Hufflepuff: First is the Worst Ch5

The Idea

I have a dream. I’m walking next to a rocky ditch at night. A pair of headlights flash on a nearby road, and I see a small figure. It’s a bobcat! I think. There is little light, but I see the figure getting bigger. I don’t realize this until the figure is right below me. I then see that it is not a bobcat, but a black panther. I try to run, but my feet feel like lead.


I wake up with a shudder. Moonlight is drifting in from the small round windows. I get up and head into the common room. The cacti silently wave at me. I then notice someone is sitting in one of the chairs by the unlight fireplace. I look closer and see that it’s Ethan.

“Hey,” I say, sitting in a chair next to him. He jumps, but relaxes when he realizes it’s me. “Did you have a bad dream too?” I ask. He nods, twiddling with his fingers. “Do you want some snickerdoodles?”

He looks at me, smiles, and says, “Sure.” I quietly get them from my room and bring them over. I hand him a few and we eat in silence.

He turns to me suddenly and asks, “Have you ever wanted to tell someone something but at the same time you don’t?” His question catches me off guard. Have I felt that way?

“Yeah, I have. Why do you ask?”

“What did you do in that situation?” I ignore the fact that he brushed off my question. “Well, I thought about it for a while, made sure I was positive I wanted to tell them and positive of my feelings, and I told them.” I’m thinking of the time I was in fifth grade. I had thought this one girl was really mean, and so did everyone else, but her mom was the principal and no one wanted to get in trouble. Eventually, I told her, and she decided to change her attitude. Turns out, she didn’t realize she was being so mean.

“Thanks Kassandra. Oh, by the way, do you or did you ever have a nickname your family called you?” Hmm, interesting question. But I feel like I can tell him.

I smile and say, “I used to go by Kassie. But I decided I wanted to use my full name because I like the sound of it.” He smiles and repeats, “Kassie.” The word sounds soft on his tongue, like sugar melting in his mouth. It’s the most beautiful sound I have ever heard. Kassandra seemed a little too formal. “Just don’t call me that around anyone else. It’s just between you and me.

He smiles and stands up. “I’m going to go back to bed. You helped me forget about my bad dream. Thanks Kassie.” He then walks into his dorm. I too get back in bed and fall asleep, satisfied with our talk.


I wake up to Angelica shaking me. “Time to get up!” I groan and get out of bed. I get dressed and head to breakfast. I don’t mention last night. Oh, I can’t wait until our first flying lesson! But first, I need to eat. Today is the first day mail comes. Tons of owl swoop in from the open windows and fill the Great Hall with fluttering. Cinnamon brings me a letter from my mom.

Dear Kassandra,

Congratulations on being in Hufflepuff! My best friend is a Hufflepuff and she is the kindest person I know. I’m so glad you made new friends and are standing up for them. I love you and hope to hear from you soon!

Love, Mom

I smile, fold up the letter, finish my food, and head to flying lessons.

“Alright class. I want you to stand next to your broomstick. Now, reach your right hand over the broom and yell ‘Up!’ Make sure you are firm. You may begin.” Everyone starts saying “Up!” at the same time. My broom wiggles around a little, then gently floats up into my hand. I see a few other first years have their brooms too. Once everyone is ready, Madame Hooch says, “Okay, now I want you to mount it. Rise no more than six feet in the air and then come back down.”

When I mount, I start to rise. When I’ve reached the limit, I sadly come down. Even that brief time in the air was enough to make me feel like I’m flying. Well, I quess I am. We do this throughout the rest of class, practicing going forward, backward, and side to side. When it’s over, my friend group hurries to Charms. Angelica and I told everyone else over breakfast what we were going to do.

We’re the first ones to arrive. Professor Flitwick doesn’t say anything when I put the bag on his desk. Thankfully, Robert is one of the last ones to arrive. Everyone is whispering about the package. I ignore them, trying to keep cool. He looks inside, reads my note, then puts it away. I had written: ‘Your girlfriend, Victoria, seems to like someone else. Give these to her to show her you care about her. From, Anonymous’

I really hope this works. In front of DADA, I see Robert give them to her. She is about to eat one when she stops. She looks up at Robert and slaps him in the face. “You tried to give me Amortentia!? How dare you! We are through!” She stomps off. Robert looks humiliated, then he rushes off to his next class.

“That didn’t go as planned, but it worked to some extent. Now I won’t have to kill two birds with one stone,” I whisper to Angelica. But at the same time, I feel a little bit quilty. Sure, revenge is sweet, but not as sweet as people would think. I sit next to Keane and try to think of how to tell him I found out about his little trick. “Hey, do you have any spare Amortentia?” It’s a trick question, and I’m hoping he’ll fall for it. He does. “Yeah. Hang on, let me get it… wait a minute. How did you find out?”

“Simple: it didn’t smell like chocolate. By the way, I threw it out”

“Ms. Albers! Seeing as you are so interested in the subject, tell me, what kind of magic does a hag posses?” Everyone in the class turns to look at me. I can see a smile playing on Victoria’s lips.

“A hag possess rudimentary magic,” I reply coolly without missing a beat. Professor Ignatius expected I wouldn’t know.

“Correct.” He doesn’t bother me the rest of the period.

When I get to lunch, I notice that Alice looks a little gloomy. “Hey, what’s wrong?” I ask as we’re getting our food.

She wipes the frown off her face and replaces it with one of confusion. “Nothing. Nothing’s wrong.”

“Come on, I know that face. What happened?”

She sighs and says, “Robert slapped me in the face, thinking I was the one who left the box. He would have used a spell, but we don’t know any yet except for levitating.” I am filled with rage. I set down my food and whisper, “Okay everyone. I need your help. Robert slapped Alice in the face. I need all of you to levitate some of his food and start hitting him with it. We need to show him that no one messes with our friends.” They all nod and raise their wands. We all whisper the spell.

His food starts to float up. He tries to grab some of it, but it just zooms away. The food starts hitting him. Everyone begins to laugh. Then we drop it back on his plate. He looks around wildly, trying to figure out who did it. We continue talking as if nothing happened.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Victoria give Keane a cookie. A chocolate chip cookie. Oh no. I try to levitate it away, but he’s already taken a bite. His eyes soften. He hugs Victoria. It looks like he’s saying something really lovey-dovey, probably cheesy.  Something inside of me flips. “Angelica, come with me. We need to visit the Potions Master.”

We rush into the dungeons and interrupt one of his classes. “Sorry for interrupting Professor, but we need your help.” He turns toward us.

Angelica finishes, “Keane Jones has been given Amortentia by Victoria.”

His eyes widen, then he says, “Where is he?”

“Great Hall,” we answer at the same time.

“Come class. This will be a good lesson on what happens when you drink Amortentia. Ten points to Hufflepuff for alerting me right away, and ten points from Gryffindor.” We rush to the Great Hall. Everyone is gathered around Keane. “Alright, back it up, back it up,” Professor Aeson says. Everyone parts. He goes up to Keane and grabs his arm. He starts to pull Keane away, but Victoria follows. “Stay here,” he tells her. She stands her ground. Keane wriggles from Aeson’s grip and hugs Victoria. “I love you honey bun.” he says.

“You leave me no choice.” He walks to the door and says, “Accio Keane!” Keane zips over to the Professor. He then takes him away with his class in tow.

Victoria storms up to me. “Why did you tell him?! You just want Keane all to yourself don’t you?” I ignore her and walk over to my table. “Are you ignoring me? Stop ignoring me, you filthy Hufflepuff!” I keep walking. “I read ahead in the Standard Book of Spells! I’ll set fire to your robes!” I can tell she’s bluffing. At least, I’m 99% sure she is. I sit down with my friends. “You leave me no choice. This is your last chance! Okay, here we go. Incendio!” Instead of saying it in-SEN-dee-o she said in-sen-DEE-O.

The spell backfires. Her robes light on fire. She starts shrieking and running around. A third year Ravenclaw jumps up and yells, “Aguamenti!” A jet of water hits Victoria, putting out the fire. She stops screaming and rushes out of the Great Hall, probable to change, laughter echoing behind her.

How did I get myself into all this? Oh yeah, I was being a good person and standing up for my friends.

I head to Transfiguration and notice Keane is not there. I hope he’s alright. That’s when I come up with a really good idea. On our way to Potions, I tell Angelica.

“Do you think you can help me?”

“Sure. When will we do it?”

“Tonight. We don’t have Astronomy, and it might take a while.”

Angelica nods. As we are nearing the Potions classroom, I hear someone yelling. Professor Aeson comes out and says, “Sorry for that. I have to keep Keane away from Victoria until I find the antedote, and so he’s in there. We will be having class down the hall. Follow me. And don’t even think about trying to unlock that door. Not even Alohomora will work.”

So we have Potions in a spare classroom. As we are entering, I tell Olivia and Ethan my plan. They agree to help.

“I want to make you all aware of something. You are not allowed to use any potions outside of my classroom unless you have permission. I know none of you did it, but I’m just making sure you are all aware.” We talk about potion ingredients for the rest of class.

When I get to History of Magic, I tell Alice my plan. I’m debating if I should tell a Gryffindor, but I don’t know any other than Keane and Victoria. I think back and remember Prefect Gabriel Truman. I find him before lunch and ask him if he knows any Gryffindors.

“Sure I do. Why do you ask?” I whisper my plan to him. He promises not to tell anyone except the Gryffindor. I also tell all the teachers to tell their first class something. In the library, I finish my History of Magic essay. During dinner, I tell Angelica and Ethan that I’ve secured a Gryffindor. Afterwards, we all meet by the kitchens. We enter and introduce Olivia and Alice to one of the kitchen elves we met, Gibsy.

When we finish baking, I give Olivia and Alice their’s. “Now remember: don’t put them out until morning. Make sure no one sees you. Pretend to be surprised. No one will know it was us. We’ll do the same.” I then find Gabriel Truman. I repeat the same information to him, and he will repeat it to his friend. Before I go to bed, I think of how surprised everyone will be. I fall asleep.

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