Hamilton Meets High School, Epilogue

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It’s been three years since Alexander died. John has never been the same since. He had to get dragged out of the room, and he was screaming the most earth-shattering scream in the world. He doesn’t seem to get happy as often, and his smile is a rare sight. He had to have grief counseling for a year, whereas Laff and Herc only had it for a few months.

He always wears Alexander’s favorite sweater, which are his gree one and his Slytherin one. He still loves turtles, and they are one of few things that make him happy. He just finished senior year, and he’s going to a college for Marine Biology.

He’s never had any feelings for anyone.

John is wearing a lot of black, and he keeps his hair down most of the time. Three whole years, and he still hasn’t gotten over Alexander’s death.

He ied way too young. Fourteen years old, and he died because of two stupid teenager named Aaron Burr and Thomas Jefferson. They ended up going to jail for a while because of it, and their future careers are definitely ruined. And they deserve it, too. And it took Lafayette, Hercules, and a couple teacher to hold him back when Aaron and Thomas arrived at school, because he would have beaten them until they bleed everywhere. And he still will never look at them the same again.

Some days, when he’s really missing Alex, he can hear him clear as day, telling him that everything will be okay. And John can’t wait to reunite with him again.

But he’s going to live his life first. And maybe he’ll be the happy, innocent boy he once was, but for now, he’s just going through life, remembering Alexander’s last words: Did I ever tell you what beautiful eyes you have?


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OKAY FINE IF YOU WANT HIM TO LIVE THAN HERE YOU GO!!! But just know that I prefer it if he dies!!!!!!






Alexander lives:

Nurses rush in, some of them to restart his heart, others to drag out a screaming John. They have to give him a shot to make him calm down. The nurses are able to restart Alexander’s heart, mainly because it was temporary. His eyes open, and he asks, “Where did John go?” But he then is pulled into unconsciousness by a wave of pain.

John wakes up in a chair. He opens his eyes to see that he’s in… Alex’s hospital room? Sure enough, Alex is there, currently asleep. John looks around and sees both of his parents, along with Laff and Herc. “Hey, hon,” his mom says. “Are you okay?”

John looks at the monitor, which is beeping steadily. “He’s… he’s alive?”

“Yeah,” Laff says quietly.

Just then, Alex wakes up. He groans, and John is next to him in less than a second. “Alex, thank goodness you’re okay!”

He smiles. “I’m not leaving you that easily.”



We’re gonna teach them how to say goodbye, to say goodbye. YOU AND I!!!!

Burr? Close the door on your way out.

Sorry Burr, I gotta go, BUT! Decisions are happening over dinner.

Will they tell your story?

Sept huit neuf…

Alexander! Don’t forget to write!

Tomorrow there’ll be MORE OF US!

Raise a glass to freedom.

They’ll tell the story of tonight.

That’s the end of this story. I really hope you liked it, and comment below about what you think and which ending you prefer! Thank you so much for reading this! And look out for my next story!!!

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I love to write on my spare time, and I'd like to give a shout out to KatherineElizaEponineHamilton for being the first person to read my work. Thank you!

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