Hamilton Meets High School, Ch15

This chapter makes me fangirl so much. I really hope you enjoy, and just know that everything that happens will have a purpose at some point in the future. And as I said in chapter 14, I am a LGBTQ+ Ally. Oh, and here are chapters 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 !


The next day at school, both Jefferson and Adrien have bruises everywhere. Holly doesn’t have a scratch on her, and is walking around with pride. Lafayette ignores her and lets himself forget his feelings for her.

It’s finally the weekend, and they’re all planning on going for a walk when it begins to snow. Alex looks out of the window and shivers. John looks at him and smiles. He remembers the first time Alex saw snow.

They were all in John’s room, hanging out. Out of nowhere, tiny flakes of snow started to float past the window. “Wow, what’s that!” Alex exclaimed, rushing over to the window.

“Mon ami, it’s snow!” Lafayette laughed.

“Snow?” he asks. “I’ve never seen snow before!”

“WHAT!?” Herc yells.

“Yeah! I grew up in the Caribbean, how could I have seen snow!”

John laughs. “Well come on, let’s go outside!”

Alex turns to look at him. “What are you smiling about?” he asks.

“Oh, I was just remembering your first snow,” he replies, staring out the window.

Alex sighs happily and sits on his bed. He picks up a book and begins to read. John is about to go play with Shelby when he notices something. Alex is holding the book away from himself at arms length, and he’s squinting. John’s never noticed this before.

“Hey Alex. Why are you holding the book weird?”

Alex looks up. “What? Oh, I’m not holding it weird.” He pulls the book close to himself, but this makes him squint even more. Worried, John goes downstairs and gets his mom.

After examining Alexander’s behavior, she goes downstairs and comes back up with an eye chart. She hangs it up on the wall. “Alex, dear, we’re going to test your eyesight.”

“What? Why? I don’t need glasses!”

“Just trust me, okay?”

Alex stands up and reads everything perfectly. Thinking he’s done, he sits back down. “We’re not done yet. Now to test something up close.” She flips over the chart and brings it over to him.

“Read this,” she tells him.

He squints, trying to read what it says. “It’s all blurry,” he murmurs.

Mrs. Laurens looks at John, and then turns back to Alex. “Come on, let’s take you to see the eye doctor.”

“Oh no, Mrs. Laurens, really, I can see fine!”

“Alex, you’re coming with us, now!”

Alex sighs. They get in the car, and John sends a text to Laff and Herc explaining what’s happening. He then turns off his phone as they go to the eye doctor.

After they do whatever it is they do, the eye doctor comes back in. “Our test results show that you are farsighted, meaning you have trouble seeing things right in front of you. You’ll need to get reading glasses.”

“But, but I don’t want glasses!” Alex protests, sounding like a little kid.

“It’ll just get worse if we don’t fix it.”

John takes Alexander’s hand and squeezes it. “Hey, it’ll be okay. It’s just glasses. Besides, you get to pick out your frames.”

Alex takes a deep breath and nods. He’s taken to a place where they have various types of glasses. “We’ve got the prescription ready, now pick out what you want,” the doctor says.

He starts to look around, trying to find something that would suit him, and John helps. He finally decides on a pair of simple, black glasses. They put the prescriptions in, test it out, and he’s done. He looks at himself in the mirror.

“Better?” John asks.

“Yeah,” Alex murmurs.

“Now come on, let’s go see Laff and Herc.” They leave, Alex trying to get used to the feeling of the glasses on his face. At least he only has to wear them when he’s reading.

John texted them ahead of time, and they’re waiting in his room when they get back.

John walks in first and announces, “Introducing, the one, the only… Alexander Hamilton!” Alex walks in, smiling shyly.

“Those look great on you!” Herc exclaims.

“You look very… how you say… sophisticated?” Laff says, looking to Herc for confirmation. He nods. “I said it right!” Lafayette exclaims.

Alex chuckles and sits down on his bed. “These feel so weird…” he remarks. “But I can see so much better now!”

“Alex, why didn’t you ever tell us you had trouble seeing?” John asks.

“I didn’t want to get glasses, because people will make fun of me,” he says bashfully.

“Mon ami, the only people that will fun of you are Jefferson, Madison, Lee, Seabury, ‘King’ George, and possibly Burr, and that’s because they’re all jerks!”

“That’s a lot of people!” Alex exclaims, flopping onto his bed.

“It’ll be fine Alex!” Herc encourages. “Now get some sleep; we got school tomorrow!”

“Don’t remind me,” Alex groans, getting up off his bed to find pajamas. Laff and Herc leave, and Alex gets ready for bed. He places his glasses on his desk and goes to sleep. John looks out the window before climbing into bed, listening to Alexander’s soft snoring. He too falls asleep.


“Alex, do you have your glasses?” John asks him the next morning.

“Yeah, of course I do!” he lies.

John points back up the stairs. “Go get them.” He groans and grabs them from his desk. He puts them in his case and heads back downstairs.

“At least I don’t have to wear them all the time,” he murmurs, making himself coffee.

Alexander is hoping he won’t have to use his glasses that day, but he was wrong. During history, Mr. Washington asks, but more like tells him, “Alexander, could you read the next paragraph?”

Alex nods, suddenly nervous. He squints at the textbook, but it’s hard to read. He sighs and pulls out his glasses. He puts them on and starts to read. Thomas looks over his shoulder at Hamilton, and snickers when he sees the glasses.

Eliza keeps glancing over at him, wondering when he got them. Once he’s finished reading, Mr. Washington calls on someone else to read. Eliza leans over and whispers, “You look cute in glasses.” This makes his heart soar, and he smiles.

At the end of class, when he’s tucked them away in his backpack, Jefferson comes up to him. “You look stupid in those glasses, four eyes.”

“Shut up Thomas,” he murmurs.

“What’s wrong, Hamilton? Too scared to argue with me?”

“No,” Alex replies curtly. “I just don’t feel like arguing.”

He laughs. “Naw, you’re just scared!”

“Says the guy who got beat up by a girl.”

This shuts him up real quick. He opens his mouth to say something, but then shuts it. Alex smirks.

Throughout the next three periods, it’s pretty much the same. People commenting on his glasses, saying he looks different with them on, and so on. During lunch, Alex notices that Adrien is nowhere to be seen. Maybe he’s sitting inside? Or did he get in trouble for yesterday? Did someone snitch, and now he’s in trouble?

Laff seems to have noticed, too. “Anyone know where Adrien is?”

They all shake their heads.

“Maybe he was embarrassed?” Herc offers.

“Possibly,” John murmurs, eating some candy corn in thought. “But he was here on Friday…” Then his eyes widen. “Oh! Kassie and Cora are kind of friends with Holly, so maybe they’ll know! I’ll go ask.” He stands up and walks over to their table.

“Hey Cora? Kassie?” They look up at him. Suddenly nervous, he stammers, “Um… by any chance you-you uh, know what happened to Adrien?”

Kassie answers, “Oh, Holly said he busted up his ankle, and had to stay home today.”

“Oh. Okay. Thanks!” He then heads back over to his table and explains what happened.

“That makes more sense,” Laff remarks.

“Yeah, it does,” Alex says, pulling out some papers to study for a test they have later. He pulls out his glasses, and just then Aaron Burr walks over. Without looking up, he says, “Hey Aaron.”

“Hey Alexander. Nice glasses.”


Laff pipes up, “So, Burr, what are you doing here?”

He takes a deep breath. “Um, I need some advice…”

Alex finally looks up. “On what?”

Aaron rubs the back of his neck nervously. “Well, um, there’s this girl I like-”

He’s cut off by Herc yelling, “WHAT!?”

He nods. “The only problem is, she has a boyfriend who doesn’t go to this school.”

John inquires, “Who is she?”

“Um, you might not know her, but her name is Theodosia.”

Herc asks, “Dark hair, olive skin?

“Yeah! You know her?”

“Only in passing,” Herc replies, waving a hand.

“Oh. Cool. So, do any of you have any ideas?”

“Well…” Alex says, thinking. “Do you know if she likes you?”

Burr replies, “That’s part of my problem. I don’t know how to tell.”

Hamilton motions to an empty spot. “Here, sit down. This may take a little bit.” Aaron does as instructed, waiting for advice. “First of all, does it seem like she likes talking to you when she has the chance?”

“Yes. But she’s also a very talkative person.”

“Okay. Does she seem to smile a lot around you?”

“All the time.”

“When you catch her eye, does she ever look away and blush?”

Aaron thinks for a moment. “Now that I think about it, she does sometimes.”

“Okay. Has she ever talked about her boyfriend around you?”

“Not much, really.”

“Does she hesitate before she touches you in any way, like a hand on the shoulder?”

“Now that you mention it, she kind of does.”

Alex nods slowly. “Okay, okay. Well, she might like you. The only problem now is her boyfriend. Do you happen to know how often they see each other?” Aaron shakes his head. “Hm. Well, keep us updated, okay?”

Burr nods. “I sure will.” He then gets up and heads back over to Jefferson and Madison. Thomas gives him the ‘What the heck?’ look, but Aaron ignores it.

Alexander turns back to the papers, looking them over. “Alex, you studied enough! I’m sure you’ll do fine!” John scolds, taking away the papers.

“Hey, I was studying!” he yells. John holds them up high in the air so that Alex can’t reach them. But he didn’t realize that Alex has grown.

He snatches them from John. “Ha! I had a growth spurt, and now I’m as tall as you are!”

John stares at him in shock. “What? No! Laff, Herc, check to see who is taller, back to back.” They stand back to back, and Herc fishes a book out of his bag. He places it on top of their heads.

“Wow, you’re the same height now!” Laff exclaims. “The book is perfectly straight!”

Alex steps back, a grin on his face. This makes the book fall to the floor. “Oops!” he yells, scooping it back up and handing it to Herc.

“You better not grow any taller!” John says.

Alex smiles. “No promises.”

John rolls his eyes and sits back down. Alex chuckles and sits back down as well.

The rest of the day goes by about the same as the morning. But the afternoon, after school, is more different than anyone could have guessed.

They’re all at Lafayette’s house, laughing and having a good time, when he suddenly gets serious.

“Um, guys? Can I tell you something?” Their laughter dies away, and they look at Laff.

“Yeah! What is it?” John asks, bubbling with his usual excitement.

Lafayette takes a deep, deep breath, and lets it out slowly. He closes his eyes momentarily, and then opens them again.

“Um, well, do you remember that question Herc asked all of us a few days ago?”

His friends know exactly what he’s talking about, and they nod. He sighs. “Well, I maybe should have told you this sooner, but I was scared. So, what I want to tell you is…” He takes one more deep breath before saying, with his eyes squeezed shut, “I’m gay.”

For a moment, his friends just look at him with their mouths hanging open. Then Herc asks, “How long have you known?”

Still keeping his eyes closed, he leans his head against the wall. “My whole life basically, but I was in denial for most of it. When I saw Holly and Jefferson, I… kind of just… knew. I just knew deep down, and… yeah. That was part of my breakdown.” He peeks one eye open to see John making his way toward him.

He looks into his eyes and says, “I fully support you, Lafayette. We all do. There’s nothing to be worried about.” He takes his hands and just looks at him with a look that Laff deciphers immediately.

He smiles. “Thanks mon ami.”

Alex also comes over. He gives him a small smile and adds, “We’re here for you one hundred percent.”

The last one to walk over is Herc. Alex and John move over to give him space.

With a deep breath, he says five words: “I’ve been waiting three years.”

Alex and John look at one another, mouths agape, as Laff and Herc look at one another.

Alex asks, “Did he just…”

“I think he did,” John murmurs.

Laff blushes a little bit and begins to fiddle with his thumbs. He bites his lip and says, “Um, yeah, I may have heard you on Halloween…”

Herc gasps and puts his hand to his mouth, his eyes wide. Lafayette quickly says, “But, don’t worry, it’s okay!” He looks down. “I might like you too…”

John can’t help it. He lets out a fangirlish squeal and begins to jump up and down. Alex is just staring at his other friends, his mouth hanging open with a small smile.

Herc smiles and blushes. He rubs the back of his neck and murmurs, “Man, what a day this has been.”

John grabs onto Alex as he continues to jump up and down. “John, chill,” he says, laughing.

“I’m just so happy for them!” he squeaks. In his mind, he adds, If only…

Laff blushes and hides his face in his arms.

“Um, John, maybe we should give them time to talk?” John stops jumping and nods. They leave, giving the other two some space.

Herc gently moves Laff’s arms away from his face. He’s as red as a strawberry at the moment, and his soft, loving, chocolate brown eyes are glowing. Hercules chuckles. “You’re so red right now.”

Lafayette smiles, looking at Herc’s warm brown eyes that you would expect to be filled with angst, but really they’re filled with so much kindness, it seems impossible that it could fit inside of him.

“But I think it’s cute,” Herc flirts.

Laff turns a deeper shade of red. “Stoooop, you’re embarrassing me,” he says with a smile.

Herc comes to sit next to Laff on the bed, turning a little pink himself. “So… you busy this weekend?” Herc asks.

“Nope. I’m free. Movies?”

“Movies,” Herc confirms. This his face turns stony. “Shoot, that means we’ll have to tell our parents…”

Lafayette jumps up. “No time like now. Come on, let’s go! We’ll start with my mom.” Herc stands up, nervous.

As they walk out the door, Laff intertwined his fingers with Herc’s. They walk into the kitchen, where his mother is making dinner.

Taking a deep breath, Lafayette asks, “Mom?” She turns to him. He holds up his hand, the one Hercules is holding. “Meet my new boyfriend.”

His mom begins to tear up, and rushes over to them. She hugs her son tightly. “Oh, mon petit garçon!” she murmurs. “You are all grown up. I have wondered when you would admit this to me, and to yourself.” She then turns to Hercules. “I know you two will be happy with one another.” She smiles.

“Okay, mon amour, let’s go see your family.” Laff’s mom smiles, but Hercules doesn’t know what that means. But it sounded, well, sweet, so he smiles as they walk out of the door.

You thought John and Alex had gone to John’s house? WRONG! They were standing outside the door.

“So you’re together now?” John asks, his nose slightly pink from the cold. Both of them jump.

“Um, ye-yeah,” Herc stumbles. “We’re going to my family’s house right now, to tell them.”

“Do you want us to come?” Alex asks.

Lafayette shrugs. “I don’t see why not.” They head on over to Herc’s house. It’s obvious that as they get closer, he begins to become nervous. Laff murmurs to him, “There’s nothing to be afraid of, mon amour.”

Alexander’s eyes widen, and he puts his hand to his mouth. John looks at him, confused, and asks, “What?”

Alex just shakes his head, a knowing smile on his face. “Oh, nothing, nothing.”

They arrive at his house. Hercules takes a deep breath and walks in. His dad is in the kitchen, cooking dinner, and his mom is setting the table. Well, this is as good of a time as any.

“Hey mom, hey dad.” They both glance up at him and smile.

“Hey sweetie! How was your day?” his mom asks.

“Um, well, there’s something I want to tell you…”

Both of them stop what they’re doing and look up at him. He pulls Lafayette toward him and says, “Mom, dad, meet my… boyfriend.”

His dad drops a spoon on the counter, making a loud clatter. His mom puts her hand to her mouth, tears of joy in her eyes. She rushes over to him and gives him a big hug (despite being shorter than him). “Oh, Herc, I’m so glad you finally told us!”

Hercules asks, “Wait, you knew?”

“Yeah, I could kind of tell.” She pulls away as his father walks over to him. He gulps, really nervous.

But instead of being mad or anything, he smiles. “Congratulations,” he says, patting his son on the back. He turns to Lafayette. “I know you’ll make my son very happy, seeing as you are already such close friends.”

“Thank you, monsieur.”

“Oh please, just call me Mr. Mulligan, or Hugh, whichever works for you.” He then shouts, “Oh, the food!” He runs back into the kitchen, hoping nothing burned.

Alex and John come up next to the couple. John laughs quietly and remarks, “Looks like I’m the only single one in the group!”

“I guess so,” Alex replies. “So now are you going to on the hunt for someone?”

“Nah,” he says, “I don’t need a girl. I’m perfectly fine being single.”

Alex nudges him. “And what about Lexi?”

John begins to turn pink. He bites his lip and looks away, trying to get rid of the blush on his face.

Mr. Mulligan calls from the kitchen, “Do you boys want to stay over for dinner?”

Alexander replies, “John’s mom is making hamburgers, so we’re going to go over there.”

“But I’ll stay,” Laff says. “Let me just tell my mom.” He pulls out his phone and sends her a quick text.

John and Alex says goodbye before heading back to their house. Once they leave, Alex states, “You didn’t answer my question.”

John sighs. “Okay, maybe if it was Lexi, then I wouldn’t be single. But… um, she…” He sighs again. “She wouldn’t want to go out with me. I know she wouldn’t like me.”

“Why wouldn’t she like you?”

“Reasons I don’t want to explain,” he says, full of self doubt.

“Oh come on John, don’t be so hard on yourself! Who couldn’t like you, honestly? You’re kind, sweet as a cinnamon roll yet tough as steel, you don’t let what other people say get to you, at least most of the time, and you seem to glow with happiness when people are around you, especially when you smile.” Now that he’s begun, he doesn’t stop.

“And who wouldn’t fall for your looks, too? Your freckles dot your face like stars, and your hair is just so perfect. And you’re telling me no one would fall for you? John, don’t put yourself down like that! Don’t let anyone put you down like that. Because you are perfect the way you are, and single or taken, on your worst day or your best, you are you, and that’s enough.”

John is smiling, a blush creeping onto his face. “You… you really think that?”

“I know that,” he replies, putting his arm around him. “Laurens, you’re the closest friend I’ve got, and I won’t let anyone bring you down.”

John is grinning from ear to ear. “Thanks Alex,” he says quietly.

“Can’t thank me for stating the truth.” Alex takes his arm off of his friend’s shoulder and shoves his gloved fingers into his pockets. “Ugh, why’s it gotta be so cold?” he mutters.

John chuckles. “Welcome to New York,” he replies. Then his eyes widen as he realises something. “Um, Alex?”


“Don’t mention Laff and Herc being together, okay? My dad is super homophobic. We’ll have to tell them to act normal when we come to my house. If we’re going to hang at my house anymore.”

“Sounds good,” Alex replies, not wanting to press the subject.

They walk inside and head to the kitchen. Mrs. Laurens says, “There you are! Perfect timing, too. I just finished dinner. Could you please set the table for me?” They simply nod and get the table set up.

Then John calls, “Dinner! And it’s burgers!”

It sounds like a stampede of baby elephants when his siblings come crashing down the stairs. And there’s only two of them! His dad comes out of his office only slightly less calm than the little boys. Mrs. Laurens says loud enough for everyone to hear, “This is why I miss Martha.”

“You know you love us,” Henry retorts.

“Where did you hear that?” his mom asks.

Henry giggles, and so does James. She just sighs and sets the plates on the table. Everyone eats, no one uttering a word. And John is glad for the silence.

But it doesn’t last long. John’s dad eventually asks him, “So how’s Lafayette dealing with the breakup?”

John almost chokes on his food. He finishes chewing and replies, “Oh, he’s okay now. Um, I think he might actually have a crush on someone, too, but he refuses to tell us who.”

He nods. “And what about you Alexander? How are you and Eliza?”

“We’re good,” he replies shortly.

“How’s Herc?” his mom asks.

“He’s doing fine,” Alex replies. “Still busting down doors, shouting his name.”

This earns a small laugh from everyone. “Sounds like him, alright,” John’s father remarks.

“Yeah,” John murmurs.

If his father found out about Herc and Laff, that would be a big problem. Best case scenario, John wouldn’t be able to talk to them ever again, and he’d be transferred to another school.

He glanced over at Alexander. At least he, too, can keep a secret.

That night, John is laying in bed, thinking of everything that has happened that day. He rubs his eyes, trying to think straight. Alexander’s words float back to him. Your freckles dot your face like stars, and your hair is just so perfect. He smiles slightly.

Then another voice drifts out of his conscious. Those freckles of yours are just so ugly! It looks like a toddler got hold of a crayon and make random dots everywhere. And your hair! It’s such a mess! And such an ugly shade, too. And who grows their hair out that long? You look like such an idiot. Why don’t you just DISAPPEAR?

His eyes began to water. He tried to wipe them away, but to no avail. And Alex just kept on sleeping, not knowing that his friend is hurting.

Author’s Note: Love is love is love is love is love is love. Don’t let anyone say otherwise. If you don’t approve of what happened in this chapter, then you don’t have to read it anymore. Just gonna say, Mullette (Mulligan and Lafayette) isn’t my biggest ship, but I sort of ship it, and I wanted to add it. This also will help for something that happens later in the story, but that won’t be for QUITE a few chapters (sadly). That’s all I have to say about that. I hope you’re enjoying my story!

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