Hufflepuff: First is the Worst Ch6


I wake up at 7:00. Angelica is already awake. She nods at me. I get them out of their hiding place, creep into the common room, and set them on a table where everyone will see them. I rush back to my room and fake sleep.

Thirty minutes later, we all get dressed and head out. Everyone starts pointing at the box. A seventh year goes over and reads the note I left.

Dear Hufflepuffs, We thought you could use a treat. We didn’t do this to show off or get our names remembered. We did this out of the goodness of our hearts. There is a similar box in every other house. We don’t belong to any particular one; we are scattered. We will leave clues every once in a while. If someone says they are a member, they are lying. We would never reveal our identities. If we did, it would be in writing with our symbol. There is one treat for each of you. If there happens to be extras, give them to the teachers. We hope you enjoy! From, The KAOAE.” There is a symbol at the bottom of the page that I had Professor Flitwick enchant so that it can’t be copied. It’s a doughnut with a bite taken out of it.

They open the box and find the doughnuts. All flavors, frostings, sprinkles and no sprinkles. Everyone grabs one. I get a strawberry doughnut with maple glaze and white sprinkles. I designed this one myself.

We head out to the Great Hall. Everyone’s buzzing about who the KAOAE might be. Little do they know it stands for Kassandra, Angelica, Olivia, Alice, and Ethan. We also talk about who they might be so no one gets suspicious. Everyone is still talking when we get to Herbology.

“Settle down, settle down. I know you are all wondering who the KAOAE is, but you must focus on your schoolwork.” Everyone is like that for the rest of the day. When I get the Transfiguration, Keane asks me, “What kind of doughnut did you get?”

“I think it was strawberry with maple frosting. It had little white sprinkles on top.” The only reason I say “I think” is because I don’t want him to be suspicious. “What did you get?”

“Blueberry with what I think was mint frosting.” I remember making that batch. Surprisingly, it tasted really good. At lunch, I see some second years going around and asking everyone if they are or know any KAOAE members. When they get to us, the girl asks, “Are you or do you know any members of the KAOAE?” We all shake our heads. “I wish,” Olivia adds for effort. They move on.

All the first years head to the common room after dinner before we go to Astronomy. When we get there, instead of only a few people being there, everyone is. They quiet down when we walk in. A boy with brown hair and blue eyes, a fifth year I presume, gets up and says, “Hey everyone. Are any of you a member of KAOAE? The note did say we did this out of the goodness of our hearts. Hufflepuffs are the kind ones. Don’t worry, we won’t interrogate you. However, Hufflepuffs are supposed to be honest. Do any of you know anything?”

We all shake our heads. It kills me to keep a secret from my own house. My Hogwarts family. He sighs and says, “Come on. There are a few traditions we want to teach you.” We all sit down somewhere. Thank goodness there is enough furniture here for all of us to sit down. Helga Hufflepuff probably did that on purpose. The Head Girl gets up and says,

“First of all, Friday is movie night. I know what you’re all thinking: there are barriers that will block a signal. Well, we figured out how to undo that. We watch a movie, and during your free time, everyone can make popcorn, sweets, and anything else you can think of. The TV is currently in a closet. Every other Sunday night is bonding time, starting this week. We all sit in the common room and talk. This way, we can bond with older years.

“We also celebrate birthdays. You don’t have you get presents, but you should at least show up for the celebration, and maybe, I don’t know, give them some Honeydukes candy or something. Anyone can sign up to make the cake. We also do the same for Christmas. On Halloween, we have a sweets feast and we tell scary stories. We tend to all get sugar highs. On Valentines, we make sure no one goes to the dance without a date. If you don’t have one, you will go with someone either in your year or a year close to yours, and you will go as friends. We also bake a bunch of heart cookies and give them to our friends in the other houses. I can’t think of anything else, but you are welcome to create your own traditions. Now you better hurry: I think your Astronomy class is going to start soon.”

We all head out, talking about the traditions. “This year is going to be awesome. I wonder if other houses do these kinds of things,” I ponder as we head up to Astronomy. “Oh, I know something fun we can do on Saturday! We can make on big leaf pile!” Angelica exclaims. I find Olivia as we’re headed up. She shivers, her teeth chattering. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, it’s just the Slytherin common room is really cold. Some seventh years said they would try to enchant the fire to be ten times warmer so that it can warm up the whole common room.” Until then, I hadn’t realized how warm my common room was. The Astronomy room is quite cold too. Professor Sinistra makes little fires around the room. The Gryffindors and Ravenclaws must be cold, too.

The sky is quite clear today. While looking through my telescope, I see a shooting star. “Did you guys see that! I just saw a shooting star!”

“I saw it too!” Ethan shouts excitedly. “I didn’t,” Olivia replies, disappointed. I head back to the common room. Thanks to my mention of shooting stars, we have to write a two page essay on that due Monday. Good thing I finished my other assignments! I walk in and feel the warmth and slight humidity hit me. I climb into bed and fall asleep.

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