Hamilton Meets High School, Ch3


Alex wakes up at 5:00 in the morning, unable to go back to sleep. The bus doesn’t come for another two and a half hours, but he still gets up and gets dressed. He can hear the soft pitter-patter of rain outside, so he puts on his favorite green hoodie and some jeans. He decides to keep his hair down today.

He’s already on his way downstairs when Lafayette wakes up. Alexander makes himself a cup of coffee, trying to keep the sleep out of his mind. The rain is pouring by the time Laff comes down the stairs.

“Alexander, how many times do I have to tell you that you have to eat something with your coffee?” He goes into the kitchen and comes back ten minutes later with breakfast crepes.

“Thanks Laff,” he says, taking a bite of one. They eat in silence until Alex remembers something. “I forgot to finish my Vocabulary Workshop!” He dashes upstairs, grabs the book and his answer sheet, and then runs back downstairs. He multitasks, his right hand finishing the last fifteen questions, the other feeding himself and drinking coffee.

“Easy, mon amie. You’ll give yourself a headache.”

Alex barely finishes on time. He packs his lunch (made by Laff’s mom last night), puts his homework in his backpack, and grabs an umbrella. Together, they walk to the bus stop, where John and Hercules are already waiting, a long with a few other random people.

“How much do you want to bet that Thomas takes the same bus?” John asks. Despite wearing a white sweatshirt and jeans, he shivers.

“I’ll give you five Oreos if he doesn’t,” Alex replies. Since they live quite close to the close, they’re the last stop, so they’ll know right away if Thomas is there or not. The bus comes into view before stopping in front of them.

When they climb aboard, they hear a southern accent from the middle of the bus say, “Alexander! Long time no see!” Thomas is sitting with James, a huge grin plastered on his face. “And I see the whole gang is here!” They walk past him, heading toward the back where the five seater is. It’s a miracle no one else has decided to sit here.

Alex is lucky enough to get a window seat, and he stares out the window, watching the wet landscape go by. After five minutes of driving, they arrive at school. When they finally get off the bus, they find Aaron standing under an umbrella not too far away.

“Hey Aaron,” Alex says warmly, trying to pretend that he didn’t talk to Jefferson yesterday.

“Hey guys,” he replies quietly.

Lightning strikes not too far away, and a few seconds later a loud BOOM resonates through the air. Alex flinches and covers his head.

“Ohh, is someone afraid of storms?” Thomas jeers, coming into view.

“He is, in fact,” John says confidently, “because it reminds him of the hurricane he barely survived when he lived on Nevis.”

This softens up Jefferson a little bit. “You survived a hurricane?” he asks quietly. Alex nods, taking his arms off of his head.

After a brief moment of silence, Hercules says, “Come on, let’s get inside.” The Hamilsquad heads inside before splitting up to go to their lockers. Another BOOM echos through the halls, and Alex flinches.

“Thanks for standing up for me back there,” Alex tells John while closing his locker.

“No problem.” They meet Lafayette and Hercules before heading toward history early. They reach the door just as the bell rings. They walk in to find an empty classroom except for Mr. Washington. He smiles at them as they take their seats. People start to come in and take their seats.

Once the bell rings, Mr. Washington says, “Starting today, you will be working on a project due in two weeks. Working in groups of five, you will research one person from the American Revolution. But here’s the catch: you can’t use someone that’s well known, like George Washington or Thomas Jefferson. Once you’ve chose someone, tell me who so we have no duplicates. Also, there won’t be a whole lot of class time to work on it, so you’ll have to do it before or after school at some point. I will offer some lunch periods, but it’s a first come first serve sign up sheet. This paper I’m going to hand out is the project information.” He starts to pass out the paper.

When he finishes, he says, “Okay, everyone get into your groups!” Lafayette, Hercules, John, and Alexander get into a group together, but they need one more person.

“Aaron! Do you want to join us?” Alex asks.

“Oh, uh, sorry Alex, but Thomas already asked me, and I said yes.”

Hamilton just stands there, dumbfounded, as Burr joins Jefferson.

“Hey, Maria, do you want to partner up?”

“Oh, sure. But we need three more people…” They go in search of more people.

After two minutes, Mr. Washington asks, “Alright, we doesn’t have a full group?” The Hamilsquad raises their hands, and so does Eliza and Maria, Thomas, James, and Burr, and Charles Lee. “Okay then. Eliza, Maria, you two go in Thomas’s group. Charles Lee, join Alexander’s group.” They do as they’re told.

Eliza is not excited to be working with Jefferson. Based on science yesterday, it’s not going to be fun. But maybe Aaron, James, and Maria will help even it out.

The whole Hamilsquad does not want Charles in their group. He disrespected Mr. Washington, and he looks like someone who won’t do any work. “Okay,” John says testingly. “Any ideas for who we could do?”

Everyone is silent for a moment before Alexander says, “Oh, I know! How about we do Alexander Hamilton!”

“Mon amie, you weren’t alive during the revolution,” Lafayette explains.

“No, I mean the guy I’m named after. The one on the ten dollar bill?”

“Oh, that guy. But, if he’s on the ten dollar bill, would that mean he’s too well known?” Hercules asks.

“Well, we could ask Mr. Washington,” John says.

“Mr. Washington? Yeah, right. The old man should just go back to farming, like the rest of his family.” They all stare at him, exasperated.

“Did you just insult Mr. Washington?” Alex whispers.

“Yeah. You got a problem with that.”

“In fact, we do,” Lafayette says, rolling up his sleeves.

“Guys, guys, we’re in school. Do you really want to get sent to the principal’s office?” John puts his hands in between Lafayette and Charles. “Now let’s just pick a person.”

“How about we do who I’m named after,” Charles suggests, but he says it in a way that’s more like a command.

“That disgrace? Yeah right,” Hercules huffs.

“Well then, why don’t we take a vote? All in favor of doing Charles Lee, raise your hand,” Lee says. No one raises their hand. “All in favor of Alexander Hamilton?” The rest of them raise their hand.

“I’ll go ask if we can do him.” Alex stands up and walks over to Washington. “Mr. Washington? We were wondering if we’d be allowed to do Alexander Hamilton. We weren’t sure because he’s on the ten dollar bill.”

“That sounds like a wonderful idea Alexander,” he replies. “Not many people know about him, but he was an important part of our country’s foundation. Are you sure that’s who you want to do?”

“Yes,” Alex replies. Washington grabs his clipboard and says, “You may use your phones or the computers for research, and research only.”

Alex walks back to them and says, “We’re cleared. Now, it says here that we have to use a book as a source. Are there any books on Alexander Hamilton? More specifically in our library. We can use the computers or our phones for research.”

John whips out his phone and says, “I can look it up.” A minute later, he says, “There’s a book on him by Ron Chernow, but… it’s over 700 hundred pages, and we have two weeks to complete the project, probably one week at most for research.”

“I can read it!” Alex volunteers. “I can read big books like that.” He snaps his fingers for emphasis.

“In less than a week?” Charles says in amazement.

“In less than a week. I’ll use sticky notes to mark important information. Now, how do you want to present it? The options are a skit, slideshow, or poster.”

“I vote skit!” Charles Lee says.

“For once, something we can agree on,” Hercules murmurs.

“A skit would be fun,” Lafayette adds.

“And I know who is going to play Hamilton,” John says, smirking at Alexander, who was thinking the same thing.

“Well, that’s settled. Now, what basic information do we need?” They spend the rest of the period planning and assigning parts. They decide to meet at Lafayette’s on Friday to compare notes, and John’s next Tuesday to start putting together their project. They’ll figure out the rest from there.

Meanwhile, Madison is grappling with the fact that not every issue can be settled by committee. Half way through the class and they still haven’t decided on a person.

“I’m telling you, we should do Aaron Burr!” Aaron insists.

“For the last time, we are not doing a murderer!” Eliza says, aggravated.

“I wish we could do Jefferson,” Thomas pouts.

“You heard what Mr. Washington said; no famous people!” Maria argues.

“Since when does a cheerleader like you care about what a teacher says?” Jefferson sneers.

“Maria is no ordinary cheerleader,” Eliza defends.

“Oh, trust me. All cheerleaders are the same,” he continues. “They might not be to start with, but they eventually all turn into-”

“Thomas!” Eliza shouts.

“Hey, it’s true,” Thomas says defensively, putting both hands up.

“Okay, how about we just pick a random general that has a book about him in the library?” James offers.

“You know, that idea isn’t half bad,” Aaron says thoughtfully. He pulls out his phone and looks up a few generals before saying, “There’s a book about Charles Lee. He might have been a disgrace, but hey, it’s someone.”

“Might as well,” Jefferson says. “Are we in agreement?” Eliza doesn’t like to do a project like this, but it’s better than nothing, so she agrees. After Thomas comes back from telling Mr. Washington their person, they get to work figuring out the rest.

After some debate, they decide on doing a slideshow. They decide to rehearse at Thomas’s house next Wednesday and the Tuesday after that. They exchange phone numbers so that they can all talk on the phone while they work on the slideshow. Eliza is the one that’s going to be reading the book and taking notes from it. They barely finish deciding everything when the bell rings.

Alex heads to writing, hoping that Jefferson doesn’t annoy him. He’s not in luck. At least, not today.

“Hey, Alex, “ Thomas says, sliding into his seat behind him. “I was wondering… are you jealous that your girlfriend is in my group instead of yours?”

“She’s not my girlfriend. We’re just friends” he replies, trying to keep the little lie out of his voice.

“Yeah right. I see the way you look at each other. Now give me all the juicy details.”

“There are no details, because we’re just friends. And if there were, I wouldn’t tell you.”

Jefferson is about to say something when the bell rings.

Ms. Fiona begins to teach them about word choice and how it can affect your essay. Alex can feel his energy starting to dwindle. He’s used to it by now, but he still wishes he had more energy. By the time he gets to honors reading, he feels like he could fall asleep at any moment. He turns in his Vocabulary Workshop, and they are told to start lesson two.

Cora is acting a little bit weird during Mr. Castillo’s class. She’s shy around John, and keeps biting her lip. She’s smiling a lot, from ear to ear. She keeps fiddling with her braid, and when John talks to her, she just seems… off. Maybe it’s because she told John she likes him. Maybe it’s something else.

Alex feels himself wanting to doze. The only way he is able to stay awake is by gripping the pencil tighter and tighter and tighter.

Suddenly, a crack of lightning followed immediately by thunder makes the power go out. He’s suddenly wide awake, and wishing his friends were here to comfort him.

In Mr. Castillo’s writing class, Lafayette, Hercules, and John all look at each other in fear and simultaneously say, “Alexander.”

In the gym where Eliza’s at, girls stop running and start shrieking. A few people run into one another and fall down. “Nobody panic!” Coach Butler shouts, but no one listens to her.

Back in Mr. Sherman’s reading class, poor Hamilton is freaking out. More thunder booms, louder this time. He starts to tap his foot nervously, and his Skechers turn on. Everyone turns to look at him as red, white, and blue lights light up everyone’s faces, making them all look like ghosts. Even if no one had noticed his shoes before, they did now.

When they go out, Mr. Sherman says, “Alright everyone, pull out your phones and use them for flashlights.”

Mr. Castillo tells his students the same thing, so this is when they take their chance. They know Alex has his phone on silent during school, so they also know he won’t get in trouble when they text him.

John texts him, Meet outside the bathrooms.

When Alex receives this text, he waits a few seconds before raising his hand. When the teacher calls on him, he asks, “Can I use the restroom?”

“Well, you can’t bring your phone, so how will you see?”

“My shoes.”

He blinks in the ghostly light of fifteen phones before saying, “Very well. But hurry back.” Alex leaves to find John.

In the gym, Coach Butler has told all of the girls to sit on the bench and talk quietly among themselves. Eliza sits with Maria, and they talk about how annoying the boys in their social studies group are. “And seriously, what is Jefferson’s problem? Why does he keep asking me about Alexander?”

“Well, maybe he’s jealous because he likes you,” Maria replies, nudging Eliza playfully.

“I doubt it. But you never know, honestly.”

John is waiting for Alex outside the door, pretending to take a drink of water in case any teachers look in the hallway. They lock eyes and go inside the bathroom, Alexander’s Skechers lighting the way. Thunder booms, and Alex cringes.

Just like during every storm, John holds him in his arms, trying to comfort him. Alex has his arms wrapped around himself, his eyes squeezed shut. John just holds him, his head resting on Hamilton’s. Thunder rumbles again, and Laurens can feel his friend flinch against him.

After a couple of minutes like this, John says, “We better get back to class, or our teachers will be suspicious.” Alex just nods and pulls away from him. Laurens leaves first, followed by him a few seconds later.

Hamilton enters the classroom and sits down just as the power gets turned on. “Alright everyone, put your phones away and continue working,” Mr. Sherman says. Alex picks up his pencil and continues writing.

“Alright girls, get back to running,” Mrs. Butler yells, blowing her whistle. The girls get up and start jogging.

In Mr. Castillo’s room, John nods to Lafayette and Hercules, signalling that he made Alexander feel better. Cora has no idea what that was all about, so she just pretends she didn’t see anything.

In French class next period, they are assigned homework due Friday. Their homework is they have to fill out their vocabulary words in their composition notebooks and do a few activities with them. Once the homework is assigned, they start working on the numbers in french. Eliza begins to think of a tune that would help her remember it better, and by the end of class she’s got it down.

Since it’s raining outside, no one is allowed to sit out there, so everyone is crammed into the cafeteria. Thomas seemed to be in a real hurry getting here, and now Alex understands why: they were serving mac and cheese, which is apparently something he really really likes.

Eliza notices that Maria is sitting alone. “I’ll be right back,” she tells Brooklynn and Aurora. She walks over to Maria and says, “Hey Maria. Do you want to come sit with us?”

Her face lights up and she replies, “Yes, thank you so much!” She gets up and follows Eliza to her table.

When her friends see, Maria, they look at Eliza skeptically. “Brooklynn, Aurora, this is Maria. She’s going to sit with us for a while.”

Aurora asks, “But, she’s a cheerleader. Why isn’t she sitting with them?”

“I’m not like them, so they don’t accept me. The only thing we have in common is being flexible and on the cheer squad. Other than that, I’m nothing like them.”

Brooklynn and Aurora exchange a nervous glance. “Oh come on guys, just give her a chance!” They just shrug, and Maria sits down with them.

At his table, Alex moans, “I seriously need some coffee right now. I stayed up until midnight, and I woke up at 5:30.”

“Cheer up, mon amie. Here, have some candy. That will give you some energy.” Lafayette hands him a fun size bag of sour Skittles.

“Thanks Laff,” Hamilton says, taking the bag and eating a few of them. Lightning strikes, soon followed by thunder. “This storm is taking too darn long,” he grumbles before putting a hot Cheeto in his mouth.

A ways away, Thomas tells James, “I can’t believe they serve mac and cheese here! And it’s so good.”

“You do realize they just use Kraft Mac & Cheese, right?”

“Well, I don’t care what it is. It’s still mac and cheese!” Thomas shoves a spoonful into his mouth. James just sighs.

“I gotta go to the library now,” Alex says, grabbing his backpack. “I’ll be back soon!”

At the same time, Eliza explains, “I gotta go to the library real quick. I’ll be right back, but in case I’m not, I’m taking my bag.”

They both take different ways, so they don’t see each other until both of them are looking in the historical section of the library. Just as Alex finds the right book, he spot her. “Hey, Eliza!” he whisper shouts. She looks over at him and smiles. He weaves his way over to her. “So, who did your group decide?”

“She holds up the book and says, “We couldn’t agree, so we randomly chose Charles Lee.”

“Hey, you just rhymed!”

“Huh. I’m a poet, and I didn’t even know it!” She grins, and her eyes shine.

“Well, you’re not the only one who’s a poet,” he says, handing her the sticky note he wrote last night. “I’m not that good with poems, actually. I’m better at formal stuff…”

“Oh, Alexander, that’s so sweet!” She hugs the note to her chest before slipping it into her light blue backpack.

“Hey, um, I was wondering… would you like to go see a movie with me on Saturday?” Suddenly, it’s raining rose petals. Alex turns around confused, and sees his friends hiding behind a bookshelf, a basket of rose petals in Hercules’s hand. “Guys! You followed me?”

“Yep,” Lafayette answers with pride.

Alexander turns back to Eliza and says, “I swear on my life that I did not put them up to this.”

She smiles and replies, “I think it’s sweet. And I’m free on Saturday.”

“Awesome! I’ll pick you up at 6:00pm?”

“Sounds great. But, what movie will we watch?”

Hamilton just shrugs. “Whatever we want. Now we should probably go check out our books. And you three,” he points to his friends, “need to clean these up.”

Eliza and Alex walk to the check out together while his friends clean up the mess. John acts happy for them, and he is, but deep down, he’s a little disappointed. Now how will I tell him? he wonders. Let’s have a moment of silence for little ol’ me who doesn’t know how to tell him.

They all head back into the cafeteria, and Eliza tells first Angelica and then her friends about her date with Alex. Lafayette, Hercules, and John would give him advice, if they had ever dated someone before.

The bell rings, and everyone heads to their next class. Alex and John head to Mrs. Frazzles science room. When they get there, Alex notices that his friend seems to be a little bit distant.

“Is something wrong, John?” he asks, eyeing him with concern.

John looks up at him, as if being startled from a daydream. “Oh, uh, yeah I’m fine. Why do you ask?”

“You stare off into space when you’re upset about something,” he explains, wondering what his friend is sad about.

“Oh. I do?”

“Yeah,” Hamilton says gently. “You know you can tell me anything, right?” John opens his mouth as if he is about to say something, but then shuts it again.

He shrugs it off and murmurs, “I doesn’t really matter.”

Alexander is about to object when the bell rings. Mrs. Frazzle grabs a stack of papers and says, “I hope you all studied for your quiz today,” she says, handing out the papers. A collective groan goes around the classroom. Alex forgot to study, but most of the stuff is self explanatory, so he’s sure he’ll do fine.

John knows the answers to all of the questions, but he’s having a hard time focusing on it. His mind keeps wandering elsewhere, and he has to reel it back in.

Alex finishes with time to spare, so he takes out the Alexander Hamilton book and starts to read.

John barely finishes before Mrs. Frazzle says, “The test is over. Hand in your papers.” She collects them all just as the bell rings.

“Are you sure you don’t want to tell me what’s going on?” Alexander asks again as they head over to PE.

“Maybe I’ll tell you someday,” he replies, not really answering the question. Alex sighs as they get their PE clothes on.

They have to run laps again. Hopefully, tomorrow they play dodgeball or something. As Alex begins to think of this, he likes the idea more and more. I’d be fun to throw balls at Jefferson all period. Unless they get on the same team, which would be absolutely terrible.

Because he is too deep in his thoughts, he doesn’t pay attention to his surroundings. Thomas is next to Alex, and he changes his jog slightly so that his foot sticks out in front of Alexander.

Suddenly, he’s falling face first, having tripped over Jefferson’s foot. He lands hard, having had no time to put his hands out in front of him. He scrapes his right cheek on some loose pebbles, and he can feel something hot and sticky start to run down his face. Most of the boys laugh at him, Thomas especially.

His friends weren’t too far away, so they all dash over to him and help him to his feet. There’s a sharp pain in his left foot as he puts pressure on it. Coach Butler jogs over to them and asks, “Are you all right?”

Alex winces in pain and replies, “I think I might have sprained my ankle.”

“Okay, I’ll send you to the nurse’s office. But first let me take care of that cut.” She opens her fanny pack and pulls out a bandage and a wipe. “The rest of you, keep running!” she shouts. After the bandage is applied, she turns to Lafayette and asks, “Could you help him to the nurse’s office?” Laff nods while John and Hercules reluctantly go back to running.

The rain has stopped, if only for a brief time. But that makes it easier for them. Lafayette asks, “What happened mon amie?”

“Well, I was daydreaming about possibly playing dodgeball tomorrow, when suddenly I trip. But I think it’s very suspicious that Thomas just happened to be right next to me when I fell. I bet he tripped me. And now look at me!” He’s currently limping, and he winces every time he puts pressure on his left ankle.

“I’m sure the nurse will fix you right up. You should be walking in no time!” Lafayette says, trying to cheer him up. Alex gives him a half smile.

They arrive at Nurse Kiara’s office. She young and has blonde hair and bright green eyes. She looks like one of those nurse from horror movies that look all loving and innocent when really they’re out to kill you. “We think Alex here sprained his ankle,” Lafayette says, handing her the pass Coach Butler gave him.

“Here, come sit down and I’ll take a look at it,” she replies with a voice as sweet as sugar. Yep, she’s out to kill us, Alex thinks with some humor. Lafayette helps him into his seat and then waits awkwardly while she takes his shoe and sock off to examine it.

“Yep, it’s sprained alright, but you should be fine in about 24 hours.” She grabs what she needs and gets to work. Alex watches her intently, trying to figure out what she’s doing, but having absolutely no clue. Five minutes later, she says, “All better. But make sure you’re careful when you walk. I’ll go ahead and write you a note that says you can’t do PE tomorrow.”

A minute later, they are back outside. Alexander is able to walk, but with a limp and some pain. When they get to the locker rooms, everyone is already there, getting ready to go to last period. When John and Hercules spot them, they rush over.

“Are you going to be alright?” John asks with worry.

“Yeah, it should take about 24 hours for it to heal.”

“Hey, Alex,” Hercules says. He lowers his voice and continues, “I heard Thomas whispering to James that he tripped you.”

“I knew it!” Hamilton whisper shouts. He then gets his normal clothes back on, and so does Lafayette.

It’s once again raining outside when they exit the locker rooms. It was a small miracle that it wasn’t raining while they were going to the nurse’s office. They all rush to Algebra, their hoods pulled tight over their heads.

Well the word got around, and by the time he was in class, people were asking him if he was alright.

“Are you okay?” Maria asks.

“Yeah, I just sprained my ankle.”

Eliza rushes into class and exclaims, “Alex! I heard what happened. Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. It’s just a sprained ankle.”

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry that happened.” Thomas tilts his head slightly, indicating that he’s listening to their conversation. “Is there anything I can do to make it feel better?”

“Thanks Eliza, but really, I’m fine.”

“Alright, if you say so…”

The bell rings, and they start to go over the homework from yesterday. Alex got two of the questions wrong because he forgot to add the negative sign. Then they start on the next lesson.

When the bell rings, Eliza holds John back while the rest of the Hamilsquad leaves. Thomas lingers so he can listen to the conversation.

“Hey, John. Do you happen to know what Alexander’s favorite candy is?” she asks.

“Um, anything that’s sour or spicy. Why?”

“Okay, thanks!” she says before rushing out of the room.

“What was that all about?” Jefferson asks.

“None of your business,” John replies, trying to leave. Elsewhere, Hercules notices that John isn’t with them anymore.

Thomas grabs his shoulder, holding a little tighter than necessary. “Come on, tell me man.”

Laurens moves from his grip and makes a mad dash for the door. He makes it outside and finds his friends waiting.

“Why the hold up?” Lafayette asks.

“Jefferson wanted to talk to me. Of course, I didn’t tell him anything. Now we better hurry or we’ll miss the bus.” They go as fast as they can, seeing as Alex has a sprained ankle. This is their system: Lafayette helps him walk just a little bit faster by supporting him, Hercules holds the umbrella, and John gets on the bus before them to save their seat.

When they get on the bus, they see Laurens laying down in the back, telling everyone, “These seat are reserved. Oh, for how? My friends. One of them is ALexander, the one who sprained his ankle.” They get in their seats just as the bus drives off. And wanna know what the best part is?

“Hey, guys, look! Jefferson and Madison missed the bus!” Hercules says joyfully. They all turn around, and sure enough, they’re standing there, watching the bus leave.

“That’s karma right there,” Alex remarks.

When the finally get back, the rain is pouring harder than ever. They pull out their umbrellas and start walking to Hercules’s house, which is the closest. They leave their umbrellas on the porch before stepping inside.

His house is only one story, seeing as it’s only him and his parents.His older brother moved out years ago. They go into his room and start on homework.

At the Schuyler house, Angelica is helping Eliza pick out an outfit online for her to wear on Saturday. “Okay, so since you’re going to a movie, you want to be casual and comfy, yet a little bit flirty,” Angelica explains. “Based on your style, I think you should go with a button down top with a skirt.”

“Oh, this one looks nice. I’ll check the shipping,” Eliza tells her. “It takes two weeks to deliver,” she says with disappointment.

“Oh come on! You know what, Saturday morning we’ll just go to the store and buy it. Now where is the nearest location…” She pulls up Google maps and exclaims, “Oh, look! There’s one in Ocean Cove.”

“But… won’t we see people from school there? I mean, it is a hot spot for teenagers.”

“What’s wrong with seeing people from school?”

“Well…” Eliza trails off, thinking of Thomas.

“Who do you not want to see?”

“Well, they’re this guy named Jefferson, who’s Alex’s enemy, and he keeps asking me about him. Either he’s jealous or he wants to blackmail him. To make it worse, we’re in the same social studies group.”

“If Jefferson wants to know so much about Alexander, why don’t you give him Jefferson’s phone number, and they can work it out.”

“Hey, that’s a good idea! I’ll go it right now.” She pulls out her phone and texts Alex. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Thomas keeps asking me about you. Here’s his phone number so that you two can sort things out.

When Alex reads the text, an idea blooms in head head. Thanks he replies. He looks up at his friends and tells them, “Eliza just gave me Jefferson’s phone number. Let’s give him a call.” They all exchange a mischievous look. “Laff, do you think you can imitate a southern accent?”

Lafayette clears his throat, and in a perfect southern accent that sound exactly like Jefferson’s he says, “Of course I can.”

After a moment of stunned silence, Alex says, “Okay, so here’s the plan…” Half an hour later, they have everything ready. All they needed was Hercules’s mom to help them with some makeup for a school project. They move outside to make it more realistic. Then they FaceTime Thomas. Surprisingly, he answers.

“Hello?” he asks.

“Thomas! Thank goodness I was able to reach you. It’s me, you, from the future.” He shows Jefferson his face. Lafayette looks like he’s been through a battle. Cuts, a black eye, mud and blood stuck in his afro. “Listen, I don’t have much time. The fate of the future rests on what I’m going to tell you right now. You can’t go back to school. Ever. If you do, it will lead to a chain of events that cause a war.”

“Wait, what? How is this happening?”

John turns on the sound effects. It sounds like planes are flying overhead. Then there’s an ‘explosion’. Alex shakes the phone for affect.

Hercules then comes into view, looking worse than Lafayette. “Thomas! It’s James. Listen to us! You can’t go back to school!

“Okay, okay, I won’t. But how will my decisions affect the future?”

“We have to go. Don’t go back to school!” Then they hang up.

They start laughing like crazy. “Did you see the look on his face?” Alex gasps. “Hey totally believe us!”

“Okay okay,” John says. “Now let’s call him back and see his reaction to this.” They dial his number again. He answers immediately.

“You just got pranked!” Alex says. He shows his friends, and they all wave at the camera.

ALEXANDER HAMILTON!!!!!!” He lets out a stream of cuss words before yelling, “WHO GAVE YOU MY PHONE NUMBER!”

“Oh, a little birdie told me.”

“Tell me NOW!” he growls through clenched teeth.

“Nope. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to block your phone number.” He hangs up and does what he said he would do.

“Best. Prank. Ever!” Lafayette gasps in between fits of laughter.

Hercules’s mom steps outside and says, “Boys, grab your things. It’s time for you to head home.”

They walk inside, trying to suppress fits of laughter. Lafayette and Hercules go into the bathroom to wash off their makeup, leaving Alex alone with John. He has stopped laughing and is looking distant again.

“Seriously John, you can’t keep telling me you’re fine if you keep acting upset. Now tell me what’s wrong.”

He looks at Alexander with so much sadness in his eyes it’s impossible to put it into words. He hugs himself and says, “I want to tell you, I really do, but… I don’t think you’d understand.”

“I’m sure I would,”

“No, you wouldn’t,” John snaps forcefully.

Lafayette pops in and says, “Time to go.”

They all leave Hercules’s house and head to their own. The rain has stopped altogether. Alex and Laff say goodbye to John before entering the latter’s house.

When Lafayette’s mom notices Alexander’s limp, she asks, “Qu’est-il arrivé?” which is French for “What happened?”

Laff explains while Alex makes his way upstairs to finish his homework. He has some trouble doing this, but he makes it eventually. Once he’s finished all his other homework, he gets to work on finishing his essay.

He only has time for one sentence before he gets called down for dinner. When the time comes, Lafayette’s mom gives him extra dessert. Then he’s back upstairs, working on his essay.

At ten o’clock at night, he finishes it. Then he moves on to reading about Alexander Hamilton. The first thing that trip him up is the name ‘Elizabeth Schuyler’. She was Hamilton’s wife. Eliza is Alex’s girlfriend (sort of). The next thing is that Hamilton and Jefferson were rivals.

He has to put the book down. Not only is this stuff freaky, but he’s really tired. He climbs into bed and falls asleep right away.

About the author: THE-Fangirl

I am part of the following fandoms:
Harry Potter, Hamilton (An American Musical), Dear Evan Hansen, Be More Chill, Newsies, In The Heights, Lorien Legacies, The Gone Novels, Maze Runner, Hunger Games, Delerium, Uglies, and more.
I love to write on my spare time, and I'd like to give a shout out to KatherineElizaEponineHamilton for being the first person to read my work. Thank you!

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