Hufflepuff: First is the Worst Ch7

Never, Ever Trust A Hot Guy

I wake up in the middle of the night again. I try to fall asleep, but I can’t. I walk into the common room to find Ethan there again. “Do you come out here often?” He looks at me and shakes his head. “Oh, hey Kassie. I seem to be having trouble sleeping lately. But hopefully today is the last day.” I sit down next to him.

“Hey, what was that thing you wanted to tell me in the library?”

He hesitates, and then says, “I want you to be careful around Keane. He’s not who you think he is.” He doesn’t look like he’s joking. “What makes you say that?” I ask, confused. “Just, pay attention to what he does when he thinks you can’t hear him.” He gets up and heads to his room.

I lay in bed, thinking of what Ethan said. What does he do when I’m not around? Does he abuse his pet screech owl? Does he hurt other people? Does he flirt with other girls? All these thoughts make me mad. Let’s hope it’s just something silly, like he bites his fingernails. I fall asleep.


I watch Keane like a hawk during breakfast and during flying lessons. In Charms, we learn the unlocking spell, Alohomora. Most people get it right the first time, including me. I make sure to get to DADA fast so that I can watch Keane. He doesn’t seem to do anything, and same during lunch. I’m just beginning to think nothing is going to happen when I head to Transfiguration. I hear a soft voice around the corner. I peek my head around and see Keane.

With a closer look, I see he has Ethan pinned to the wall. “You better stay away from Kassandra. She’s my property, not yours.” Property? PROPERTY!? I listen closer. “We-we’re just fri-friends,” Ethan stutters, obviously frightened. “If you make any moves that hint otherwise, I will make sure you suffer.” He pulls away and heads my direction. I scramble to hide. I end up going into the girl’s room He passes by without seeing me.

I walk out and find Ethan. He looks like nothing has happened. I walk over to him and say, “I heard everything. Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I was too scared. But don’t hint that you know.” I nod and walk into Transfiguration, acting like nothing happened. During the middle of the lesson, when I’m scribbling down notes, Keane chooses that time to tap my leg. I look down and see he’s holding a chocolate bar. A note says:

Don’t worry, it’s just normal chocolate.

I give him a warm smile and take it. I can’t let on what I know. At the end of class, I catch up to Ethan. “Did you tell a Professor?”


“Is there anything I can do?”

“I’m not sure.”

I think for a while and them whisper, “I think he needs everyone to get a note from KAOAE explaining what he did. Ethan smiles mischievously. That’s an expression I never thought I’d see on his face. We head down to Potions. We don’t mention our plan to anyone else, we just tell Prefect Truman, Olivia, Alice, Angelica that it’s an important message. Keane has quite a surprise in store for him.


In the morning, everyone finds the note. It reads:

Dear Everyone, We would like to make you aware of an incident that happened yesterday. First year Gryffindor Keane Jones had first year Hufflepuff Ethan Ross pinned to a wall. The conversation went like this:

“You better stay away from Kassandra. She’s my property, not yours.”

“We-we’re just fri-friends,” Ethan stuttered, obviously frightened. “If you make any moves that hint otherwise, I will make sure you suffer.” Keane was talking about first year Hufflepuff Kassandra Albers. He had already tried to give her Amortentia in chocolate frog. Thank you for your time. From, KAOAE. Our symbol was at the bottom.

Everyone turned to Ethan. “It’s true,” he confirmed. At breakfast, everyone was staying away from Keane. Some even went up to him and told him things like, “That’s not cool.” During DADA, Keane was furious. When I didn’t pay attention to him, he said, disbelievingly, “Not you too?” I turn to him, look him right in the eye, and say, “You fought my friend for me. You think I’m going to talk to you other than when I have to?”

At lunch, people give him cold looks. I feel sort of bad for him, but he deserves it. It’ll die down eventually. Right? Transfiguration is the same story. He tries to talk to me again, but I ignore him. I see Professor Aeson give him detention. He deserves it. I turn in both of the assignments due today. I make some chocolate covered popcorn and milkshakes during my freetime. When I get to the Hufflepuff common room, everyone is on the couches in front of a TV.

The Head Boy gets up and says, “Okay everyone, you all know we let a first year pick the first time. After that, we vote. I think Ethan should get to choose for obvious reasons.” Everyone agrees. I see a stack of movies by the TV. Ethan goes up to them and picks Bridge to Terabithia. I curl up in a blanket, eating my popcorn and one of my milkshakes. I made enough for everyone, and they are a big hit. I am now the official Milkshake Master.

By the end of the movie, we are all crying. I head into my room and fall asleep. I will be sleeping in, since tomorrow is Saturday.

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