Hamilton Meets High School, Ch26

Okay you guys, last chapter before the epilogue! I’ve already finished writing it all, and on Google Docs, it’s 235 PAGES!!!! That’s crazy! I started writing this in… what, late June, mid July? Something like that. And now I finished it in late October. I’ll have a new story coming out soon, but it won’t be a fan fiction this time. But it WILL have Hamilton characters, but with different last names. Here we go! Here are chapters 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 BONUS 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25!


Alex gets ready, wondering where he and John are going. He walks over to John’s house, wondering if Laff and Herc know…

John is waiting on the front steps. When he sees Alex, he waves his hand enthusiastically and beams at him. Oh, I love my little dork, he thinks, returning the smile.

“You mind telling me where we’re going?” Alexander asks.

“Mmmm… nah. You’ll find out when we get there!” they climb into the backseat of John’s mom’s car, and she begins to drive to the city. She would let them go alone, but it’s a theatre, and they would probably get lost or something.

Alex intertwines his fingers with John’s and asks, “Am I allowed to guess?”

“If you do, I’ll just smile and say ‘maybe’. That way you won’t know I’m lying,” John replies.

“Well, I love to see you smile, so I’m gonna guess anyway. Are we going to the city?”

“Maybe,” John answers, smiling.

“Is it a long drive?”


“Can’t you tell me something?” Alex whines.

John’s grin turns to a smirk as he says, “Well, we have to drive in a car to get there. And we have to drive the car back home. There, that’s something.”

“Wow, I never thought you could be so salty…” Alex murmurs.

“Blame the turtles. They’re from the ocean, and the ocean is salty.”

Alex smiles and lets out a short laugh. “You’re so cute,” he tells him.

They talk about random things as they head toward the city. Eventually, after lots of traffic, they park, and Alex asks, “So, where are we going?”

John grabs his hand and replies, “You’ll see.” They begin to walk, his mom leading the way. After a while, the theatre comes into sight. John squeals and points. “There it is! The theater!”

Alex squints and asks, “Wait, what is the musical called?”

John smiles widely and replies, “It’s called Hamilton.” Alex looks confused and stunned, so John elaborates, “It’s a musical about the founding father guy you were named after. I thought we could watch it.”

Alexander puts and hand to his mouth and says, “Oh, John, you are honestly the best boyfriend out there.”

“Not as good as you,” he replies.

Alex smiles and starts to drag John toward the entrance. “Come on!”

Once they’re inside, they settle in their seats, which are pretty close to the stage. John tells Alex, “I heard it’s really good. It came out in 2015, and it was an immediate hit.”

“I can’t believe you brought me here,” he replies with a goofy smile.

The show starts with a very upbeat tune. When they get to “Alexander Hamilton. My name is Alexander Hamilton”, Alex and John look at each other and grin.

They have a wait what moment when John Laurens, Lafayette, and Hercules Mulligan are introduced, because those are their names!

The Schuyler sisters, too? This is getting freaky.

When Samuel Seabury comes along, they exchange another look. And then King George. Like what…? They sing along to King George’s song, because it’s catchy and easy to learn.

George Washington, too? Well, I mean, he is from the Revolutionary War time, so that was a given.

When ‘Helpless’ comes on, Alex is seriously feeling deja vu. All of this is so similar to his life…

When Charles Lee is mentioned, John’s face hardens, and he thinks is everyone gonna be in here?

During ‘Guns and Ships’, Alex and John are stunned at how fast the actor can rap, and they wonder if their friend Lafayette can do that.

When Hercules Mulligan shouts his name in ‘Yorktown’, they think that is exactly what Herc does.

The John Laurens Interlude is emotionally upsetting. About halfway through it, Alex squeezes John’s hand and whispers to him, “Don’t leave me like that, okay?”

On the verge of tears, John nods. “I promise.”

Alexander loves Non-Stop, and it’s totally true for him. When the intermission comes around, he turns to John and shouts, “That is amazing!!”

“I know, right? But it’s kind of freaky that it is kind of like our lives,” he replies thoughtfully.

“Yeah, I agree.” They fanboy for about ten minutes, and then it starts again.

When Thomas Jefferson arrives and Cabinet Battle #1 happens, Alex narrows his eyes and thinks, Just like Jefferson. Even the color of his clothing.

John almost squeals when he sees Philip playing piano with Eliza. He just seems so cute and innocent!

And then ‘Say No To This’ comes on. John stomach immediately plummets at the tune. He can tell something bad is going to happen. When Maria Reynolds is mentioned, he and Alex exchange a weary glance. Once John realizes the meaning of it, he covers his eyes and murmurs, “I can’t watch.” But he creates a crack in his hands anyway, because he doesn’t want to miss it.

Both of them are glad when the next song comes on. John removes his hands as ‘The Room Where It Happens’ begins to play.

When ‘The Adams Administration’ comes on, Alex smiles at the fact that he does not know a John Adams. And when ‘We Know’ comes around, he feels deja vu again because of what happened with Maria. And then the Reynolds Pamphlet, which totally makes him crazy.

‘Stay Alive (Reprise)’. John gasps as the tune comes on. His eyes begin to water as he watches Philip slowly die. He stops counting, and Eliza lets out a soul crushing, heart wrenching scream that shatters John’s heart into a million pieces. He starts to cry as ‘It’s Quiet Uptown’ comes on. Alex wraps an arm around him, tears forming at the corners of his eyes.

They’re glad when the sadness ends, and ‘The Election of 1800’ comes on. But it’s not over yet.

Both of their hearts shatter even further during ‘Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story’ when they say “The orphanage”.

They’re a mess during the credits, John more than Alex. They get up and head out, talking about how wonderful it was. They would get merchandise, but the lines are CRAZY long, so they decide against it.

They head back to John’s house, him leaning on Alexander’s shoulder the whole way home. When they get there, John beams and says, “Come inside, I have a surprise for you.” He drags his boyfriend to the front door before telling him, “Okay, now close your eyes.”

Alex closes his eyes, wondering what John wants to show him. John opens the door and leads him inside. He shuts the door and says, “Now, open!”

He opens his eyes to find a big, beautifully decorated sign saying Will you go to the dance with me? John is standing in front of the sign, a bundle of blood red roses in his hands.

Alex smiles and runs up to him, exclaiming, “Of course I’ll go to the dance with you!” He gives him a hug, careful not to squish the roses, before kissing him.


John and Alex dance slowly to the rhythm of the music. They’re at the Valentine’s Dance, and they are ignoring the world and all it’s problems. It’s just the two of them, in this perfect moment. John rests his head on Alex’s shoulder and murmurs, “I like this.”

Alex smiles and replies, “I do too.”

Lafayette and Hercules are at the punch table, talking to one another and eyeing their other friends. When the song changes, Herc asks, “May I have this dance?” He leads Laff to the dance floor and they start to dance.

Angelica and her date, Evan Hansen, walk up to Eliza (who is standing alone), and she asks, “Hey Liz. How are you doing?”

Eliza shrugs and replies, “Okay, I guess. I was better when Peggy was here, but she abandoned me.”

Angelica places an arm around her shoulders and tells her, “You don’t need a guy to be awesome, because you already are.”

Eliza smiles. “Thanks Angie.”


It’s the day after the dance, and a few people are in a not so good mood. One of those people is James Reyes, because Maria dumped him at the dance. She said he was too possessive, which James did not like at all. Well, at least he can get whatever girl he wants, whenever he wants.

Maria has also dumped the cheerleaders, and she’s talking to Eliza again. At first, it was awkward, but they’re friends now.

The next week, they’re all sitting in Algebra, everyone is on their phones and talking, because the substitute doesn’t care what they do, as long as they get their work done. Somehow, the conversation drifts to what the best type of phone is. The conversations kids have, honestly.

One kid who sits in the back, Jack Kelly, stands up on his chair and shouts, “Guys! I know how to settle this. Obviously, you guys are too high tech, and you need to get with the times. The best phone is my brick phone, of course.” And he pulls a brick from his backpack.

Everyone starts to laugh at him, but it does change the topic of the conversation.


Time flys. Exams and stress come and go, and it’s finally the first day of summer. Alex and John are going on a walk around the neighborhood, enjoying the beauty of summer. John is wearing a turtle shirt like always, and Alex is wearing his favorite dark green t-shirt.

They’re talking about everything and nothing, not caring what they talk about. That’s when John sees it.

“Hey, isn’t that Jefferson’s car?” he asks, pointing ahead. Sure enough, Jefferson’s car is driving down the road. But instead of Thomas being at the wheel illegally, it’s Burr. Thomas is teaching him how to drive, which is not a good idea.

“It sure looks like it. He sure is an idiot, because he’ll probably get caught,” Alex replies with disgust.

Aaron’s knuckles are white, and he’s hyper-aware of everything. So when a bird is in his path, instead of letting it fly away, he swerves.

Alexander and John’s eyes widen as the car comes barreling toward them. In a moment of instinct, Alex bushes John out of the way and tries to get out of the way himself.

John watches in slow motion as he falls down, his head hitting the concrete with a loud crack. He watches as Alex gets hit by the car. John cries out, tears streaming down his face. He then passes out.

Aaron is frozen in his seat. He might have just killed Alexander.

Thomas calls 911. Alex is a bloody mess, and John is unconscious.

John gets a concussion, but Alex is far worse. Three fractured ribs, two of them broken. He’s a bloody mess, and is unconscious because of the pain.

When John wakes up, his first thought is where is Alex. His mom is next to him, and she says, “You’re awake! Hang on, let me call a nurse.”

A nurse comes in, and when she arrives, he asks, “Where’s Alex? Is he okay? Is he alive?”

John’s mom holds his hand and tells him, “He hasn’t woken up yet, and they don’t know if he’s going to make it.” Tears are in her eyes.

John gasps, and chokes back a sob. “C-can I see him?”

The nurse tells him, “You have a concussion, and it wouldn’t be a good idea-”

“Let me see him,” John replies, venom in his voice.

She sighs and says, “Okay, but don’t blame me if your head hurts like crazy later.” She brings him Alexander’s room, where Lafayette and Hercules are.

Laff turns and says, tear tracks on his face, “Mon ami, you’re awake.”

John rushes up to Alex and pulls up a chair right next to him. The monitor is beeping steadily. He takes his hand and whispers, “Alex? Alex, can you hear me? It’s John.”

Alex is in a haze of pain and medication. He doesn’t know what is real and what is not, and weird visions swim around his thoughts. But one thing rings about above everything else. It’s John’s voice. “Please, Alex, wake up You’re gonna be okay, everything will be alright.”

John begins to sob as he chokes out, “Don’t leave me.”

Alex swims toward his voice. He fights the haziness, and opens his eyes to a hospital room, John at his side, clutching his hand. “John?” he murmurs.

“Alex! Alex, it’s me, John. You’re gonna be okay,” he says, more tears streaming down his face.

Alex reaches up his wire-filled hand and places it on John’s face. He wipes away a tear and says, “Hey, hey, why are you crying. I’m fine, see?”

John lets out a sob and smiles. “I love you Alex. You’re gonna be okay.”

Alex smiles. He wipes away another tear and murmurs, “Did I ever tell you what beautiful eyes you have?”

And then he flat-lines.

About the author: THE-Fangirl

I am part of the following fandoms:
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I love to write on my spare time, and I'd like to give a shout out to KatherineElizaEponineHamilton for being the first person to read my work. Thank you!

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