Hamilton Meets High School, Ch22

IT’S GOING DOWN!!! ALL DOWNHILL!!! EEEEEEKKKKK!!! It all goes downhill from here! Hehehehehehehehe… And then chapter 23… Just you wait, just you wait… Here are chapters 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 BONUS 18 19 20 21 ! Wow, two in a day. Awesome, wow! Here it is😁😁😁


Alexander is confronted by Jefferson, Madison, and Burr after school on Monday. They somehow know where Herc lives, and now they’re at his house. Maybe Burr knew from when he used to hang with them? Herc is off on a date with Laff, and his parents are at work. So it’s Alex, alone, left to the mercy of these three.

“What do you want?” he growls, resisting the urge to slam the door on their faces.

“We have reason to believe you cheated on your midterm exams,” Jefferson states, crossing his arms.

Alex chuckles slightly and opens the door wide. “Come on in, and let me hear your theory. And I’ll prove you wrong, guaranteed.”

They walk in and sit down on the couch. Alex sits in an armchair and turns it to face them. “Fire away,” he says.

Jefferson starts, “Through lots of research, we found your midterm essays. We also found James Reyes’s essays, and it appears that they share the same tone, vocabulary, and overall idea. Which gives us reason to believe you cheated.”

“Is that what you have, are you done?” Alex asks, annoyed.

Madison chuckles and says, “You are uniquely situated, but virtue of your history.”

“Though virtue is not a word I’d apply to this situation,” Jefferson interjects.

“To not finish your own assignment, especially at midterms!”

“And the evidence suggests you engaged in speculation.”

“An immigrant, cheating on essays? I can almost see the headline. Hamilton, say goodbye to college, we got you.”

“I hope you can find a job after this,” Burr says. “You best run back where ya come from.”

Alexander laughs, “Ha! You don’t even know what you’re asking me to confess!”

“Confess!” the three of them insist.

“You have nothing I don’t have to tell you anything at all… unless.”

“Unless?” Jefferson asks.

“If I can prove I never cheated, do you promise not to tell another soul what you saw?”

Quietly, Aaron says, “No one else was in the room where it happened.”

“Is that a yes?” Alex asks.

“Um… yes,” Thomas and James reply.

Alex pulls out his phone, opens the few texts he and James Reyes exchanged, and hands the phone to Burr, who reads it out loud.

“Alexander, I hope you are doing well on my essays, because if you don’t, the whole school will know that was my girlfriend you decided to make out with.”

“WHAAAAAT?” Jefferson asks, taking the phone out of Burr’s hand.

“She asked me to meet her in the hall one day during class. I agreed, and when she kissed me… I didn’t pull away,” he says quietly. “I did what he said, I wrote his essays for him, and he kept it all quiet, and so did Maria. As you can see, I didn’t cheat on my essays. I have done nothing that you can use against me. Are these results to your satisfaction?”

They’re silent for a moment, and then Jefferson says quietly, “My gosh.”

Madison clears his throat and says, “Guys, let’s go.”

Before they can leave, Alex asks, “So?”

James and Thomas exchange a look before saying, “The people won’t know what we know.”

“Burr! How do I know you won’t use this against me the next time we go toe to toe?” Hamilton asks, grabbing Aaron’s sleeve.

Aaron chuckles. “Alexander, rumors only grow. And we both know, what we know.” With that, he leaves with Thomas and James.

Alex sinks to the floor, wondering what he’s just done. They’ll probably use this to blackmail him, too. Is there any way he can stop this?

He slowly gets up and heads to his room. He doesn’t know what to do. John picks that time to text him.

I’m bored, he says.

Yeah, me too, Alex replies. Wanna go get hot cocoa?

Sure! Be there in ten, John replies.

Alex gets up out of bed and fixes his hair. Ten minutes later, John knocks on the door, and they walk to the Cocoa Cafe. They walk in silence, but it’s not an awkward silence. It’s one of those ‘both are too lost in thought’ kind of silences. They’re also both really cold, and just want to walk in silence, because sometimes the cold seeps most of your energy.

Finally, after about five minutes of this, John breaks the silence by saying, “So. Um, how’s school going, I guess?” It’s obvious that he wants to start a conversation, but doesn’t really know what to say.

“Eh, school is school. Nothing new,” Alex replies. What he doesn’t say is that his thoughts are colliding together. Why’d I do it? Will Jefferson blackmail me? Can I get in trouble for writing James’s essays? What if Eliza finds out? Burr will keep true to his word, right? Hey, watch out for that-

He runs into the light post, too lost in thought to hear John telling his to stop. He falls to the floor, dazed.

“Alex! Are you alright? Why weren’t you listening to me? Does your head hurt?” John asks, worried.

Alex rubs his head, leaving snow on his forehead from his gloves. “Yeah. I was just way too lost in thought.”

John holds out his hand and helps him up. “What were you thinking about?” he asks, both curious and worried.

Alex waves it off and replies, “It’s nothing.”

They continue walking, but this time, Alex tries to keep up constant conversation with John so that he doesn’t get lost in thought. Even though the conversation is a little odd.

“Do you think guys can wear pink?” John asks out of the blue.

Alex glances at him and replies, “Yeah, I think they can. I don’t understand why some people think they can’t.”

“I know, right! I was just thinking the same thing! I mean, if girls can wear blue, which is considered a boy color, then why can’t guys wear pink? And, if girls can wear pants, then… why can’t guys wear skirts and dresses?”

Alex laughs. “I mean, I guess they could. I think the Irish have the right idea, with the kilts and stuff.”

John smiles. “Yeah, I guess they do. But still, why do people judge what others wear? Why do people judge at all?”

His friend shrugs. “I don’t know. Human nature, I guess? But yeah, people seem really judgy. Especially girls, you know? Always judging one another’s clothes and makeup. But at the same time, boys judge girls on how they appear, too, so I guess everyone does it.”

“It’s injustice!” John shouts, punching the sky.

Alex laughs. “Yeah, that’s one why you can put it.”

They enter the Cocoa Cafe laughing. Usnavi is behind the counter, bundled up in warm clothes. “Hey guys!” he greets. “Rumor has it one of you had a birthday on Friday.”

“That would be me,” Alex says shyly.

“Well, happy belated birthday! Anything you want, it’s free, man.”

“Are you sure?” Alex asks.

“Positive,” Usnavi replies.

They order hot cocoa, slices of strawberry cheesecake, and lots of lemon fudge. They thank him and sit down at a table. Alex takes a sip of his hot cocoa, but just ends up burning his tongue off.

“Ah!” he yelps, nearly spitting out the hot cocoa.

“Alex, you know you have to blow on it first!” John scolds playfully.

“I know, I know. I’ll just eat my cheesecake.” He shoves a big bite into his mouth and pretends to look mad.

John snorts and eats a lemon fudge. Alex mumbles, “Now my tongue is going to hurt for a long time.”

“Too bad, so sad,” John replies, smiling.

“I will spill hot cocoa on you,” Alex threatens.

“No you won’t,” John retorts, taking a sip of hot cocoa.

“Maybe. But I can make you laugh while you’re drinking your hot cocoa, and then you’ll get hot cocoa on yourself.”

John narrows his eyes and sets down his hot cocoa. “You wouldn’t dare,” he says quietly.

“I would, and I will. But first I want some of my hot cocoa.” He blows on his hot cocoa before taking a sip.

So that’s how they end up both trying to make the other laugh, and by the time John breaks and gets hot chocolate on himself, both of their faces are bright red from holding in laughter.

“I win!” Alex laughs as John gets napkins and starts to wipe himself off.

“Whatever. Come on, we better head home, it’s getting dark.” They get up, taking the remainder of the lemon fudge with them, and walk home.

After some silence, John remarks, “The sunset is really pretty tonight.” It’s orange on the horizon, fading into pink and then purple with fluffy clouds dotting the horizon, each of them shining with color.

“Yeah, it really is,” Alex says quietly.


The next day at school, when Jefferson asks Alex for a pencil (even though he has one), he gives it to him because he doesn’t want to be pressured into it with what happened with Maria.

When Burr asks for advice, he gives it, even though he doesn’t really want to. He’s just worried about what will happen if he says no.

It goes on like this for a while. Wednesday is when things start to change. Jefferson, sensing that Alex will do anything, starts asking for other things, like answers to worksheets.

That night, Alex sits at his hybrid computer, his hands hovering above the keys. He’s debating just writing everything down and publishing it, but then what would happen? He sighs and closes his computer. He can live with this.

The next day, Thursday, is worse. And the whole time, thoughts are pounding in Alexander’s head. During lunch, Laff asks, “Mon ami, are you alright?”

Alex looks up as if awoken from a dream. “What? Oh, um, yeah,” he replies, going back to eating.

“You don’t seem fine,” John says.

“Tell us what’s wrong,” Herc adds.

Alex looks up at his friends, wondering if he can trust them. He sighs. Not with this. “I just… have a lot on my mind, okay?” he says quietly.

John is about to say something, but Laff puts a hand on his shoulder and murmurs, “Not right now mon ami.” So they leave him be.

During Algebra, Eliza leans over and whispers, “Are you alright?”

He looks up at her and manages a smile. “Yeah. Just lost in thought, I guess,” he replies. She nods and goes back to work.

By then, he’s made up his mind. So after he finishes his homework, he calls Eliza. “Hello?” she answers.

“Hey Eliza. I realized I’ve been a little distant lately, so I wanted to talk to you,” he tells her, knowing this might be the last good conversation he has with her.

He can hear the smile in her voice as she says, “I’m perfectly fine with that! What do you want to talk about?”

“Well, for starters, your birthday gift for me. I’ve been looking through it, and I really like the designs you put with some of them! And might I say, your handwriting is way  better than mine.” She laughs. “And all the things you said… I never thought there could possibly that many things you liked about me!”

“Well, you’re a very likable person,” she tells him.

“Aww. But not as likable as you. And definitely not as pretty. But I do have way better hair,” he says playfully, giving his ponytail a toss, even though she can’t see it.

Eliza laughs. “You are such a cute little dork sometimes.”

“Why thank you madame,” he replies with an accent.

She laughs again. “Make that 366 reasons I love you.”

“Well, I guess you do need something for Leap Year,” he remarks, looking through the book. She has one reason per day, but he’s been looking through them all instead of waiting for that day to come.

“That is true. Oh, my dad is calling me. Talk to you later Alex!”

“Bye Eliza. And before you go, there’s one more thing I want to say.” She doesn’t hang up, and he takes that as a sign that he can continue. “Just, don’t forget that I love you, alright?”

“Okay,” she replies, a little bit of a question in her voice. Then she hangs up. He smiles, regretting what he has to do. But he has to do it.

He opens his computer and begins to type. This is what the final product looks like:

The Reynolds Pamphlet

By: Alexander Hamilton

Rumors have been floating around that I cheated on my midterm essays. I am going to put those rumors to rest by stating that they are false. The charge against me is a connection with one James Reyes, for purposes of improper speculation. My real crime was making out with his girlfriend, Maria Reynolds, in the hallway during class.

This occured for about a week, from December 7th to December 14th, when James discovered us. Turns out, they planned this all along so that they could blackmail me into doing James’s midterm essays. So if anyone cheated on their essays, it was James.

Yes, I knew she had a boyfriend. Yes, I knew I was cheating on my girlfriend, Eliza Schuyler. She, of course, was in class, and never bore witness of what happened. I am not proud of what I did, but I can assure you that these previously stated accusations of me are not correct.

It’s better to be honest, than to let the rumor grow and turn into something more dangerous.

Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Aaron Burr, what are gonna blackmail me with now, huh?

Eliza, I am sorry. I hope you can forgive me.

Alex sighs and stares at the document. Is he really going to do this? Is he ready to do this? He sighs and checks the time. Midnight. The perfect time to publish something so that no one will see it until morning. And good thing tomorrow, well I guess today, is Friday, because that only means one day of suffering, and it will probably just blow over.

He copies and pastes it before emailing it to his phone. He then copies it again and posts it on Angelica’s app.

It’s out for the whole school to see.

Alex thinks it will stay on the app, but what he doesn’t know is that Jefferson is awake. His phone dings, and he opens the app. He sees the article and reads it.

He murmurs, “Great, now I can’t blackmail him. But I could ruin his life further.” He then proceeds to copy the document onto his computer, where he adjusts the title size and the font before hitting Print.

The printer in his room (his parents are rich, of course he has his own printer) starts to make copies, and he smiles with satisfaction. Now he just has to get to school early tomorrow to post the papers everywhere and also hand them out to people entering the school.

This should be fun.

Alex climbs into bed, knowing tomorrow will be a hard day. But at the moment, he doesn’t care. He doesn’t care one bit.

Eliza lies in bed, sound asleep, not even dreaming of what has been done. She knows, thinks, that Alex would never do such a thing, but she is mistaken.

John is also asleep, but his thoughts are slightly troubled. What has been up with Alex lately? He’s thought constantly. Well, he’s about to find out soon enough. The morning is going to be an interesting one.

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