Hamilton Meets High School Chapter 22

Alright, this is it. The chapter I have been waiting to write since CHAPTER 3!!! And just know, I do not regret anything whatsoever. I hope you enjoy! This gets me to 200 pages, so yay! Here are chapters 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 BONUS 18 19 20 21 22 ! Here we go…


To the advantage of Alexander, Laff, Herc, and John don’t find out until they get to school. “I’m so glad it’s Friday!” John exclaims, a little beaming ray of sunshine.

“Agreed,” Herc replies.

“I really hope we don’t have a lot of homework to do over the weekend,” Laff murmurs.

Alex smiles, but deep down, he’s pretty sure this is the last time he’ll be able to talk to his friends normally, before they find out.

When they get to school, they see a group of people in a crowd near the front doors.

Jefferson spots them and shoves through the crowd, a stack of papers in his hand. “Hey, guys! Did you hear the news?” he asks.

He gives Laff and Herc a copy, and then hands one to John. He points to the paper and says, “See, written by Alexander himself. It’s also on Angelica’s app, in case you think I made it up.” He then skips off, shouting, “Everyone, Alex is here!”

The crowd turns their heads toward him and then rush at him with questions. He’s swept away, unable to see his friends’ reactions, no matter how much he tries. These high schoolers are crazy people. I mean, who acts like someone is a celebrity when they cheat on their girlfriend?

Herc clenches his teeth and crumples the paper. “I don’t believe it,” he mutters. He pulls out his phone and opens the app. Laff crumples his paper, too, and looks over Herc’s shoulder. Their faces fall when they see the article.

“Oh no,” Laff murmurs.

John just stands there, stunned, his mouth agape. He can’t stop looking at the paper. How could Alex do this? He wonders.

Everyone is asking Alex questions, and some people try to push him to the ground.

A voice shouts, “EVERYONE, LET US THROUGH!!!” People make a path as Eliza and Angelica make their way through the crowd, some of them whispering Eliza’s name.

She approaches him, on the verge of tears. “A-Alex? Is it… true?” He hangs his head, which is all the answer she needs. She gasps and puts a hand to her mouth. “We’re… th-through,” she stammer before she runs off to the bathroom crying.

Angelica stomps up to him, pure fury in her eyes. Alex looks her in the eyes, fearful.

She slaps him, hard. And Alexander just stands there, taking it. “How dare you do that to my sister! I love my sister more than anything in this life, and I can assure you, this is not the last time you will hear from me!” She lets out a string of curse words and insults before storming off.

The crowd is about to fill the gap when a small girl stomps through. She’s wearing a yellow dress and black four inch boots. Her hair is pulled back, and there is murder in her eyes. She looks more furious than Angelica, if that’s possible. Her fists are clenched, and Alex covers his face, fearing the worst.

Her heel jams into his foot, hard. “YOU BETTER THINK TWICE BEFORE YOU CHEAT ON MY SISTER!!!” she yells as he holds his foot in pain. With that, she spins around and stomps off to find and comfort her sister.

“Ow!” he yells after her, exasperated. Then more people pepper him with questions.

Slightly limping, Alex shoves through the crowd and goes to his locker. There, he finds the scariest sight yet.

Hercules, Lafayette, and John.

Herc has his arms crossed, and he’s giving Alex the worst death glare ever. He looks twice as intimidating than usual, and his teeth are bared. The cloth around his forehead makes him look like a soldier, more or less.

Laff has his hands clenched at his sides, and it’s obvious he’s trying to hide his rage. Alex has seen his six pack, and he knows that he would definitely lose in a fight against him.

John is the worst of all. He’s staring at a point on the lower wall, his face blank, not seeming to register Alex. His face is pale and his limbs appear limp. The only thing that betrays his inner emotions is the hand clutching his copy of the Reynolds Pamphlet, which is bone white.

“You got ten seconds. Go,” Herc growls.

Alexander bolts down the hallway, glad he has what he needs in his backpack so that he doesn’t have to get to him locker. He runs off to Mr. Washington’s room, only looking back once. When he does, he sees Laff and Herc trying to comfort John and talk him into moving.

“Mon ami, come on,” Laff says slowly, struggling with his English. When he gets angry, he tends to speak French, and his accent becomes obvious.

John’s face is still blank, and his eyes are glossy. His mind is mixing with emotions and thoughts, and he doesn’t seem to know the real world exists.

“John, come on,” Herc says gently.

He snaps out of it long enough to walk with them to class, but his face still doesn’t give away any emotions.

Eliza is a mess in history. She walks in with mascara streaming down her face, and asks to switch seats with someone. Mr. Washington lets her trade spots. With Peggy. With means Peggy now sits next to Alex.

She stares him down all period, generating all her anger to him through her glare. The heat of it could probably be felt from Mars. She’s got a lot of anger for a twelve year old.

Mr. Washington, whether he knew or not, pretends like everything is normal, even though he can see that some of his students are at unease.

The next period, none of Alexander’s friends are in his class, and he’s glad for it. But he has Jefferson.

“You will pay,” he tells him through clenched teeth.

“Oh, you wanna go? With your size, you wouldn’t so much as leave a bruise on me.”

Alex ‘accidentally’ jabs his sharp pencil in Jefferson’s thigh.

He lets out a yelp and then a curse word, which makes everyone turn to look at him, including the teacher.

“Principal’s office, now! I will not tolerate that kind of language in my classroom!” she yells.

“But he-” Thomas begins.

“And no talking back! Now take this slip and go!” She holds out a paper, and he takes it with more than a little attitude. He sends a glare at Alexander, who keeps a straight face. But when the teacher is not looking, he lets a grin crack. That’s one way to get him back.

Alex is able to get to his locker between second and third period, but he immediately regrets it. Note upon note is inside, most of them saying horrible things. As he’s shutting his locker and throwing them away, Cora (of all people) comes up to him.

“Alexander Hamilton,” she says firmly. He turns to her, wondering what she has to say.


“You messed up real bad, you know that? I hope you apologize to Eliza, but that’s not who I’m worried about. It’s John.”

He knew she used to like him, so is she just worried because of that? Or is there something else wrong? “What’s wrong with John?” he asks, really worried.

She gets up real close to him so that he can smell the lemon on her breath. “You broke him. Innocent, pure John. You broke him. Now prepare to suffer the consequences.” She walks away, leaving Alex to wonder what exactly she ment.

The warning bell rings, and he runs off to class. Jefferson is back, but he doesn’t seem to be in a good mood. This will be a fun period.

As soon as he sits down, Thomas says, “Thanks to you, I have two lunch detentions.”

“You’re welcome,” Alex replies, filling his voice with sugar and spice not everything nice.

The class starts, and they both fall silent.

Alex is nervous for French class. He’s worried about his friends, mostly, and what they might do to him. He takes a deep breath and walks in. They’re all in their seats, and they’re watching him as he comes in. They no longer look angry, just very, very disappointed. John still looks passive, and someway, somehow, the paper is still in his hand. His hands must hurt of now.

He sits down nervously, ready for a lecture.

“Mon ami, why?” Laff begins calmly.

Herc continues for him, “You could have at least told us, or come to us for help. And I understand that the three of them might have blackmailed you, but you should have come to us! We could have helped!”

Alex looks down, ashamed. In a quiet voice he says, “I didn’t know how you’d react.”

He’s saved by the bell, when Mr. Lacroix starts to teach. But lunch is next.

Wanting to avoid confrontation, Alex sits under one of the benches under a tree, his back turned to his friends. He eats in silence, wondering how long it will take his friends to come over. If they come over.

Of all people, the person he wanted to see the least comes over. Maria sits down next to him, but leaves lots of space between them.

“What the heck do you want, Maria?” Alex asks, not wanting to deal with her.

She sighs and replies, “I’ve been getting just about as much hate as you have. So we gotta stick together, you know?”

He stands up. “I don’t want to be seen with you. This whole thing…” He gestures toward the school, implying what happened. “It’s your fault. You and your stupid boyfriend. And you think I wanna talk to you? Well, you thought wrong.” He storms off, not sure where to go.

A waving hand catches his eye. It’s… Charles Lee? “Hey, Alex, why don’t you sit with us?” he calls out, gesturing to an empty seat. Alex shakes his head, knowing that by doing this, his friends will get even more mad at him. He keeps walking, searching for a place to sit.

Who do I sit with? My friends, nope. Kassie and her friends? Sounds pretty close to a death wish. Although the REAL death wish would be to sit with the Schuylers. Jefferson? Like heck. Charles, obviously not. Cheerleaders? Heck no. That lonely kid I don’t know? Um… no. Any other day I would, but not today. Fransis? The dude probably hates me. I mean, I did yell at him the first time I ever met him. Ugh, is there ANYONE I can sit with? Or even an empty bench? He wonders, looking around.

His eyes land on one boy, who is sitting alone. Alex doesn’t know him very well, but at least he knows his name. He has curly brown hair and freckles, and he’s kind of short. He has a pink scarf on, which is a bold choice. So, he decides to sit with him.

“Hey, um, Philip, right? Is it okay if I sit here?” Alex asks nervously.

Philip shrugs and gives him a small smile. “Sure. It’s not like I have anything against you.”

“Um… you know who I am, right?” he asks, wondering if Philip has read the Reynolds Pamphlet.

“Yes, Alexander Hamilton, I know who you are. I also know that people have pushed me around too, so I accept anyone.”

Alex smiles at him and sits down. “Thanks a lot, Philip. You have no idea how much I appreciate this.”

He smiles. “I kind of do. I’d want someone to do the same to me, too,” he says sadly.

“Oh. Okay,” Alex replies. They eat in silence, just enjoying the fact that they are not alone.

John finally says something after being silent most of the day. “Who’s Alex sitting with?” he asks quietly.

“I think his name is Philip?” Laff replies.

“Hm,” John says before falling silent.

“I still can’t believe Alex did that,” Herc says angrily.

“Yeah,” Laff breaths. “It was pretty… terrible of him.”

Herc pulls out his phone and texts Alex, John’s house, after school. If you’re not there, no food for a week. “John, we’re using your house after school to yell at Alex.”

“Mhmm,” he replies, rereading the Reynolds Pamphlet with tears in his eyes.

Alex glances down at his phone as he gets the text. He replies …fine. But don’t kill me.

“So, um, do you always sit alone?” Alex asks, feeling guilty for asking.

“No. Normally I sit with Jack Kelly, Justin Laboy, Sally Hemings, and Rosa Clerkson. You probably don’t know them, but they’re nice people. I just didn’t feel like dealing with people today. Well, I didn’t expect you to come here, of course!” he adds quickly.

“Yeah, you’re right, I’ve never heard of them. I was just worried that you always sat alone,” Alex says.

“Nope. I’ve got friends.” The bells rings. “Well, goodbye Alexander. I hope you have a good weekend, and good luck dealing with everyone.”

“Bye Philip, and thanks. A whole bunch.”

Philip smiles and walks away. Alex walks to his next class. The one where he sits right next to John. Oh please if anyone is listening, let this class go by like normal, Alex thinks.

He gets into class to find John already at his desk. For once, the Reynolds Pamphlet isn’t in his hand, it’s on his desk. At the moment, he’s drawing something, and from the looks of it, it’s really creepy. It looks like he’s been working on it over the course of a few class periods.

Alex wonders if this is how he’s feeling on the inside. Or something like it. But whatever the reason, he can still tell that something is seriously wrong with John.

“John? Are… you okay?” he asks tentatively.

John glances up at him with a blank expression. He blinks once, slowly, before looking back at his paper. Well, that was odd, Alex thinks.

During PE, Alex runs faster than he has before. He just wants to run his worries away, even though he knows that’s not possible.

“Nice job, Alexander. A new record for you!” the gym teachers says proudly when he’s finished. He gives her a small smile before sitting down on one of the benches, exhausted.

In Algebra, Alex notices that Eliza’s makeup is fixed, and she looks a lot more composed. She doesn’t reveal what she will do after school.

After school, Eliza is standing outside by her slightly frozen pool, her phone in her hand, reading her texts from Alex. Tears are streaming down her face as she begins to… sing. To the tune of a song she once heard called ‘Burn’. Except she’s calling it ‘Drown’.

“I saved every text you sent me. From the moment I read them I knew you were mine. You said you were mine. I thought you were mine. Do you know what Angelica said? The first time that you broke my heart? She said, ‘He’s wasn’t being himself. I’m sure he’s a great guy’.

“You and your words flooded my senses. Your sentences left me defenceless. You build me palaces out of paragraphs. You built cathedrals. I’m rereading the texts you wrote me. I’m searching and scanning for answers in every line. For some kind of sign. Of when you were mine. My thoughts seemed… to drown. Drown.”

She clutches her phone tighter. “You published the story of what happened. You told the whole school how you decided to cheat on me. By ‘clearing’ your name, who have ruined my life. Do you know what Angelica said? When she read what you’d done? She said, ‘You dated a horrid boy. Who will regret he cheated on you.’

“You and your words, obsessed with your image! Your actions border on senseless. You don’t seem paranoid of what happened. Oh how I hate you, you you you.” She takes a deep breath. “I’m erasing my image. All of those kids will wonder how Eliza reacted when you broke her heart. You’ve thrown it all away I’m watching it…” She throws her phone into the pool as she sings, “Drown. Watching it, drown.

“The school has no right to my heart! Those kids have no right to my head! They won’t know what I have said. I’m drowning the memories, drowning the texts, that might have saved you. You forfeit the rights of my heart. You forfeit a place in my head! You’ll NEVER know what I’ve said! All of those memories, of when you were mine…

“They will all… drown.” She watches as her phone sinks to the bottom and makes little bubbles. But she holds onto the necklace. She smiles slightly just as Angelica comes rushing out of the house.

“Eliza! What are you doing?” she screeches.

“Drowning my phone,” she says quietly. “To erase all memories of Alexander Hamilton.” That is probably last time she will say his name.

“Oh, Eliza,” Angelica says, giving her little sister a big hug. She holds her for a long time before murmuring, “That phone probably won’t come back until June.”

Eliza laughs quietly. “That was the point.”

Angelica gives her a squeeze and says, “Come on, let’s go eat some ice cream and watch a movie. I bet Peggy would make us her famous brownies if we asked.”

Eliza takes a shaky breath and nods. It’s time to forget about Alex and move on. But she knows that will be easier said than done.

Alex walks to John’s house with his friends, nervous as heck. What are they going to say to me? He wonders.

When they get to John’s room, Laff closes the door quietly before saying, “Take a seat Alex.” He sits down at one of the desk chairs. “I’d like you explain why you think it was a good idea to publish that.”

He starts off immediately. “I guess I was only thinking half straight. I didn’t want Jefferson, Madison, and Burr to be able to blackmail me, so I decided to get it out there. I never planned on Jefferson printing out and handing out copies.”

“I don’t think any of us did,” Hercules interjects. “But why didn’t you ever tell us?” he asks.

Alex sighs. “I was ashamed. I… I didn’t know how you’d react. What you’d think of me.”

“What about Eliza?” Laff asks. “Why didn’t you tell her yourself?”

He sighs. “Same reason. I was ashamed.” He glances at John and sees that his face has hardened.

In a low, dangerous growl, John says, “Laff, Herc, could you leave us alone for a moment?”

Laff and Herc exchange a glance before giving Alex a good luck look. They then walk out, leaving the two alone.

John gets up slowly and walks over to Alex, his copy of the pamphlet in his hand. “Alexander. Hamilton. You have truly, truly messed up,” he begins in a low voice. “And, did you ever stop to think, about Eliza’s feelings? Or, anyone else’s feelings, for that matter! Heck, you seriously screwed up. And for what! So you couldn’t get blackmailed? That’s why you go to the principal, or the police!” He grabs Alex by the shoulders and brings his face close to his. “You. Are. An. Idiot.”

His eyes stay hard for a moment as Alex looks at those beautiful eyes, now filled with rage. Then John starts to tear up. He back away, wiping his eyes furiously, but the tears won’t stop flowing. “Gosh, I’m such a mess,” he murmurs as tears stream down his face. Alex stands up and moves to comfort him, but John puts a hand up. “Don’t touch me Hamilton.”

He recoils slightly. John called him by his last name, which can’t be a good thing. “John-”

“Leave me alone, Alexander,” he commands, his voice shaking. He turns his back to him, trying to control his swirl of emotions. “You never stopped to think about anyone else. You only cared about yourself, and your stupid image and how people look at you!”

Alex tries again. “John, Laff and Herc didn’t get this wound up about it. So why is it different for you?”

“It’s nothing,” John replies, keeping his back to Alexander.

“No, John Laurens, it’s not nothing. I feel like you’ve been keeping something from me. And it’s about time you told me.”

“Oh, I’ve been the one keeping secrets? What about Maria?” he challenges, anger in his voice.

“But at least I admitted that! Plus, you kissed her too!” Alex points out.

“She forced me, you know that!”

“Then why can’t you forgive me?”

“During my Maria incident, you told me that my flaw was that I am too forgiving! Maybe I’m finally taking that to heart!”

Alex throws his hands in the air. “I was angry at the time, John! You can’t hold that against me!”

“Yes I can,” John murmurs.

“But seriously, why are you so worked up?”

“It’s nothing,” John replies more forcefully, crumpling his copy of The Reynold Pamphlet in his hand.

“Stop saying it’s nothing! What is going on? Why are you acting like this? Why-”

John whips around, tear streaming down his face, his countenance contorted in rage and pain. Without even thinking, he shouts, “BECAUSE I LOVE YOU!”

I DID IT!!! AND I DON’T REGRET IT!! Now I have some things to say:

1.) Yes, I know I lied. Don’t be mad.

2.) Of course I added Lams!

3.) But what happens next?

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