “And they’re so oblivious to it, John tries to make it really obvious, but they’re honestly blind.”

“Oh. Well, um, if she keeps being oblivious, then maybe he’ll stop crushing on her.”

“Uh, Kassie, it’s not like that.”

“What do you mean?”

Cora takes a deep breath and whispers something in her sister’s ear. Her eyes widen. “Oh. OH! Oh! Oh oh oh oh oh. Okay. Wow. Alright. You’re serious?”

She nods.

“Okay. Wow. Alright. And you’re sure?”


“Okay then. Alright.” She takes a deep breath. “Didn’t see that coming.” Then she walks over to her table.

Lafayette hardly eats anything during lunch. He just kind of moves his food around, not taking any bites. Not even the candy that John offers him.

“Cheer up Laff,” Alex encourages. “And if you’re not going to cheer up, then at least eat something.”

Laff sighs and picks up his chips. Just as he’s about to eat some, his attention is diverted elsewhere. Not too far away, someone is stomping across campus. He squints and sees that it’s Adrien. And he’s headed right for Jefferson’s table. They’re sitting close enough that they can hear the conversation.

“Are you Thomas Jefferson?” Adrien asks, his hands at his sides, fist clenched.

“Yeah. And you are?” Thomas asks casually.

“Adrien Jackson, Holly’s older brother.”

Thomas swears. Adrien grabs him by the collar so that they’re face to face. His voice is a low growl. “You mess with my sister, you mess with me. After school today, meet at the corner of Adams and 21st street, right outside the school. Then we’ll settle things. If you don’t show up, it’ll prove how much of a chicken you are.”

Jefferson actually looks scared. But he puts on a brave face and replies, “You’re on.” Adrien pushes him back down in his seat before walking away.

Lafayette is stunned. He turns to his friends and sees that they are, too. “What was that all about?” he breaths.

“Looks like someone’s mad,” Alex states.

“Adrien must be mad about what Jefferson did to Holly,” Herc hypothesizes.

Just then, the bell rings. And Lafayette didn’t eat any of his food. They pack all of their stuff and head on over to their sixth period.

Laff takes his new seat next to Herc. Holly turns to look at him, slightly shocked. He avoids eye contact with her, but Hercules stares her down with one of his signature death glares. She quickly looks away.

At the end of class, Holly catches up to Lafayette. “Laff, wait! Let me explain!” He keeps walking, not looking at her. She has to jog to keep up with him. “Please, just let me explain.”

“Go away,” Lafayette murmurs, his accent suddenly gone. It’s replaced by cold, dead hatred that seeps into her bones and shatters them. Even Herc gets the chills, and he’s not even being addressed.

“Laff, please-”

“I said go away!” he shouts, his voice breaking. Then he runs off to PE. Hercules takes off after him. Holly just sighs and head to her next class.

Laff is on the verge of tears. And Thomas doesn’t make it any better. “Ah, is the poor immigrant upset about his ex girlfriend?”

Jefferson is suddenly on the ground, his lip bleeding, having been punched square in the face by Lafayette. Just then, the teacher comes in. “What is this?!” she yells. “What happened to Thomas? Did anyone see anything?”

Everyone stays silent. The word got around about what Jefferson did, and no one wants to defend him. Not even James Madison.

“Coach Butler, Lafayette punched me!” Thomas exclaims, standing up.

“Well, I didn’t see anything, and since no one is speaking up, then I’m just going to let it go.”

“LET IT GO!?” he shouts.

He might be imagining it, but Alex could have sworn he saw a small smile flicker across her lips. “Now don’t go blaming people when you trip over your own feet. And get something to clean up that lip of yours.”

She then walks away, people following behind her. Thomas rounds on Madison. “Why didn’t you defend me?” he yells.

Calmly, James replies, “Jefferson, what you did was really low, even for you.”

“Did you just call me Jefferson!?”

“I sure did.” He then walks out, leaving behind an exasperated Thomas.

People congratulate Laff, but he still doesn’t feel satisfied. Maybe he will when Adrien beats him up after school.

He was mistaken. At the end of the day, they join the crowd of people waiting for the fight. Adrien is already there, and now everyone is waiting for Thomas. Most people have their phones out, ready to video.

The edge of the crowd begins to cheer as Thomas makes his way through. He smiles and waves like a celebrity. He then goes right up to Adrien and looks down at him. “You sure you want to fight me?” he asks.

Adrien answers by punching him in the gut. Everyone begins to chant, “Fight! Fight! Fight!”

Thomas chuckles, and a second later his fist connects with Adrien’s jaw.

From the crowd, Holly can be heard yelling, “Adrien! No!”

He swings at Jefferson, and this begins a full on fist fight. They keep swinging at one another, but no one falls. Yet.

After about a minute of this, Thomas lands a strategic punch to Adrien’s side, and he finally falls down. He hits his head with a crack. Jefferson kneels down and begins to punch him repeatedly. And everyone is just standing there, watching.

Holly makes her way through the crowd and pushes Thomas off of her brother. “ARE YOU CRAZY!?!?” she screams in his face. “DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS PROVES?!?! IT PROVES HOW MUCH OF A JERK YOU ARE!” She shoves him, hard. He’s weakened from other blows, and he falls down.

With her teeth clenched, she jabs her foot into his stomach, using the heel of her boot. He lets out a howl of pain, and she steps back, satisfied. She then helps her brother to her feet.

People start to disperse. The Hamilsquad begins to head home. They decide to walk instead of call a car. After a while, Laff remarks quietly, “That was a really cool thing Holly did back there.”

All his friends look at one another before looking back at him. “Yeah, it was,” John replies.

They walk in silent for a little longer before Herc decides to ask a question. “Sorry if this seems out of the blue, but I have a question for you all.”

“Fire away,” Alex replies, waving his hand to indicate that he should go on.

He takes a deep breath before stating, “I know this can be a very… controversial topic, but… how do you guys feel about people in the LGBTQ+ community?”

As if on cue, they all stop in there tracks and look at him. They stand like that for a moment before John says, his face a little pink, “I support it one hundred percent, even though my father is totally homophobic.”

“I also support them,” Laff replies.

“Same,” Herc agrees. He then turns to Alex. “What about you?”

Alex swallows, a nervous look on his face. He then rambles, “Well, I see nothing wrong with it at all. I personally support it, because what they do doesn’t really bother me. People should feel free to be who they are without worrying about what people might think of them. So I fully support it. And-” He cuts himself off there.

“And what?” John asks.

Alex shakes his head. “Nothing, it’s nothing. But, Herc, why do you bring it up?”

“No, Alex, don’t try to change the subject. What were you going to say?” John pries.

Alex starts to walk again, faster than usual. But his taller friends catch up to him in no time. “Come on Alex, just tell us!”

“Don’t worry about it. So, Herc, why do you bring it up?”

“Oh, no reason. Just curious.”

“Okay then…” Alex says.

John thinks, Well shoot. Great job Laurens! There goes the perfect chance to tell him!

Alex thinks, I could have said something, it could have slipped, ugh, me and my non-stop mouth.

Author Note: Yes, I support LGBTQ+ members. FIGHT ME!

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