Hamilton Meets High School, Ch6

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The next day is Saturday, the day of the date. Eliza, Angelica, and Peggy all head to Ocean Cove to find Eliza the perfect outfit for the date. She picks a light blue button down shirt and a black skirt. As they’re heading out of the store, Eliza sees someone she knows. Aaron Burr. And he is walking toward.

He tells Angelica, “Excuse me miss? I know it’s not funny, but you’re perfume smells like your daddy’s got money. Why ya hanging around here with guys like me? Are you searching for a schoolboy as cute as me?”

Angelica looks at her sisters, bewildered. “Burr, you disgust me,” she says, as if she was talking to a piece of trash.

“Ah, so you’ve discussed me,” he replies, winking. “I’m a trust fund baby, you can trust me.”

Angelica looks to her siblings and nods. “I’ve been reading War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy. So kids think I’m insane, the poor boys. You wanna cute girl? I’m just a schoolgirl. So this is what I have to say: All of you boys think us girls, are meant to be in the kitchen. But when I become the president? All of you boys are gonna pitch in.”

“WORK!” the sisters say, snapping their fingers.

“Okay then, I’m just gonna go…” Aaron says awkwardly. He hurries off.

“That was awesome Angelica!” Peggy exclaims.

“Yeah, you really intimidated him,” Eliza adds.

“Thanks guys. It’s just a thing of mine,” Angelica replies humbly. The call an Uber and head home. Angelica can drive, but she’s not old enough to get her license. She has a permit, though, and that’s a start.

Lafayette walks into Alexander’s room and shakes him awake. Alex rolls over and opens one eye. “Morning Laff,” he says with a yawn.

“Uh, don’t you mean afternoon, mon amie?”

“No, I mean morning. OH SHOOT!” he sits bolt upright in bed and looks at the clock. It’s just past noon. “Why didn’t you wake me sooner?”

“You need your beauty sleep. You’ve got a big day ahead of you. There’s some left over pancakes from yesterday in the fridge, if you want ‘um.”

Alex gets out of bed, murmurs a thanks to his friend. He eats a pancake before heading back upstairs to take a shower. Hopefully, the glitter will come out this time.

When he gets out of the shower, John and Herc have arrived. They’re rummaging through his stuff, trying to decide what he should wear.

“Hey guys,” Alex says. The say hello and continue looking through his stuff. “Find anything yet?”

“No. Do you seriously not have a single button up shirt in here?” Hercules complains, throwing his clothes on the bed.

“No…” Alex admits.

“That’s alright mon amie. I’m sure I have one that will fit you.” They all go into Lafayette’s room.

Laff looks through his clothes and finds the smallest size he can find, which is a 36. Alex is a 31. “Put that on with some jeans. You should be fine.” Laff explains.

Alex goes into the bathroom, changes, and comes back out. The shirt is definitely too big for him, but it’s the best they’ve got.

Next, Laff helps him with his hair. Why Lafayette? Well, he seems to be a master. He never lets a single strand fly loose, and he makes sure it looks perfect. It’s just a ponytail, but it takes him nearly twenty minutes.

Finally, John says, “That’s as good as it’s gonna get, okay Laff? We’re gonna end up sitting here for an hour, and it’s already four o’clock.” Reluctantly, his friend stops messing with Alexander’s hair.

“So, what are we going to do for an hour?” Alex asks.

“Give you advice,” Hercules answers. “I looked up lots of tutorials, and now I’m an expert at this kind of stuff.”

“Herc, I’m sure I’ll be fine-” Alex begins before getting cut off.

“No no, we’re going to give you some advice. Okay?”

“Okay?” So that’s how he gets stuck there, listening to everything his friends have to say. The longer they talk, the more confused he gets. Finally, they all eat a quick dinner before it’s time to go.

Alex calls an Uber and waves goodbye to his friends. “See you soon!” he shouts before climbing into the backseat of the car.

As soon, as he leaves, they call their own Uber. No way are they gonna miss Alexander’s first date.

Rewind a few hours and we find Eliza in her room, a towel wrapped around her. She just got out of the shower, and Angelica is blowing her hair before curling it so that it falls in waves down her shoulders.

“Alright Eliza, let’s eat some dinner before you get your outfit on.” They eat, and when they come back, Eliza gets the outfit on.

“Okay, now I’m gonna have you turned away from the mirror while I do your makeup. Then you’ll get to see the finished product.” Angelica works carefully, only adding what is necessary. Eliza has a naturally beautiful face, so it’s easy to make her look stunning. Once she’s finished, she brings her younger sister over to the full length mirror. “Vwalla!”

“Angelica, you are a miracle worker.”

“You did most of the work. You’re a natural beauty.” Eliza smiles at her sister’s remark just as the doorbell rings.

I really hope this oversized shirt doesn’t make me look weird, Alex thinks. The door is answered by a young girl of about twelve years of age. She looks exactly like Maria, except younger, which throws Alex off for a second.

“You must be Alexander!” she exclaims excitedly. “I’m Peggy. I’ve heard so much about you!”

“Have you now?” Alex replies, wondering how much Eliza talks about him with her family.

Another girl appears behind Peggy, and Alex immediately recognizes her as Angelica. “Hi Alexander,” she says. “Please, come in.” They make room for him, and he steps inside their house, which is huge. An older man walks into the room, and Alex can tell he’s the father. He tenses up slightly. His future with Eliza rests on this moment.

Eliza’s dad smiles warmly and holds out his hand. Alex takes it as the dad says, “Hello Alexander. I’m Philip, Eliza’s dad. It’s so nice to finally meet you. Ah, here’s my daughter herself.”

Eliza comes down the (rather grand) staircase. She is the most beautiful person Alex has ever seen.

Omg Alex looks so cute int hat oversized shirt he tried he really really tried he looks like a total dork omg I’m helpless for him, Eliza thinks. She walks toward Alexander and asks, “Are you ready?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be!” he replies.

“Be home by ten!” her father calls after them.

They walk outside, Eliza’s family waving behind them. “So, uhm, since my parents aren’t around to drive us, I got an Uber. Do you mind?” Alex asks.

“No, not at all,” she replies. He opens the door for her, and she climbs in. He tells the driver to go to the theatre at Ocean Cove, and they are on their way.

“So, what movie do you want to watch?” Alex asks.

“Well, I was looking online, and I saw this really cool looking horror movie. Is that alright with you?”

“Yeah, of course. As long as you don’t get too scared.” He winks at her.

“Well, if I do, I’ll have you to comfort me,” she flirts. This makes a shy smile spread across Alexander’s face.

When they get to the theatre, Alex is ready to pay for the tickets when Eliza insists that she does it. “I have more money than I know what to do with. Just let me pay!”

“No, no, Eliza, I can’t make you do that-”

“I insist.”

He finally lets her, but he says, “I’ll pay for the popcorn though.” She doesn’t reject.

As they buy their popcorn, Hamilton’s friends buy their tickets too. They heard Alexander and Eliza’s conversation, so they know what movie they are going to.

Alex and Eliza find their seats. His friends do the same, sitting right behind them. They don’t suspect a thing.

Only ten minutes through the movie, and Eliza has already jumps five times. He sees this as an opportunity and puts his arm around her. His friends try their hardest not to aww. They jump at everything, but they do it together.

About halfway through the movie, Alex looks at Eliza, and she looks at him. They lean closer. That’s when the singing starts.

“Sha la la la la la, don’t be scared, you got the mood prepared, go on and kiss the girl,” Lafayette sings.

“Woah woah!” Hercules and John echo.

Alex whips around to find his friends stifling a laugh. “What are you guys doing here?” Alex hisses.

“Oh come on, we wouldn’t miss out best friend’s first date!”

“I swear I will kill you all later,” Alex promises.

“I actually think it’s kinda cute,” Eliza says, heat creeping into her cheeks.

Alex blushes, but at least it’s dark in the movie, so she can’t see it. “The little lady likes us!” Lafayette remarks.

“Oh my gosh you guys,” Alex murmurs. “Now, can we watch the movie?” They oblige, and they all finish the movie. Hamilton keeps his arm wrapped around Eliza, but they don’t move any closer.

When the movie is finished, they all leave the movie theatre together. “Hey Eliza, do you want to walk around for a bit?” It’s only 8:30, so they still have some time before Eliza has to get back home.

“I’d love that!” she replies.

Alexander looks at his friends and tells them, “Stay here.” They wave at him as he walks away with his date. This time, they don’t follow. When they’re alone, Alex tells Eliza, “I’m so sorry about them, Eliza. They totally ruined our date-”

“It’s okay Alex.” She entwines her fingers in his. “It’s just us now.”

Or is it? They hear a camera go off, and they look in the direction of the bushes. A kid, maybe a junior, pops out and makes a mad dash for the parking lot. Hamilton’s anger flares. “Great. Now he’s going to send that to the whole school. Another person to ruin our date.”

“Well, if people know, they know. They’ll just be jealous that I got to you first.” Alex smiles. Omg he looks so dorky and cute with that smile oh I just love him so much. She decides to tell him. “I’m just gonna say, you look really cute when you smile like that.”

He flashes that smile again and asks, “This one?”

“Mmhmm.” She’s looking deep into those intelligent eyes of his.

“You look beautiful tonight,” he whispers. Then lean close, but SOMEBODY always has to ruin the best moments.

“Oooh, Alexander has a girlfriend?” Jefferson taunts. Alex looks behind him, more than murder in his eyes. Thomas sees this and realises the mistake he just made. He curses before running off. If Eliza wasn’t here, he would beat him to a pulp.

But she places a hand on his shoulder and says, “Come on. We better get back to your friends.” They walk back, hand in hand. An Uber picks them up and they drive to Eliza’s place.

Alex walks her to the front door. “I had a wonderful time tonight Alex, despite the interruptions. Thanks for bringing me.” She quickly kisses him on the cheek before going inside. Her family is waiting for her, and she tells them all about it.

Alex walks back to the car, grinning like a maniac. When he gets inside, his friends demand juicy details. He tells them everything that happened, including the kiss on the cheek.

“She’s totally into you Alex,” Hercules says. By then, they’re home, and they all go their separate ways.

Alex lies in bed, thinking about today. He can’t wipe the smile off his face. He’s just so happy. He finally falls asleep, and his dreams are pleasant.

In a completely different bed, Laurens lies awake, thinking. I just don’t get it. I just don’t get it. How can Lexi be so blind as to not notice my love? I mean, I make it kinda clear, don’t I? I mean, I’m pretty sure Herc and Laff have already guessed, but they’re also really observant people. But Lexi is just so ignorant. But in the best way of course. I should be going on a date like that.  He rubs his eyes, trying to chase away these thoughts. But they refuse to disappear.

“Oh Shelly, what should I do?” John murmurs. Of course, she doesn’t answer; she’s just a turtle. His dreams are troubled that night.

Eliza stays up until nearly midnight talking to her sisters about the date. The information was over two hours ago; now they’re just thinking of possibilities. Finally, they all go to bed. Eliza keeps thinking about Alexander. Her dreams that night are filled with him.


Alex wakes up at seven in the morning. He forces himself out of bed and starts to organise the papers that Jefferson messed up. He makes individual piles on the ground, one for each essay/story. As he goes through it all, he finds a story he hasn’t seen in a long time.

It was one he wrote in seventh grade, when he first came to America. It was a few days into the school year. He called it ‘Turtle Boy.’ It was a true story about a boy he really wanted to become friends with, but he just didn’t know his name. Eventually, he talked to him, and found out his name was John Laurens. They’ve been friends ever since.

I should give John a copy of this for his birthday, he thinks. He paperclips it and puts it in a special spot. He finishes going through the rest of the papers, and by then it’s 8:30. He heads downstairs and gets a cup of coffee before going back upstairs with it. He picks up the Hamilton book and begins reading.

He about a third through the book when Lafayette enters at noon. No knocking, no introduction; just walks right in. “Oh, I thought you had slept in again,” he explains.

“It’s okay Laff.”

“So, did you have pleasant dreams?”

The look on his face says the rest of it. Alex throws a pillow at him and yells playfully, “Shut up!”

“What, I didn’t say anything!”

“Oh whatever!” He goes back to reading. Laff walks over and pushes the tip of the book down so his friend has to look at him.

“Have you talked to her again?”

“No, I’ve been too busy organising my papers and reading.”

“Okay. Do you want to go to the gym?”

“You know I never do.”

“Oh come on mon amie! You should at least try it.”


Please?” He puts on some really pathetic puppy eyes.

“You know that doesn’t work, right?”

“But it works when John does it.”

“That’s because he actually looks cute while doing it.” A smirk briefly crosses Lafayette’s face. “What?”

“Oh, nothing.”

“What were you thinking?”


“Tell me!”


“Please?” Alex does the puppy eyes right back at him.

“Okay, fine. I just thought, ‘Well, John may look cute, but I’m,’” he strikes a dramatic pose, “handsome.” This earns him another pillow to the face.

“What? You know it’s true!” He then murmurs something French under his breath. If Alex had heard what he said, he could have deciphered it. Instead, he has to ask.

“What’d you say?”

“Ça ne vous concerne pas!”

“C’est mon affaire!” Alex replies in fluent French. Lafayette sticks his tongue out at him like a child. He just rolls his eyes and continues reading.

“So, do you want to go to the gym or not?”


“I promise that if you come just this once for… let’s say… half an hour, and you don’t like it, I will never ask you to come again. So, what do you say?”

“Ugh, fine, I’ll go.”

“Génial! See you in a few minutes. You have workout clothes, right?”

“A few.”

“Good. I’ll put a water in the fridge for you.” Lafayette leaves.

Alex puts his book down and starts to get ready. He puts on a work out shirt and shorts. Laff is waiting for him downstairs, dressed in a black tank top and shorts. You can really see his muscles.

“You ready?” he asks. Hamilton nods. “Alright, let’s go.”

His mom drives them to the gym and drops them off. They say goodbye and walk in. A blast of cold air hits them, and Alex shivers. He doesn’t like the cold. Lafayette takes care of the whole signing in process before they head over to the treadmills.

“Okay, so I do treadmill for about ten minutes before I head to weights. Sound good to you?” Alex just nods. He doesn’t know the names of most of this equipment, and he doesn’t want to be here alone.

When an hour has passed, Lafayette’s mom picks them up. Normally, he just takes a shower there, but Alex didn’t bring a change of clothes, so they just do it at home. As they’re driving, Laff asks, “So, what’d ya think mon amie?”

“Eh, it was okay. The weights nearly killed me though.”

“That’s just because you get sick too often, which makes you skinny.”

“It’s not like I can control that!”

“I know, I know, I’m just saying.” They go the rest of the way in silence.

While Alexander is in the shower, he thinks about how he can back at Jefferson. Well, I could have Hercules replace James, but what good information will he learn? We could also hack into his phone, but that would be too hard. What is something he wouldn’t expect?

These thoughts still trouble him as he gets his clothes on. He picks up his phone and texts John. Any ideas on how to get back at Jefferson?

He replies almost immediately. No. Have to talked to Eliza?

No. I’ve been busy.

So, I know that you said you told us everything, but… did you and Eliza kiss? Not on the cheek, but an actual kiss.

I wish. We kept getting interrupted…

John breathes a sigh of relief. Oh well. There’s always next time, right?

Yeah. I should probably text Eliza. He pulls up his text messages with Eliza, but then stops there. He doesn’t know what to say.

So, he just texts Hey.

A couple of minutes later, she answers. Hi. How are you?

Pretty good. I’ve been reading most of the day… What about you?

I’ve been sketching a few things.

Really? My friend John likes to draw, too. What have you been sketching?

Oh, it’s nothing, really. I’m not that good anyway…

Well, it was made by you, and that’s good enough.

😁 But I still won’t show you.

Why not?


Come on, you know you can tell me anything!

Yeah, but…

But what?

Well, it’s just that I’ve never shown anyone my art.

Well, there’s always a first for everything!

… Eliza replies.

Oh, come on, just ONE thing?

Okay, okay, fine. Let me find a good one. Eliza looks through her various drawings. Most of them are really personal, but she finally finds one. It’s a drawing of a doe that she drew at the end of eighth grade. She sends it to him.

That’s amazing! Why haven’t you shown anyone before?

Well, most of the drawing are personal. But a few of them are like this.

“Alex! Come down here I need to talk to you!” Lafayette calls from downstairs. Alex sighs.

Sorry, got to go. Laff is calling me. Bye.

Bye. He turns off his phone, slips it into his pocket, and goes downstairs. He finds his friend sitting at the table. “Yes Laff?”

“I was talking to Herc, and we were wondering… Well, since you’re a little bit closer to John than we are, we were wondering if you knew if he liked someone?”

This question surprises Alex. “Um, why do you ask?”

He shrugs. “Well, he seemed a little sad yesterday, and he had a look of longing during you and Eliza’s date. So we were curious if maybe he liked someone and wanted to go out with them.”

Hamilton thinks back and tries to see if he noticed anything. John certainly hasn’t said anything. “No, not that I know of.”

Laff nods. He sounds sincere, he thinks. Alex sees him pull out his phone and text someone, probably Herc. “Okay, that’s all I wanted to know.” Alex goes back upstairs.

John replies to Lafayette, Seriously? He hasn’t noticed? Honestly. You and Herc did! And I would tell him… but… I feel like he’d freak out, ya know?

Just tell him about Lexi. I’m sure it will be fine!

I don’t know… I’ll try, though.


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